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Where she needs helps is in fast punishes (Buzzed gets a one-time KB, otherwise there is little to fear unless you're -12). So something that comes from 12...

Hitting with ovi rush builds up charges. Spend those charges on KB when you do a 12 xx ovi punish. I'm not going to get funky about the effect, just do more dmg per charge.
If we were just buffing D'vorah in general, yeah, expanding her core kit would be the first step (whether it's Parasite or Deadly Swarm or even Fly). Right now she feels stripped down in every variation, while there's other characters who are complete without any variation moves.

...that and maybe finally fix F22 and F13 whiffing...
i think her ground puddle should get a KB. like, if you land a raw amplified puddle from max distance, give us a bigger pop-up or leave them in a stunned standing state swatting bugs away from themselves to give us a free dash and jump in combo from full screen. i use raw AMP ground puddles as a fun little surprise anti-zoning tool but it's never that rewarding

I also think her buzzed f22 KBs should be inverted, so that her f223 vs f22 d1+3 becomes a scarier mix. its also not infrequent for me to whiff f22 and then catch them from nearly full screen with the d1+3 ender cuz she jumps so far. but firstly they need to make f22 d1+3 not jump over people anymore

but overall yeah, she is still very frustrating to play in the mk11 meta because:

1. shes highly susceptible to down-poke mash without a fast mid

1. zoners eat her alive unless you use arachnophobia

1. her damage is really low-she can't even link any of her variations' combo extenders to a standing 1 punish.

4. low amount of reliable crushing blows

5. a lot of slow clunky buttons

She seems like a very complicated character to balance fairly though because she also has a lot of unique privileges availed to her... strepsitera pressure is crazy good, her throw KB is crazy good, her jumping 1 is unbelievably good, she has the best anti-air in the game, katipo rush gives her tons of easy chip and safety off anything. I think I might have heard that her d1 also may have the longest range for a d1 in the game.


So my hive friends, if you could grant D'Vorah one more KB for her base kit, what would it be?
I would say make the last hit on it's own of B34 cause a popup krushing blow. It can be a bit like Fujin's F31 Krushing Blow in the way it works but allows for follow up. This way it works in all 3 variations and allows for more damage.
I can understand why they didn't want to make D'Vorah more human and ridiculously hot...

But the yellow version of this skin doesn't even go with any of Skarlet's moves! Plus, it's Skarlet. Feels like such a waste.

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Can anyone actually do D'vorah b34 corner combos consistently? It's easier when spaced out in theory, but it still doesn't work well, to the point where I think there's another variable.