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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been diagnosed with the coronavirus.


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Trini, I wouldn't say he down playing it considering he just banned all flights to and from most of the worldz Europe, Asia etc with a few exceptions. No matter what he says the msm will foolishly blame him when they should be blaming Chinas incompetence if anything. It's their fault for letting this shit get out of hand to begin with....regardless of of president they should stop all flights coming and going anyway by this point. Would you rather he say "dont leave your homes, or you'll die"!? Lol

Besides we all know it's important but the msm has already scared everyone as if it's the freaking apocalypse...is it vital and and an important issue? Yes but apocalyptic level? No.
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Also NBA just announced suspended games til further notice, two NBA players have tested positive...we can only imagine how this will effect hockey and baseball games as well.


One potential benefit to this potential disaster is maybe this upcoming shock will force the voting public in the US will want medicare for all.
No it won't. Politicizing the issue is pointless. Regardless of who is in charge someone is going to say they could have done more or i would have done better.
Ban on European travel to the US. We're on mandatory "Work From Home" at my company (not hard, we're software engineers).

An economic recession after this is probably inevitable
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And you can't find hand sanitizer anywhere....I knew I should have bought a ton a month ago when I had the chance.
I had to emergency ship 50 bottles from here (Toronto) to our NYC office on Monday.

Note though that sanitizer is not a magic bullet. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ran a story about it years ago, and the 99.9% advertised is when used in a controlled lab environment. Out in the public, it actually kills far less (I think it was around 63%, but don't quote me on that).

Overall, proper handwashing with soap is far superior to hand sanitizer.

Yeah pretty much. Asians are being mistreated pretty much globally right now. I’ve seen and heard so many fucked up stories.
Thankfully I haven't heard of that happening here (Canada) yet. Ontario and Vancouver, the provinces with the largest Asian population (to my knowledge) have the most cases.

What is the mortality rate of coronavirus? And deaths compared to the normal flu? Having trouble finding consistent reports. Is it the actual burden of infection or how contagious it is that makes it dangerous? Fucking conflicting information and hysteria everywhere
It varies based on country, it seems, and basically how the response has been. Fear and panic are a bad enemy right now, so sticking to facts from official sources are the best bet.

Here in Canada, only one fatality so far, and it was a senior in a long term care home. We have just over 100 cases as of yesterday nation-wide confirmed, which includes earlier cases of people who've already recovered.


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No it won't. Politicizing the issue is pointless. Regardless of who is in charge someone is going to say they could have done more or i would have done better.
By every standard metric we have failed in our response. Health officials domestic and abroad told US to start readying tests for free use in late January. The numbers in SK and HK are going down because they listened and have been very aggressive in testing and quarantine.

We know exactly what we should have done and we have not done it.


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Overall, proper handwashing with soap is far superior to hand sanitizer.
This is true. Twenty solid seconds of washing with simple soap will denature and kill the virus.
Avoid shaking hands, avoid coughing into the air, avoid coughers.
And if you get sick avoid the elderly.


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Yesterday the governor of Brasília (my city) decreed the suspension of any event that has the potential to agglomerate more than 100 people, for a week. UFC Brasília, for example, will be closed to fans due the decreed. The decreed suspended all classes of all schools and universities. Brasilia has 2 confirmed patients with covid-19, but a lot of suspected cases. Crazy story: the 2 patients are a lady and her husband. He attended a Maroon 5 show here 1 week ago. After his wife being diagnosed (4 days ago), he refused to be tested and almost was arrested. He tested positive and anyone who attended Maroon 5 show can be infected right now.


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It's sad that some people take advantage of every opportunity even in a crisis situation or pandemic....I guess there are real life Kanos in the world.

I read an article in nyc and nys at least, they're having more purell shipments as well as help from prisons to make it with 75% alcohol. I have always carried hand sanitizer around with me, my friend thought I was nuts just OCD. I bet hes not laughing now.
He isn’t laughing now. Because he’s dead. Dead, Jim.


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Here is a pretty thorough breakdown of what to expect in the coming weeks, though it's from Reddit, so take it with a grain of salt: link


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Sitting at 399 confirmed cases here in Belgium. All access to assisted living homes (elderly homes? I don't know the correct English term) will be denied until mid April at least.

My local hospital has recently quarantined their geriatric department.

No news about what's gonna happen at work but knowing logistics - arguably one of the most predatory field to work in - they will just keep trucking until either somebody dies or they're pressured by the government to close down.

We did get a new government policy however which allows people who think they may be infected to call in to their doctor's and get a 7 day home self-quarantine, but only if the symptoms are mild.

Sucks it's THIS kind of epidemic that'll fuck the population, at least if it was zombies it would make for some good adventure time