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Ed Boon: "Big MK11 News Coming Soon"


Smoke & Noob & Rain
They better be coming soon.

I've seen a perfectly reasonable complaint from someone on Reddit, who said that when you are encouraged (forced) that much to pre-order the game in advance (especially the Premium Edition) - you should really be getting information on the product. Mobile Kasts, skipping Kombat Kasts... all opposite ways of doing what they should actually be doing.

Cassie Cyrus

Have you ever seen the Rain?
- DLC reveals
- New trailer which isn't the Briggs Family
- Reveal of Cetrion, Kollector, Noob Saibot, Rain, Mileena, Shang Tsung, D'Vorah, Erron Black, Kitana
- New-Tality reveal
- Crypt Reveal

- Guest Reveal
- Something about the BETA
- Briggs Family Trailer
- Story Mode Chapter 1 reveal, just like in MKX when they revealed the entire chapter 1...


You'll Float Too
Stress test tomorrow so they could do a reveal for that.

The Kotal Kahn Kombat Kast is next week so they could do a reveal (although I pray to the heavens they show D'Vorah)

Then the week after that is the Beta and they should definitely do a reveal or two for that. Depending on how big they plan on having the Beta roster and if they plan on expanding how long the beta lasts so they could add a character or two like they did for Injustice 2.

But if the Beta does end up being 4 days, when it's over we'll be in the home stretch with just 4 weeks until the game's release. So, they really oughta get to work on these reveals. I'm sure they're planning on ramping up the hype and the reveals big time in those last few weeks.


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Yeah, last time he used that term it was about the closed beta which is U.S only. Don't get hyped, it's probably nothing that 'big'.
this .... taking anything Mr. Ed Boon saying from now, with a grain of salt .... I mean, c'mon Ed , time to show something really shocking kool , and not this "small time" things we already know ! Surprise us with something that gonna blow things out of proportion .... we wanna to freak out with something really interesting , something that none leak got yet, and something that will make we beg for the game release to occur already ! :p