Dark Souls REMASTERED Discussion (OUT NOW!)

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Juggs, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Even though “fun” is 100% subjective, what do you mean the chain stab guessing game is “fun”?

    Honestly, why they left chain stabs in and took out dead angles will be forever a mystery to me.

    The only good news is that it will be a little easier to deal with in the remaster since there will apparently be “dedicated servers”. I really don’t think it will be true dedicated servers, but the network test connections were infinitely better than the OG Dark Souls. But that coulda been because of the small sample size, so I guess we will see.

    Regardless, I’m actually incredibly hype for the remaster. At first I wasn’t, but remembering all the shenanigans with DS1 PvP and the influx of all the new players and even old school players has me seriously itching to play again. Like I’m even going in mugenmonkey and minmaxing builds during downtime at work. Already have 5 builds I wanna try out, lmao. May 25th can’t get here soon enough!
  2. wsj515

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    I found it 4:00 (and right after) and 7:40, though you can tell the connection between us is iffy due to the way everything was connecting so late for both of us. We had way more back and forth fights that he didn't upload.

    Plus my HCSM tech wasn't working, but that was probably me just messing it up haha.

    Also everyone's gonna need this if you don't know about it already: https://www.mugenmonkey.com/darksouls/
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    Nice, he even gave you a shoutout. If you can remember, how well did the MLGS+Pyro build work? I was thinking of trying that in the remaster but didn’t know how viable it would be.

    Small world. He was literally the first PvP’er I watched before Oro and Peeve that got me into Dark Souls PvP. Which, Oro and Peeve aren’t the greatest but they’re decent and entertaining. Although, Oro back in the day used to be super fucking annoying screaming into his mic as loud as he could, lmao.

    And yeah, mugenmonkey is an absolute MUST! Instead of guessing and accidentally putting wrong points into the wrong stats, you can map it all out before you even start a new build. Since you can’t respec in DS1, it’s 100% a necessity and incredibly convenient.
  4. wsj515

    wsj515 I will spit on your tomb

    I thought it was awesome, you have to have your fake casts and baits down as well as unlocked aiming. It felt super free-form and improvisational to me compared to your basic buff builds or dex/pyro builds, with tech out the ass like the homing crystal soulmass stuff.

    I'm trying to reverse engineer my build right now, I think this was it.

    You can forgo fashion souls and go shirtless + dark iron gauntlets + soldier waist cloth to get past the 21 poise breakpoint for 1h non-great weapons. You could also realistically just ditch the dusk crown/bellowing ring and play a basic dex/pyro build too whenever you felt like it.
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    So what’s the poise breakpoint values? Like, around what poise should you have? My main build has around 60 and I use either a Claymore or MLGS. Is that too much and unnecessary?
  6. wsj515

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    For those who don't know, the breakpoint refers to the poise value at which you can take a single hit from a weapon without being staggered.

    https://steamcommunity.com/app/211420/discussions/0/864972620828167952/ I'm not 100% sure if this is up to date but it seems right.

    imo the most poise you ever really need to have is 53 so you can tank 1 hit of a great sword/great curved 2h R1, but you can really get away with lower or none at all. 36 is also a pretty good spot to aim for.
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    You are incredibly helpful man. As I said before, I got into DS1 super late, so never got into all these detailed stuff that is actually important to know. Thanks for not being a dick about it and genuinely helping! Looks like I can make some changes to optimize my build!
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  8. wsj515

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    You can pay me in slabs when the game finally drops.
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  9. Juggs

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    Nice try, lmao.
  10. Juggs

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    Couldn’t help myself, redownloded the backwards compatibility DS1 on XB1. Just practicing getting super OP as early as possible. I know I didn’t “find” this strat, but been practicing the early +5 great scythe path, also beating Pinwheel at SL1 as a pyromancer. It’s not that hard to do, you just have to practice the run. Luckily got the mask of the father on the first actual run, hopefully I can get that lucky in the remaster.

    Also practicing the “glitch jump” shortcut in the undead burg to go down where the dogs are to unlock that shortcut. Really hope they didn’t take that out, or any of these early game strats or any of the PvE glitches/cheeses/jumps/ etc.

    I also wanted to practice some PvP, but the red eye orb takes so damn long to get. That’s one aspect I really wish they changed. Honestly they should just give it to you, or at the very least be able to get it early game. Maybe have it as a starter gift or SOMETHING.

    Anyway, my hype continues for the remaster. I’m mainly hype for the new 6 player PvP, “dedicated” servers, and most importantly, the resurgence of players as well as the new players who have never experienced DS1. This still isn’t what I would call a “remaster”, and I definitely don’t like that dead angles are gone (although I honestly think they didn’t even mean to patch that), but nonetheless, I’m genuinely hyped to play this game again.

    Okay, I’ll shut up now.
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  14. Juggs

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    I forgot about dex effecting cast speed. Thanks.
  15. iNoScopedJFK

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    I like fashion souls of the build. What spells were you planing on equipping?

    It doesn't effect it to much for me to wanna take anything out of what I have in already. Casting in DS is slow even with caped dex. I use my spell to catch people off guard in invasions manly and never use them when Im right in front of someone.
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  16. wsj515

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    idk man, imo it effects it pretty drastically. You aren't going to be hitting anyone with Crystal Soul Spear or Dark Bead with base cast speed unless you invade a non-pvp player who's fat rolling
  17. wsj515

    wsj515 I will spit on your tomb

    There used to be a video that had a side-by-side comparison of cast speed at various dex values but I can't find it. I did stumble upon something that I had forgotten though, every single miracle is not effected by dex for cast speed, except for lightning/sunlight spear, which are already really bad for pvp so it doesn't even matter.
  18. Juggs

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  19. Juggs

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    Still super excited for this release. Still practicing early game stuff, trying to get as much done in as little time as possible.

    I can kill 5 bosses, get the secret rite (upgrade bonfires to give you 20 estus), upgrade estus to +2 (can get +3 but takes a little longer) get a +5 great scythe, get both the Havel and FAP rings, and all within an hour. Only if I don’t die, if I die it’s obviously longer.

    I can get to 2 more bosses, possibly 3 and kill them in around 2 hours or so. Also, I’ve seen footage of Blightown, it stays at a constant 60 FPS in the remaster. That’s going to be huge.

    The hardest part is running through the Catacombs at SL1 trying not to die, but practice makes perfect!
  20. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    Apparently the steam version already leaked, so you can buy it and play it right now. Really sucks for me but it’s okay, have fun nerds.

    Gonna stay up as late as I can tomorrow night, midnight release gaming is the best!
  21. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    My practice runs paid off. Made it through the Catacombs at SL1 without dying. Also got 2 firekeeper souls without dying. Buuuut, I didn’t know if you visit Blighttown before you meet Lautrec, he disappears and kills the Firelink Firekeeper. I mean I think I knew that, but forgot. So I’ll have to make a new character. It’s okay, only took me two hours and didn’t get the Father mask anyway.

    Also, there’s already super twinks on PS4 and XB1. Like, there’s people who got the game early from Bamco, and specifically made a twink build. What are y’alls thoughts on twinks? Personally, I find them fucking stupid. How is it fun one and two shotting people when they are most likely on their base build?
  22. Johnny Based Cage

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    Anyone have any really hipstery builds they can recommend like fists only? But one that’s actually decent. I’ve always been cursed with a love for the really niche play styles and an equal love for min-maxing, but the two rarely go hand in hand all that well lol.
  23. wsj515

    wsj515 I will spit on your tomb

    You can't really have hipster builds that are decent, but some builds/playstyles have higher skill ceilings, like unlocked casting. The halberd/balder side sword/long sword could be considered hipster and still good, but thats only until people start to realize there are other weapons in the game besides katanas.

    @Juggs just in case, you do know thats how you have to get the dingy set right? Its one of the best sets in the game and one of the best looking imo.

    Also, twinks are whatever, you can easily avoid them by just staying hollow.
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  24. Juggs

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    The 4 man gank squads are crazy right now. Abd the Great Scythe is NOT a good invasion weapon. It’s okay 1v1, but 1v2-1v4 is basically unwinnable unless you get super lucky, it’s just not the best vs multiple people.

    This is why a lot of invaders use super OP builds, you NEED the OPness. Guess it’s back to the Claymore qualty build.
  25. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    It seems they changed some stuff regarding what you can drop. I gave the MLGS to a friend and made a new character. Once I summoned him in, he dropped the MLGS. But I couldn’t see it. Everything else he dropped I could see, including titanite chunks. So I ran through Catacombs to get a +5 Claymore. Resummoned him, and NOW I could pick up the MLGS.

    Really excited to use my MLGS build. It’s by far my most favorite and fun build out of all the Souls games for PvP. It’s top tier in duels, and probably top tier in invasions (vs ganks) as well. It will be awhile before it’s complete, as I need the pursuers and other “end game” magic, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

    Is there any confirmation on changes to weapon matchmaking. I’ve heard both that it’s changed now and that it hasn’t changed. For instance, if you have a +5 weapon in your inventory, you can only invade players who have at least a +5 weapon. Really need some confirmation on this, so before I get to 125 I can actually invade people I’m supposed to be invading.

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