Ed Boon: "Big MK11 News Coming Soon"

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Raider, Mar 14, 2019 at 4:40 PM.

  1. Kratilim

    Kratilim Noob

    Its called the pre-order beta ;). Only two weeks to wait.
  2. Tanno

    Tanno The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind

    It's called not testing the internet and later to have lots of problems in netcode. They gotta bring it to other regions before they bring out the actual beta test. We don't want to have problems later.
  3. superbn0va

    superbn0va Noob

    Shang Tsung confirmed. it better be
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  4. Cassie Cyrus

    Cassie Cyrus Have you ever seen the Rain?

    The surprise is Rain is again left out, Bo Rai Cow is in! Ed Troll's third favorite character!
  5. I'll have access to the beta, which means I could be playing as Shang Tsung...soon. With luck!
  6. Noob Cyrus

    Noob Cyrus Noob

    Rain being left out is surprise for you? ;)
  7. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
    Premium Supporter

    Hope it's soon!
  8. LawAbidingCitizen

    LawAbidingCitizen The Tekunin will Rise in MK11

    So much for big news soon?
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  9. Blizer

    Blizer Noob

    Im expecting something now right after the stress test, or right before it ends.
  10. Cassie Cyrus

    Cassie Cyrus Have you ever seen the Rain?

    Ed Boon doesn't know what soon means :-p
  11. xXRagingFlameXx

    xXRagingFlameXx "Have I ever not been right?" -Patrick Star, 2001

    He said "Soon" not "Today" not "Tomorrow" he said "Soon" y'all need to chill. They literally just pushed the stress test out and are focusing on that rn let them breathe for a second.

    The stress test ends tomorrow so maybe then, or the day after they'll announce the 'big news'.
  12. The big news will be the game going gold
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  13. Searsy82

    Searsy82 Noob

    This is the most reasonable guess to me.
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  14. Lun

    Lun ask me about my feminist agenda

    Is that really big news? We already have the release date.
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  15. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
    Premium Supporter

    Maybe Ed will confirm Fujin.
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  16. SindelQueen

    SindelQueen Sindels gay husband

  17. Searsy82

    Searsy82 Noob

    Have any of the previously proclaimed “big news” items actually been big news?
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  18. DarksydeDash

    DarksydeDash Bring back Kenshi for MK11!

    Most likely the ESL announcement
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  19. Maybe soon afterwards.
  20. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse Edenian Assassin

  21. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    The BIG news will be that the next Kombat Kast is Wednesday and the site having 29 characters was a mistake.
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  22. Blizer

    Blizer Noob

    My reaction:

  23. Pizza

    Pizza Thrill Kill

    Big news: Liu Kang is playable!
  24. Yea boon's use of soon and big news isnt great. Would much rather he delete them from his keyboard and just say announcement monday lmfao
  25. vapid

    vapid cyber warlord

    We'll all die first.
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