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ESPORTS Will Destroy Fighting Games and Will Destroy MK.


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I was under the impression that fg esports was a phenomenal marketing opportunity for a genre that is really quite niche, and that fg’s are more popular in the Americas and Western Europe than they’ve ever been directly because of said exposure. Furthermore, many franchises were able to avoid fading into oblivion because their audience and earning potential has been expanded.

But then again, mama never misses a chance to remind me I’m r’tarted.


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Ah, the age old NRS got brain damage after mk9 post. Just think, they could still be making good games like they used to but they've been blinded by all this money and attention you've given them.


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None of this is new or original. People have been complaining about fighting games going Hollywood for years now. But I guess everyone wants to post echo chamber thoughts to a TYM thread or a shitty Youtube video essay so they can be the big bad philosopher of video games.


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Fighting games might used to be “harder” back then, but they were also very unbalanced and sometimes just straight up broken. Like, you can’t tell me that MK9 Johnny was balanced and fun to play. Making fighters more accessible to the casual players isn’t really that much of an issue, I don’t really see the issue of it.

MK11 being more simple, yet more complex at the same time isn’t a bad thing. What’s annoying is, is the fact that you have some mechanics (Fatalblow) that are just a load of shit. I understand some points the OP makes, but Esports isn’t ruining fighters. The bitching fanbase and companies trying to cater to everybody is what is ruining fighters, but I do understand from a companies POV that they want to target a larger audience.
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I started to play fighting games, like SSF2T, Tekken 2, CvsSNK, SF Alpha1/2/3, UMK3/MK4, KOF 98/99/2000 at early 2000. though we didnt know shit about frame data, no internet, some people, devoted hell a lot of time to play, and be good at it. Post 2003 I quit, moved on with my life. Had no drive to play anymore. Thern MK9 came out - yes it was a reboot of series. Yes, the game had characters broken (it had every right to have). However, taking a serious look at the amount of time required to play the game at decent level, there is a significant gap, between MK9, and MK11. I am not even going to mention MKX, which was in some way simpler, because even the dumbest player at certain time fame of the game had the 50% chance of landing his shit, there more depth within the characters, mechanics then MK11 will ever have.

Yes, MK11 is well balanced, If you really wanna hear it, yes - we got the neutral. But what was castrated? Lets see - phacking stupid jump kicks, thats you are scared to AA, even if you have the reed/or execution. The meter management, so that you dont have to give a damn phuck about it. The breaker system, which is hilarious by the way. Those anti-breakers moves, in which some cases they dont make sense. The push back on d2 - and the phucking 30% dmg some (soap bar in my mouth) get from hitting you. The list goes on.... not to mention, that the base combo system, feels like a castrated dude.... even with the customization allowed.

There are several fighting games known for the past 15 years, that are well known to those who care about competitive game play. However, the number that are respected has fallen down.

Currently, as best to my knowledge, there very, very few selective tittles that still maintain respect - one of them is Tekken. There is a very solid reason, why the game has so strong base of players, and is considered competitive.

Till the world saw SF5, SF was along the ranks with Tekken....

Even though MK was never meant to be competitive, when MK9 was brought to the world, competitive play naturally was born among the players. Therefore, we cannot look back and hold to the original idea. The game was way also sified, w, that it is not only via characters multi-style / combos, but in terms of mechanisms - which is sad, because the tittle had the chance to be really close, to the best games that are respected in FG community.

Back in the days, games were imbalanced, not well patched, but in order to stand out, you had to really play well. To be good, took hell of a time, even though those games were uglier.

The problem is not balance, nor simplicity in MK11. The problem is, that the game has been strip down from so many elements, that at certain point while playing it, you do come to realize that the game is like a Doll -looks good, does the job, but its far from the real thing.

To me, I feel, that characters depth, outside of very few, feels like MKII characters. The game is pretty, phocken awesome, but once the “cosmetics effect wares off" its like waking up after a long party, with ugly chick, that last night did you huge favor.

Guys, we all love the franchise - thats a fact. We waste a pretty good chunk of time in our lifetime, to play this game. We really could do something else. Yet we do.

But also, lets not pretend the game dose feel like we are taken back some years back..... there is so much obvious $hit, that it cant really be hidden behind, whatever you may say. almost 10 years ago, we were given something, then years later it was extended, and now part of it was taken away. Thats phacking fact, regardless of the explanation.

Long live MK Brothers!


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So, I read your thing but I forgot what you said already because i'm a little drunk (and I think it was stupid) and I'm going to respond with what I want to say. The FGC has been afraid of esports for awhile now and I believe it's because eSports kinda threatens the very thing the FGC takes pride in, it's grass roots feel, that feeling that some uknown dude/dudette can just make it to a grand finals in any tournament, that feeling of community that esports might take away from.

Peace, I'm gonna go piss and pass out, in whatever order it happens in and hope my wife is ok with that......


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Everything in the OP is literally just Whataboutism. Making games more streamlined and more approachable to gather a wider audience/playerbase/community is not a bad thing no matter how many "back in my day" irrefutable pieces of evidence you got lined up.

Change and progress is scary, I know. But being good at doing instant air fireballs with MK9 Kabal isn't any more "skillful" or representative of "in depth gameplay" than flawless blocking in MK11 is. And pointing out literal special move bloat in MK9 isn't the nail in the coffin of MK11's "dumbing down".


Say what you want, MKX encouraged mashing and we definitely did NOT learn neutral from that game. It's so far from a good example of what a competitive fighter should be.

But yeah fighters becoming mainstream has been a damn issue. Companies want to make more and more money, the more ''accessible'' it is, the more people buy it, the more money they make. To them it makes sense, but it's the core players that get shafted. Nothing we can do about it.
I don't know man before the patch everyone mash down 1 and down 3 on negative LOL and have you guys don't know what neutral mean yall think its moving back and forth LMAO!


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So what about killer instinct? Its made super casual friendly with the combosytem but one of the deepest fightinggames out there with new tech still coming out after so many years. A fightinggame being causal friendly doesnt mean it can't be competetive.


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Muh combos.

If the measure of an inherently good fighting game is between Combos or Character balance, I'm personally taking balance every time. MK11 ain't perfect in the category but it's about 10,000 lightyears ahead of MKX.


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Fun and boring are both subjective. To me, having to flip a coin on every block or get juggled into a wow so amazing super cool 35-45% combo is super boring and the methodical, decision-making meta (which has been enforced even more with the current patch) of MK11 is fun.

Who can say between us who is "right"?
But game balance isn't really a subjective thing, despite there being differing opinions. A character or something a character has can be objectively leagues better than what the rest of the cast can do i.e. the recently nerfed Upgraded Jacqui nonsense. I'll take the objectively better game balance of MK11 any day.


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Writing’s been on the wall for a while, though it isn’t limited to fighting games, but to all forms of media. These are byproducts of growing fanbases and the even bigger media companies looking to meet a deadline before the end of their fiscal year. Nowadays in the always online, always connected world your favorite franchise can either die off and be left forgotten(Darkstalkers) or be paraded around like a golden pony in simpler, safer form(Street Fighter V). Kinda reminds me of the WWE before the introduction of the wellness policy.