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  1. CrazyFingers

    The World Has No More Room For Monsters: Swamp Thing General Discussion

    Well everyone! The thread is here! Welcome to the one and only, Swamp Thing General Discussion Thread! Here we will talk about lore, swag, combos, matchups, tech, and just general awesome stuff about our Green Knight! Embrace the Green! This is the place for it! And remember people, this is...
  2. Bum1six3

    Inj2 rank mode with Bum1six3. Check out this very funny but salty match with me using Swamp Thing.

    http://tinyurl.com/Inj2-rank-mode-with-Bum1six3 - Check out this funny but very salty match from the top 332 cheetah player against my Swamp Thing. Please share with others and subscribe to my youtube for more Injustice 2 matches. Hit me up if you have any questions. Also check out my stream -...
  3. bcfighting

    Swamp Thing Combos & Tips with DJA Homies

    Injustice 2 pro DJA Homies stops by the Body Count Fighting studios to share some of his favorite Swamp Thing combos & tips in the latest installment of Hitbox.
  4. bcfighting

    BodyCountFighting - Grudge Match - Marine (Flash) vs DJA Homies (Swamp Thing)

    Body Count Fighting recently held a grudge match between Marine (The Flash) and DJA Homies (Swamp Thing) after some trash talking they did on Twitter. Here's the result!Click to view!
  5. colby

    When to use normal throw over green thumb?

    I feel like I have a pretty good theoretical understanding for most of swamp things tools (always falls apart in practice though, haha) but one thing i haven't put together is when is it more advantageous to use a normal throw over green thumb? if the in game frame data is to be believed it just...

    Respect the Green: A Swamp Thing Combo Video

    Hey guys, here's a Swamp Thing combo video I've been working on for the past few weeks. This includes practical midscreen meterless damage, interactable usage, corner setups, max damage punishes, and a few impractical swag combos. I've put a good bit of time and energy into providing you all...
  7. Decay

    Decay (Swamp Thing) vs Cossner (Green Arrow) MU exploration

    We played a long set, some of which were really one sided and others were super close. I clipped this portion because it seems to showcase a little of both the aforementioned outcomes. Interesting MU, but it's extremely hard to stay patient full screen against him. Tell me what you guys...
  8. Roy Arkon

    Poison Ivy Epic Gear Showcase video + Vs. Lv. 20 Swamp Thing in Multiverse

    Just wanted to share a video from my YouTube channel for fun. This video starts with me beating the Lv. 20 Swamp Thing from the Multiverse Event for Poison Ivy, Planting Seeds, and then an Epic Gear showcase, featuring some of the best Gear that Ivy has in the game.
  9. SMGxPrincess

    All Gameplay Reveal Trailers Compilation - INJUSTICE 2

    Put together all the injustice 2 character reveal trailers into one video. Hope you enjoy. :p

    Swamp Thing: First Impressions (IGN)

    http://m.ign.com/articles/2017/02/15/injustice-2-why-i-love-swamp-thing-so-much-a-ign-first Pretty cool write up about Swampy's playstyle. It appears he has a lot of tools, but it's uncertain at this point if his different command grab options are truly grabs or function more like Jax's Gotcha...