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I think she looks good so far, looking forward to seeing what's customizable and in general what her various base looks are like.

Kinda unsure about her gameplay. Subby has his ground freeze again, although it's the slippery puddle as opposed to a straight freeze. I still feel like it'd be a bit redundant for Frost to have hers, though. Maybe as an ability?

I think my most solid expectation is that her daggers will likely be a defining characteristic. When I think of Frost, I think of her daggers and I think of agility in general. So I hope to see that come into play in both her specials and her strings. And she might have a teleport again, perhaps?


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Personally, I'm in love with the design. I think she is Cyberized just enough to maintain her own unique look without being a cyber sub zero clone. And instead of the traditional "robot" aesthetic that Sektor and Cyrax are known for, she's much more of a Deus Ex style futuristic augmented ninja. I love that they also kept her "tomboy" vibe and her hair is straight out of the comic.
As far as gameplay is concerned, I would LOVE for the daggers to return. Based on the looks they have given her she could fill the super agile, flashy, and fast cyber ninja archetype (Kai Leng from Mass Effect comes to mind) but mixed with some cryomancy as well.


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I like her design, but I'm sure she has more skins available. I want her with more black and blue, but I'm sure that's a given.
I'm sure her costumes are Kronika's army, Tekunin and Lin Kuei.

There's a lot of things she can do with ice. A slice is highly expected. The daggers should be in too. What if they freeze the opponent on contact? or she has a parry that freezes the opponent? I'm thinking in Cyber Sub-Zero.

I'm sure this is probably not happening, but I'd like her Yuan Yang stance to be her default and have fighting movements like the ones from that style.


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Quick observation, the leaked pic that is a close up is actually a different shader than her default. The collar around her neck is white instead of black but her arms and chest accents are black (instead if white like ins her default)
Ellen DeGeneres with a mask on, makes her look rather generic. I understand they had some agenda to move away from the "bikinis", focusing solely on the pectorals and loin cloths... However, they should have at least differentiated the females in other ways. I mean, if they wanted to be more "mature and realistic", then why are all the MK11 females using the same, cookie-cutter physiques...? :rolleyes:


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I really like how she is kinda just glaring on the character select screen. I also can’t wait to see what her shaders look like for that default outfit.

Fingers crossed for an all white variant of that Kronika armor :D


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I am in love with that look! Being a Cyrax fan I'm obviously wanting a Robot look as an option but even if not she looks unique among the cast so I can't ask for more than that.
Ice picks freezing opponent on one of her normals or specials would be cool. Fast normals would be great. Can't wait to explore this character.


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Not loving her main skin, it's too overloaded with textures and overall smells like injustice2 to me.
Is it me or NRS are compensating over the past female physique and wardrobe choices by overdressing the female characters in MK11?

I do love her face tho! I am sure her alt skins are going to be MUCH better.



The Luckiest Unlucky player you'll ever meet.
how isn't there gameplay of her out there? Don't people have the full game, what's stopping them?
The person who got the game early and posted screenshots of frost in the spoiler thread said that it is impossible to unlock her as of right now bc the mk11 servers are offline.


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I honestly have no idea what to expect with her, but I'm glad she's not like super cyborg-y. Daggers seem like a safe bet but beyond that it's so difficult to discern from her design. I just know she looks amazing and I'm unbelievably hype.


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Her chest piece looks different in the two pictures, so I think the 3 gear pieces will be the mask, outfit and chest piece.
The change in hair will be tied into the skin like Skarlet.
Okay, I like this. So I suppose it's probably that a bald cybernetic version of Frost exists...