Echo Fox Sonic Fox Wins VGA's Esports Player of the Year

Discussion in 'North American Tournaments & Events' started by HellblazerHawkman, Dec 6, 2018.

By HellblazerHawkman on Dec 6, 2018 at 10:21 PM
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    Yes Sonic, you really did win this. The Video Game Awards made the right choice in awarding Sonic Fox with Esports Player of the Year, closing out what has been a great 2018 for everyone's favorite furry.


    In his short acceptance speech, Sonic came out all Sonic, dropping the first swear of the night and making sure everyone knew that he was black, gay, and the best fighting game player on the planet. Really not much more for me to say here beyond "he deserves it" and we'll drop the snippet with his speech down below when we get the video.
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Discussion in 'North American Tournaments & Events' started by HellblazerHawkman, Dec 6, 2018.

    1. HeavyNorse
    2. trufenix
      I just want to say this, even if we step aside from the fact that Sonic is a god damned lightning rod for controversy, can you argue that anyone else has accomplished on an e-sports level what he has?

      He has dominated every nrs game, for years now, and dabbled to dominated in almost every other game on the market. 2d, 3d, anime, you name it. He's collected scalps and earned the respect of players across the globe and literally never backs down from a challenge, offline, online, exhib, tourney, whatever. ... AND he donated 10 thousand dollars to Rewind's dad's cancer treatments. And he did it with a fucking fox head on while haters have tried to belittled him and discredit his achievements from the streams and in the stands just for doing it.

      If that's not the kind of player you want winning awards, I think you don't know what awards are for.
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    3. JBeezYBabY
      So much hate for the kid when y'all miss the bigger picture. To have not one but two nominees for Esports Player Of The Year and have one of our own WIN when video games are predominately FPS and Fortnite is a HUGE win for the FGC in the long run! I am very happy for this kid continuing to make history and like him or not, this accomplishment is paving a way for future FGC gamers to rise up. Respect.
    4. Matt94
      "Grabbing by the pussy" from my point of view was definately about irresponsible, frivolous(or how do you call people who don't think before doing something) women, like, gold diggers etc. Saying it was about every women is a bit of a stretch, tbh. And also there is no evidence whether he has done it himself or not. Like, really, Who knows? Maybe he was talking about prostitutes. We don't have the full tape. So, I don't have any problems with this, sorry.
      Racism. Do you know what is race? Is Islam a race? Did he ban Muslim PEOPLE or Muslim COUNTRIES? Did he ban Indonesia and Turkey? If I am not wrong he banned those countries where terrorists are likely to come from. Please, correct me if I am wrong.
      Also, excuse me, but Muslims are the real ones who are literally against liberal values of the west.
      And before you bring up Islam is a religion of peace statement. There would have been no Islamic terrorists if Islam was a religion of peace and ISIS would have been a place of hippies but that's not the case, sorry.
      I will correct you here, they deny visas to same sex partners of diplomats, UNLESS THEY ARE MARRIED. It's not the US problem that some countries don't allow same sex marriage. They will deny visas to straight unmarried couples either. So, I don't have problem with that either. Pointless demonizing again.
      Why would you care about LGBTQ content in the white house website? I want to know why it matters, thank you.
      Now, please, continue your list. Seriously, I am willing to change my mind unless your points are not out of context or not based on unreasonable hatred.
      Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
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    5. JBeezYBabY
      OH MY SWEET GURKENS, kid! STOP! Lets not carry this conversation. If you care so much about it, just DM the person and leave it at that. Celebrate that a fellow member of the FGC just took an awesome award.
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    6. Pizza
      Furries are disgusting, kill them with fire!
    7. JBeezYBabY
      How do YOU really feel ?Question mark?
    8. Wrenchfarm
      Sonic Fox is a blessing. Best thing to happen to the FGC in years.
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    9. deathstroke187
      all i know is , if ever i end up on a stage i will say im super straight and i like pussy!
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    10. deathblooms2k4
      Wow. I wish I could identify the source of this type of ignorance. Education? Anger? Upbringing? A combination? I know I'm just fanning the flames but it's an incredible phenomena.
    11. deathstroke187
      honestly sonic deserve it hes one of the most impressive Esport player ever and im 34 yrs i saw greatness and nobody did it like sonic. But yeah the politics wasnt needed we all know his gay and a furry nobody care its like when a Vegan tells you he doesnt eat meat we really dgaf
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    12. Invincible Salads
      Invincible Salads
      i dunno what you'd call that but i certainly wouldnt call that a speech >.>

      Even Jeff Goldblum would be like "uuuh Christ, spit it out already kid " :confused:
    13. Error
      I can't wait to hear your speech when you win esports player of the year next year.
      "I'd like to thank Error for letting me win a few games in our casual sets, really helped me level up."
    14. Invincible Salads
      Invincible Salads
      Nah, I woulda made a comment about being excited about getting to rip out more spines and rib cages. Lol
    15. Baconlord
      terrible people using religion as an excuse to justify their actions does not mean the religion encourages violence. there are literally millions of people that practice islam that aren't terrorists you ignorant fuck.
    16. KingHippo
      Excellent TYM thread to play "Spot the MAGA chud"
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    17. jcbowie
      The hell happened here.
    18. Invincible Salads
      Invincible Salads
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    19. KingKhrystopher
      I think a lot of people are triggered about the last few lines of his speech for the wrong reasons. I don't think he needed to plug politics into it, but damn.

      Him being gay, black, and a furry all contribute to him not being what we would expect someone who's accepting any sort of award to be. Being an LGBT+ and black member (especially in the South) myself I know how hard it is and how hard it can be. When you live in a Red state and are a blue, you get hate constantly for expressing your political views. Do I think it's okay for Sonic to apply such a blanket statement to Republicans in general? No, definitely not. But there's nothing wrong with him celebrating the things that, if his childhood was anything like mine, were subjects of extreme bullying from his peers.
      And idk who it was, but that #RedLivesMatter post someone made earlier wasn't funny in the slightest, at least to me. I'm willing to bet that that same person thinks that #MeToo is only for women.
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    20. HellblazerHawkman
      Wanna know the best way to show you can be Republican and not hate blacks and gays? Don't throw a fucking temper tantrum online because Sonic said he was gay and black. I think most people thought he came off goofy, who cares? It was a 30 second speech, move on with your life. That's what adults are supposed to do.
    21. Sazbak
      Talking about Sonic's achievements or politics is fine and dandy, however don't let this distract from the fact
      Gangnam Style was the first video to hit 1 billion views ever on Youtube, back in 2012.
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    22. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      Congrats to sonic and he of course can and should express his views freely as anyone can and should. I really don't agree with huge generalizations as a whole, where I live people are either extremely liberal or extremely conservative, it's exhausting.
    23. Espio
      This is exactly how I feel about it. Not weighing in at all, just sipping my iced tea and taking notes as people tell on themselves.
    24. AfroBreezy
      No one's mad. Ppl are mad at what he said at the last part. I could give a damn if Sonic won and in all honesty this shouldn't have a category. This award ceremony was for the developers, composers, actors/actresses, and game directors of their product. But for him to really to say Republicans hate gays and black is a no no. That's why I always say when you add politics to sports, games and any form of entertainment, it starts war. It's a disgrace
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    25. AfroBreezy
      Ok let's get something straight. First of all, this wasn't a huge reward. He clearly said that all Republicans hate blacks and gays. Which pissed me off.

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