Combo Breaker 2018 stream schedule and viewer's guide (UPDATE: Now Live! @Netherrealm Twitch)

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By Charybdis on May 24, 2018 at 3:33 PM
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    Combo Breaker 2018 is almost upon us! A premiere fighting event for all of the FGC, it bears special significance for the NRS scene, as it takes place in Illinois, a stone's throw from Chicago, the historic heartland of NRS/Midway/Mortal Kombat.

    This year, that heritage is also reflected in the games on offer, with MK9, MKX and Injustice 2 all on show! The entrant numbers were recently announced, with Injustice 2 clocking in at 222, MKX at 123 and MK9 at 74. As noted here previously ( the numbers for MK9 are actually an improvement on the numbers posted for that game back in it's ostensible heyday, which is, yknow, awesome.


    Almost as important as the tournament are the rumours that Combo Breaker 2018 will be the stage for the grand announcement trailer for....Mortal Kombat 11 (as noted here

    But if there were any truth to those rumours, Netherrealm itself would be streaming it's games right?




    Now of course this isn't unheard of and Netherrealm often streams the bigger tournaments, and Combo Breaker is one of the biggest, but it certainly adds fuel to the rumour fire! If there is to be a reveal trailer dropped, the most likely slot would be during the Injustice 2 Top 8, which is 6pm Pacific, 8pm Central and 9pm Eastern.

    And 2am for those of us unlucky enough to live on the correct side of the Atlantic.

    Regardless, check back to TYM over the weekend for all the latest coverage on Combo Beaker 2018 and everything NRS, including the any updates on what's coming next from Netherrealm!

    UPDATE: We're live now with MK9 pools:
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Discussion in 'North American Tournaments & Events' started by Charybdis, May 24, 2018.

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