MK9 Combo Breaker attendance up from UFGTX!

Discussion in '[MK9] General Discussion' started by Charybdis, Apr 6, 2018.

By Charybdis on Apr 6, 2018 at 10:47 AM
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    Well well well. According to the @thehadou the Event Director of Combo Breaker, attendance for MK9 has actually grown from UFGTX to Combo Breaker (source:

    What makes this so amazing? Well, it means that the scene for a game which is coming up to it's seven year anniversary has actually gotten bigger. Process that for a second.

    Enjoy this while you process it, except for getting gym-timidation from Shao's abs and lats.

    Think of how long ago MK9 came out. When MK9 hit the shelves, there was no AAA fighting game, no Midway/NRS game had ever been featured at Evo or really been a feature of the competitive scene and the most recent Mortal Kombat games were Armageddon and DC (we do not speak of them).

    Hell, when MK9 was released, Bin Laden was still alive. I'm not saying there's any correlation between those two things but equally, only a few weeks after MK9 was released, Bin Laden was no longer alive.

    Mortal Kombat is the cure for all that ails mankind, is what I'm saying

    Especially the age old problem of not having a hole punched through your chest by a superpowered Shaolin monk.

    For real though, the NRS community is often blown up (often rightly) for not supporting older NRS games, allowing them to go stale barely a year after release, thus denying them the chance to continue to grow as games like older Tekken and Street Fighters have. But it would seem that, at a significantly competitive level, the MK9 community is actually growing. Not just maintaining, but growing.

    For a lot of us, MK9 was our first competitive game and I'd argue it's more fondly remembered within the community than any other NRS game. Just writing this article has given me a wave of nostalgia and I'm sorely tempted to boot up MK9 tonight, wreck some scrubs with Noob before getting absolutely blown up.

    For real though, Smoke v Noob is a legit 8-2. You could argue it's a 9-1, Smoke can hard counter basically everything Noob does. The only match up in NRS history nearly as bad was Superman v Grundy and even then....


    Sorry, got carried away there.

    But let's take a minute to give ourselves a pat on the back as a community. Huge congratulations to us all, to Combo Breaker and to all the competitors registered there, to NRS for designing such an amazing game and to every single person reading this. Let's keep supporting each other, the community and the awesome games that bring us together.

    Except Cyrax players obviously.

    Yeah I'm talking about you, you broke mother*******

    As always, check back to TYM for all the latest news on the Mortal Kombat series (including the latest news as we get it on the future of the series), Injustice and everything NRS!
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Discussion in '[MK9] General Discussion' started by Charybdis, Apr 6, 2018.

    1. Johnny Based Cage
      Johnny Based Cage
      Bruh, you spelled Hawkgirl wrong. Superman was a walk in the swamp for Grundy, comparatively.

      Lex - Zod still worst NRS matchup of all time.

      Besides installed games vs Tom Brady of course.
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    2. xKhaoTik
      Jade - Kenshi???
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    3. Mikemetroid
      Y'all lucky I can't go
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    4. thehadou
      I'm not going to pretend I expected a larger bracket in 2018 than we saw in 2014, but it is awesome that we've got one.
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    5. Charybdis
      I had Hawkgirl Grundy down first but I still feel that Supes was the more difficult match up for Grundy, even if just for his overall tools. Hawkgirl is probably more difficult for Grundy in particular but I'd rather play a Hawkgirl than a Superman given the tools Superman has, if that makes sense
    6. Sultani
      I swear Rick was trolling me with this. Lol..

      I was all "yeah im gonna stop playing fighting games i think.." next day he's all "hey look mk9 is at combo breaker this year lololol"
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    7. Mattman
      Funny how the most unbalanced and broken NRS game is easily its most revered. Despite all its flaws it was the most enjoyable game I have played since I was a kid (I’m 34). This is great news.
    8. IROC
      Anyone know if it will be on 360 or ps3?
    9. Mikemetroid
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    10. Darth Mao
      Darth Mao
      Jade - Kenshi is the legit worst NRS matchup of all time, 10-0 in Kenshi favor
    11. Juxtapose
      This is cool news and will be a fun tournament to watch. Does anyone remember what was the last major Mortal Kombat (2011) tournament? Was it the side Tournament at EVO years back?

      Come to think of it, what was the last major Mortal Kombat XL tournament?
    12. Hellz HitmaN
      Hellz HitmaN
      if anyone wants mk9 games, hit me up! trying to get back in the mk9 groove before combo breaker. add me on xbox live: heiiz hitman. Down to play anyone
    13. IROC
      I would, but they took it off the xbox live server about 1-2 months ago.
    14. Hellz HitmaN
      Hellz HitmaN
      That sucks. Idk how i'm gonna practice, haha
    15. TONY-T
      MK9 is easily in my top 3 most fun games of all time. Was such a great game.
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    16. Juxtapose
      Wait, really? You can no longer play Versus Mortal Kombat (2011) via an Xbox 360 on Xbox LIVE?
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    17. SaSSolino
    18. IROC
      Correct. Major bummer too.
    19. Juxtapose
      Wow. When did this happen, if you know? What message does it give when you try? Do you know if the PlayStation 3 and PC versions still work Online?
    20. NSR
      PS3 and PC still work online.
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    21. TheTetraSpirit
      Does anyone know the actual number of entrants?
      I'd love to head out to this but it's a big expense that I wanna make sure is worth it. <.<
    22. Wigy
      Lolol mk9 still better than injustice 2 even riddled with broke shit
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    23. Wigy
      Man I still occasionally watch you combo videos. That game had such good mechanics for silly inventive combos.
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    24. IROC
      Happend a month or 2 ago. Yes the ps3 and PC online works. I dont have a PC and i hate using converters for ps3. So im out of luck. At least till i buy a PC. Just dont know anything about them.

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