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    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    I just entered the Tower thing after completing about 20 missions and everyone is 4200 HP escept hope is like 3200. I'm feeling good about where I'm at.
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    Check -

    Hecatoncheir Juggling:

    In order to do this consistently (meaning keeping them airborne the entire time), you have to call in the summon on on a close enough frame to the hit being done in the air. All i know is that for Sazh, when he does his 2nd attack is right when you call in the summon. By doing so will cut to the cutscene very shortly after Sazh's 4th attack hits, therefore allowing Hecatoncheir to do his Purse Explosives right off the bat while the enemy is completly airborne and not falling yet.

    From this point on you should be in Ravager with Vanille and allow Hecatoncheir to do 2 Purge Explosives, then do Vanilles 5 attacks. On her 5th attack, Hecatoncheir should do his 3rd or 4th Purge Explosive at the same time. Right at this point is when you should enter geshalt mode. Just look for the enemy to make 2 consecutive "bumps" (When you hit an enemy while juggling them, they sort of bounce up into the air more).

    Now from this point on the enemy is still completly airborne and should not be falling. If they are already falling (which happens when you time the bumps wrong into Geshalt) then there is not much you can do because of the slowness of all his moves and up3 (Chain Cannon) has some issues with connecting at certain heights/Collision Detection.
    Anyway, from this point on you can do the following combos with hecatoncheir in geshalt:

    1) D3(missiles)~up3, up3, 2 - During the missiles animation you can buffer up3 before the ending finishes, so from here you can mix it up depending on how far into the combo ( the farther you are the more likely they are to fall ) you are. for example: D3~4~up3

    2) up3, up3, up3, 2

    3) D3~back3, up3, 2

    Other things to note are that while staggered, Hecatoncheirs 4 will become a Launch, thus allowing for a up3 juggle, in which they fall afterwards, but then you can OTG relaunch with 4 again, etc etc.

    And lastly, my favorite thing is that when Hecatoncheir is summoned at the end of a stagger meter (during a juggle) and keeps the enemy airborne the entire time, the chain bonus carries over to Geshalt Mode, and his attacks will refill the Stagger Meter almost instantly.


    Summon-Cancel Glitch - Somehow one time i was able to cancel my summon. I was in geshalt with hec and had about 15 bars left. All i pressed was Left+3 and held 3, then the regular animation started from when you leave your summon in Eidolon mode (after the timer runs out, your summon moves back and dissapears, then your party comes back in). I have no idea how i did this. Anyone have an idea? If so, i could relaunch with my party during that restagger from hecs geshalt.


    I'll post the Vanille/Hecatoncheir combo soon.
  3. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    Now have 27 missions done
    44hours in

    Beat Dahaka in 5:42 1st try - way easy

    Betharulandas - or whatever his name was - took me 4 tries to get my party right for him and took 22mins. Tought boss

    proudclad version 1 - easy
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    Check -

    Alexander Juggling:

    Pretty much the same stuff. You can rebuild the stagger meter, however, you cannot rebuild it enough to restagger them. Therefore you must enter into the summons first mode with about a 3rd of their stagger meter left. From this point on you can do Aeroga very quickly to re-elevate them. You enter into geshalt mode as soon as it hits.

    From that point on you are faced with only one combo opportunity, and that is Up3, Up3.

    Getting two Up3s to land basically impossible, so just stick with one.

    If you time it right, you will left with a tiny bit of stagger meter left for 2 (every Eidolons strongest move), and deal out some insane damage.

    Using snow as the last person to juggle him before you enter into Alexander is the best option. He does all his attacks even during the cutscene animation. You will even see the enemy afterwards bounce up into the air once without anyone hitting it; this is snows last attack carried over into the summon. That one little bump is all you need to get your Aeroga in before they hit ground.

    id continue this post but i have to go.
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    Check -

    Odin Juggling:

    Getting Odins full juggle is one of the hardest things to do because its a race against time. Everything leading up to the summon has to be canceled with just enough Stagger Meter left for the final blow (2). Of course you could time the final hit after stagger meter, which only does around 4000, but if youre like me and want to stay around 8000/9999 area, then you can do this combo very early on in the game to an enemy with half their life left, and so on and so forth.

    As i mentioned, its a race against time, you'd need to start off with a SAB SAB SEN; level 4 SAB (Fang) and Level 1 SEN (Sazh) for several reasons.
    1) Lightnings attacks are too fast, thus not allowing the ATB meter enough time to refresh.
    2) Sazh evens out that extra time with the added frames that it takes for his guns to come out.
    3) Sazh comes out Paradigm Shifts with his guns faster, obviously because a bullet is faster then a guy running up to you with a punch.
    4) Sazh also comes out of Paradigm Shifts into SAB extremly fast, and his SEN also leads into COM faster as mentioned above in number 3. Level 1 SEN with Provoke as his only spell he will cast it once, so his ATB is always near full for the next Paradigm Shift.
    5) Sazh is Lightnings counterpart for when you call the summon. Every character has their own counterpart whos attacks time perfectly to where you need the enemy to be when you call a summon. In other words, you want to squeeze in that one last attack before it cuts to the cutscene of your characters summon so that the enemy has not begun to fall.

    6) And the absolute most important of SAB SAB SEN as your first paradigm is because you need the Stagger Meter to drop slow. When it comes to lightning she has NOTHING else that can stagger the enemy so that it drains slow. If she is in COM/RAV it will drop fast, where as with Vanille, she can be in RAV and it will drop slow. As i mentioned, every character has their counterparts to make these things work

    Now before i get into the combo for Odin, here is the setup until you call him

    So it basically goes:

    Light Fang Sazh
    SAB SAB SEN (Stagger~Paradigm Shift)
    COM COM SEN (Have Lightning jump up as early as possible)
    COM SAB COM (Have Lightning jump up as soon as Sazh is done/Fang begins her debuffs)
    COM COM SEN (Have Lightning jump up as early as possible)
    RAV SAB COM (Call Odin as soon as possible)

    If done right, Sazh will do his 4th attack right as Odin is summoned.

    From here The steps are:
    1) Odin ~ Thunder
    2) Lightning 1 ATB (you cancel with 4 in case you didnt know)
    3) Odin ~ Thunder
    4) Lightning 1 ATB (you must learn to tap 2 on the frame the ATB gauge is refilled, by doing that cuts a lot of delay out, but it only works if you press 3 afterwards (obviously). Practice it.
    5) Odin ~ Thunder
    6) Lightning 5 ATB (Odin will do another Thunder during it)
    7) Odin~ Thundaga~Geshalt (If you do not enter geshalt mode fast enough after Thundaga hits they will fall... You do not have a lot of time with this beacause they always start to fall fast from this move. Very very hard to time this.)

    *The Storm is Here*

    Odins Biggest Combo in Geshalt Mode:

    D3~Left3, Left3, Left3, 2.

    Im sure you can squeeze in another left3 in there, but oh well.

    If done right, you will have a tiny sliver of stagger meter left for 2 so that it does insane damage.

    Video soon. Along with Hope/Alexander.

  6. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    Hey check - i love this info and admire you for it but whats the point? I'm not being a dick at all just saying it is an rpg and when it's done it's done.

    I'm about to fight orphan right now BTW all people are 8-9k HP

    Orphan is going to get hammer smashed faced
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    Check -

    Brynhilder Juggling:

    Geshalt mode is severly broken. You can even enter into 2 while they are still in the air and 2 will keep them in the air. There are so many combos in there. I will try and list as many as i can recall.

    This is also the most easy combo that ive done. Big part of it is that you cant do anything in Bryn's first mode, because all he does is ATB boost. So you have to go into Geshalt right away.

    Party setup: (Not sure how much it matters with Sazh as your main)

    1) Sazh (RAV) level 4,
    Vanille (SAB) level 4
    Hope (SAB) level 1

    Quickly switch into another paradigm, so that you wont have to go through the 3 cutscenes from the first Paradigm Shift

    2) Sazh (COM)
    Vanille (RAV)
    Hope (RAV)

    Get back into the previous Paradigm as soon as you can. Do not let hope/vanille stagger here.

    3) Stagger with Vanille then proceed to to do Aeroga with Sazh, then Paradigm Shift.

    4) Sazh (RAV)
    Vanille (SAB)
    Hope (RAV)

    Hope and Vanille will do their thing and you have a few options here. Your best bet is to go for 5 Sparkstrikes so that it gives time for Hope/Vanille's ATB to refill.

    Paradigm Shift into:

    5) Sazh (RAV)
    Vanille (RAV)
    Hope (SAB)

    Vanille does her thing... Sazh can again do a number of things. Do anything thatll help them them elevated. (Aeroga/Coldblood/Sparkstrikes)

    Paradigm Shift into:

    6) Sazh (RAV)
    Vanille (RAV)
    Hope (RAV)

    Let Hope do a few hits and let Sazh do a ColdBlood here because your next Paradigm is your last before entering into the summon.

    Paradigm Shift during Coldblood (3/4ths of the way through) into:

    7) Sazh (RAV)
    Vanille (RAV)
    Hope (SAB)

    Call Brynhilder in as early as possible during Vanilles attacks.

    8) Brynhilder First Mode - There is absolutly nothing you can do in this stance, so switch to Geshalt mode as soon as possible.

    9) Brynhilder Geshalt Mode - Plenty of options. Ill name the ones i can remember:

    4, d3, u3, u3, 2

    left3, u3, u3, u3, 2

    up3, up3, up3, up3, up3 etc.... not sure how many these go up to, but it looks like an infinite if started at a certain height.

    Thats pretty much all i can remember. It does not matter what your stats are because their stagger meter will still have TONS of % left by the time you do 2.


    I did not start on combos for it until after i was done beating it. So when its done that is whats left. They are fun to try and thats the point of it. The point of me posting it is for me to help. Me and Jago are writing Combo FAQ for this game anyway, so all this information will be vital to that project
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    Check -

    Bahamut Juggling:

    Bahamut is a very versatile Eidolon. He can basically infinite you in Geshalt mode under the right circumstances (height at which you start). The great thing about this means that you can enter into the summon very early. His first mode is also consistently decent with the exception of the very begining, which Fang can take care of until he's ready.

    Party: Take your pick. Whoever you want to keep them airborne with for 2 sets.

    First Paradigm: SAB/SAB/SAB for slow meter.

    Bahamuts First Mode: Have Fang jump up but make sure they are not too high or else Bahamuts attacks will all miss. So let them fall a little bit before you jump up. If they are at the right height, then do 1 ATB with Fang until Bahamut is ready. Let Bahamut do his attacks and let Fang sit idle. Let Bahamut do Inferno, then use your 5 ATB with Fang and enter into Geshalt on the last one (or which ever you one prefer).

    Bahamut Geshalt Mode: Up3 is the key. However, how many you can do in a row at the begining depends on how low they are when you start. Heres how it breaks down:

    1) If they are on the ground = 4
    2) If they are near the ground = 3
    3) If they are at the peak of Bahamuts Inferno = 1

    One Up3 is ideal for Stagger Meter purposes. But if you can squeeze in another Up23, then thats fine too.

    After you do as many Up3s until they would be too high for another. Thats when d3 comes into place. Up3 is a high swoop and d43 is a low swoop, so once you land d3, you can do another Up3, then d3.

    After D3 you can do Left+3 instead of Up3. While Left+3 is happeninng you can buffer 4.

    When 4 hits, thats when you swoop back down for another Up3, then d3, then Left+3 again. Just remember that they need to be high enough for Left+3 so you may need to do two Up3's in a row before you do d3.

    At this point you should have just enough Stagger Meter for 2. However, you can continue juggling them with 4 into another up3 set.

    Looking at my combo now for it. It seems the very last up3 is not needed post-stagger as they will drop.

    So the 2 combos for bahamut would be:

    To do 2 while Staggered: up3, d3, left3, 4, up3, d3, left3, 2

    To do 2 Post-Stagger: up3, d3, left3, 4, up3, d3, left3, 4, up3, up3, d3, up3, 2

    Thats all for Fang/Bahamut.
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    Check -

    Shiva Juggling:

    The Shiva Sisters are consistent jugglers in their First Mode, but they have a move that makes the enemy drop faster then any move in the game, so you must have Snow available during those hits to keep them up. Snow most of the time needs to do his 5 ATB before the Shiva Sisters starts their first attack. From there, simply do 1 ATB with Snow and enter into Geshalt Mode

    In geshalt, there is only one consistent combo you can do:

    d3, d3, 4, up3, left3, 2

    you can add another d3 in there at the begining.


    The other combo, while not entirely impossible, does work, but is too hard to time:

    d3, d3, d3, d3, d3, d3, d3, etc....

    you can just keep doing d3's over and over, but it is very hard to time the 3rd one before they hit the ground.

    Using Sazh's shotgun as the last hit before the Summon seems to work very efficiently, and having Hope in the party will increase a crucially needed 200% chain bonus.

    3 Sets are fine for this combo, with plenty of power gloves and warrior wrists on Sazh and Snow..


    This is the final summon juggling post i will make, so i hope you all enjoyed the read and try some of these combos out.


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    I watched my brother fight Orphan last night.

    I haven't been playing FF as much because of MW2 lol
    but i have a question (to anyone)
    do you ever fight that huge walking red thing in Gran Pulse?
    (it looks like something from God of War:
  11. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    i just beat game last night so my copy is for sale -
    1st form:
    At the end you fight Barthantelus (whatever his name is) and his form looks awesome

    2nd form:
    Then he combines with orphan to make a really big sword

    3rd form
    Then orphan's 2nd form is a sphere with a head in the middle

    1st form is a joke as well as 3rd form but 2nd is avg at best, Game's hardest boss for me was Barthantlus first encounter at end of disc 2

    BTW I think you're speaking about Raganrok who I think the bad guy wanted you to turn into out of pure hatred to destroy cocoon. I got to be honest with you guys, the story got a little too annoying and combobulated for me to keep on caring past disc 2 or middle of disc 2.
  12. Check

    Check -

    no, you do not fight him. he is part of the sidemission quest post-game.


    So far the FF13 Combo Video, entitled Merciless Judgment for now is really coming along. I worked on the intro during the week and i know some of you have seen my Lightning Closeups on youtube. Those will be used for each characters intro, but not the actual intro itself. The actual intro is about 30 seconds long and something ive NEVER done before in any of my videos, so its been a real challenge to do. I hope you enjoy it.

    So right now, The Intro and Lightnings combo are done. I expect the next 5 characters to be done soon. All that i need to do for them is record more closeups and pan shots for them, and find the song from the game that i want to use for their combo. I may use the same song for lightning and the next character i do.

    Give it time, the one thing i learned over the weekend about this kind of stuff is you cant rush it. You have to let the ideas come to you. In my case, i was stumped for hours on Saturday and couldnt figure out what to do, so i took a break from it on Sunday and went out with my family for my aunts birthday. With my spirits uplifted, i came home and went right back to work on it and nearly instantly figured out what to do. While i dont expect that to happen much more, im just going to take my time with it until im 100% satisfied. I've showed Jago the first 3 minutes (hopefully he posts in here after reading this) of it already and he thinks its really good so far.

    Hopefully i can pull this off, because after Saturday i did not even think i would get past the Intro.
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    Ezreal no
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    lol if you could fight that thing it wouldnt even fit on the screen theyd have to ff6 kefka tier that shit

    and im sure itd have no problem kickin every1s ass

    yea like i told u before it looks amazing so far and i cant wait to see the intros and combos for the other chars. its cool that you are doing transition effects and such for your vids to make them look more professional...itd be cool to see you do this with another game like mk9 in the future, you dont have to go back and touch up on your mka mkdc vids you worked hard enough on those already XP
  14. Check

    Check -

    Well Jago, just getting each scene is the toughest part. Thats why i havent updated yet on the video. Its been very hard to find the right scenes for sazh snow vanille hope. Hopefully i can get Sazh done soon. Thanks for offering to help/wanting to learn for yourself.

    Wish there was more to say, but thats it. Other then that, the video will be done and ready to go.
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    Check -

    I finished my final project for school, so now i can begin to refocus my energy and attention towards the ff13 combo video. there are a lot of little things ima do for this vid that are out of the ordinary, but im only doing them because i am extremly picky when it comes to this stuff, which is prolly why i never do these kinds of vids with soundtracks etc. nonetheless it will be done.... but its going to take a while..

    its things like adding a soundtrack which deliberitly destroy the original games sound effects and speech. its almost impossible to hear the swords clashing or characters voices, so that is what i am talking about what i am doing out of the ordinary. i will be adding each sound effect/voice in its place without actually readding the whole audio track, because by doing that will make the games music too loud, and will interfere with the soundtrack, so i will just add the sound effects and speech. its going to be extremly difficult and time consuming. ive never done it before either, but i promise you this vid will blow you away when its done. just give it time. ive never devoted myself so much to a video before.

    later everyone, thanks for all the support thus far.
  16. Check

    Check -

    Just an update..

    i havent started on it again yet, because i received my N64 in the mail from my old house in Florida, so i wound up playing some perfect dark.

    my last week of school is this week, so im just going to wait till that is done.. then i will try to finish this video..

    take care.

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    i havent been playing ff that much recently either cause i've been attached to mw2 -_-
  18. Check

    Check -

    Lol, so we both have been ignoring FF13 for a shooter ;)

    Not sure if youve seen my perfect dark videos, but i was hoping you would check em out.

    Ill watch ur MW2 vid soon. Cant wait to see a vid of you playing ff13.

    BOSSETTE Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Yeah, I saw them. It looks fun. :D
    The longest I can record at a time on a cam that i currently have is about 8 minutes, which sucks - so i'll see what i can record with that amount of time with ff13.
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    Check -


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    I guess I'll just record myself fighting an enemy, possibly a boss
  22. Check

    Check -

    Thanks to everyone for their patience. Ive been working nonstop on the FF13 vid. I went through the entire game again and recorded every cutscene. Right now all 6 characters are done and the movie is ready to go. I just need to make a few changes to the vid. It should be out in no time. I've already sent the video to Jago to watch, and he liked it. Its about 17 minutes long. I watched it all day today ;)

    @ Boss - Looking forward to it. I recorded a 100% juggle on a few bosses for the video. I want to do one vs Cid as well.
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    Check -

    Odin Infinite vs Immortal: d3, left 3, left 3, left 3, left 3, left 3, etc.

    You can just keep doing left 3 over and over.

    The enemies dont attack while in geshalt, so you could just keep doing any move anyway i suppose.

    Final Update on the video - Has been Lightning driving me nuts the past couple days. Its been way too hard to find a way of showing her biggest Non-Eidolen combo as transitioning it into her top Eidolen combo (posted above) while trying to match the length of the song im using for her part. Both cannot be done in the same combo for stagger meter purposes, and i wouldnt want to leave out Army of One for her part of the video, so my only choice was to use 2 seperate videos and just combine them where Odin would come in on the first part.

    Other then that, the video is done, and ready. Again, Lightning has been driving me nuts. So hopefully this final edit i did this morning will leave this video completed.

    And for the record, there will be a second combo video for ff13 released at a much later point of time.

    I'll edit this post later. My apologies for double posting.
  24. Check

    Check -


    Heres my Final Fantasy 13 Combo Video that i made during the Spring:

    Please comment, watch, anything. This video means a great deal to me. :)

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