BREAKING: Erron Black (and others) supposedly Leaked on Reddit

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by NoobKillua, Feb 28, 2019.

By NoobKillua on Feb 28, 2019 at 3:56 PM
  1. NoobKillua

    NoobKillua Anything's Possible

    A now deleted post from Reddit appears to have shown Erron Black's character model in Mortal Kombat 11. Saved and by other users (because the internet), we have kind of a grainy photo, but one that looks pretty legit. *Edit: compiling further leaks, including totally new characters in this post as well...

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    The latest batch of leaks for MK11 is one of the deepest cuts yet into NRS' leak security which, since the announcement of MK11, has had more holes than Swiss cheese.

    Feast your eyes on Erron Black, previously confirmed by the achievements leak.....


    .......aaaaaaaaaaaand an almost complete select screen, complete with Frost, Cassie, Jacqui, The Kollector, Cetrion, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Erron Black and Kotal Kahn and some very telling letters as well as a sufficient slots for a 28 character roster and 6 DLC slots....


    This has been floating about behind the scenes for a week or so now but as it's now in the open, there's no point in kayfabing it anymore. Dig in folks.





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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by NoobKillua, Feb 28, 2019.

    1. xXRagingFlameXx
      I mean............what if he just...........I just wanna....

      That's literally what I want though. Mileena, Rain, Shang Tsung all unlockable in the Krypt. It would be so perfect. Literally, best MK roster, top tier, too iconic, so many legends on one roster.

      Rain is possibly on the select screen.

      They said unlockable characters. As in plural. As in more than one.

      The story trailer had souls flying around in one scene. Shang Tsung's courtyard is in the game and possibly the ship.

      I just......................omg you guyyyyyyyyyysssssssssssss

      Like, ok, c'mon, the points are stacking here. THEY'RE STACKED.

      I just need this so bad

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    2. Blizer
      Rain/Shinnok I'm not sure about

      Mileena and shang have been hinted at too many times

      I would be really surprised if shang ain't base at all

      can see mileena likely as dlc or base
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    3. Vslayer
      Don't despair, I'm sure she'll be in.
    4. SaltShaker
      -D'Vorah kills Scorpion
      -Joker DLC
      -9 DLC leaked (when KP2 wouldn't be decided yet)

      These leaks ever since the real leak happened have been criminally fictitious.
    5. xXRagingFlameXx
      If Shinnok is in and Mileena isn't I'm throwing myself into the ocean.

      Mileena and Shang have been hinted at so much though like....okay the only Mileena hint I can think of was Ed Boon posting that Mileena fanart the other day. BUT COME ON.

      I'm trying, friendo. But, the voices of the many skeptics have filled my own heart with doubt.
    6. Blizer
      Thing is, Mileena is too popular to not be DLC

      so dont worry if she ain't base

      she will come next year
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    7. xXRagingFlameXx
      Hope you're right. I'd just rather she be base so that female DLC spot could go to someone else who wasn't in the last game. Sindel, Sareena, Li Mei or so on.
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    8. xKhaoTik
      Mileena will NOT Be DLC in this game lol.
      Boon doesn’t want people to pay for a character who was a base character in the previous game.

      So either she’s base or out.
    9. MateoFoShizzle
      Let's keep the story leaks in the story leak thread so it doesn't spoil story mode for us that don't want to know beforehand
    10. SaltShaker
      Spoilers are real leaks of information. That leak is obviously faker than Nicky's ***.
    11. DoDaMuSiC
      The amount of people who doesnt understand this is incredible
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    12. xKhaoTik
      It’s common sense lol but idk man.
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    13. Arzumis
      What about the robots being base in mk9 but dlc is mkx?
    14. Jeremy KO
      Jeremy KO
      Idk why people think Rain has less of a chance when there is more tangible evidence (menu) that he is in the game over Mileena.
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    15. xKhaoTik
      Triborg was a character based on 4 robots. None of the robots were characters as a whole, as they all played similar. They were only separated by special attacks.
    16. LeoMK29
      When did he say this? I’ve heard he won’t do repeat but not this before.
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    17. xKhaoTik
      A while back. I think during MKX or before that.

      We’ve never had to pay for dlc twice nor pay for a character who was base previously. Don’t see why it’ll start now.
    18. Pizza
      Like Boon's word is so reliable lol

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    19. Lord Snotty
      Lord Snotty
      The leak has confirmed for me that this may be the best roster we've had in years. I'm grateful Sonya is back, simply because it wouldn't feel right to replace her with a younger version (her daughter) when, let's be honest, it wouldn't happen with Johnny. The mixture of characters feels right too. From Special Forces to Outworld defenders, Gods, freaks, Kronika's gang et all. I approve.
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    20. DDustiNN
      I feel like the Krypt is gonna be like this game’s version of a Konquest mode, and you’ll control a character (in third-person view) to explore a game world and unlock stuff, maybe even fighting some enemies along the way.

      And the character you control will be... Rain.

      And he will not be a playable fighter in the regular game.

      That’s why he’s on the tile, viewed from behind (just like how we’ll control him), and that’s why that one leak said you collect 50 Edenian shards or whatever to unlock a character.

      That’s my prediction.
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    21. mikeraskol
      This is a good way to make Rain fans go ballistic I'm sure.
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    22. Ptehu
      if he is unlockable as a result of something I totally don't mind that outcome
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    23. RoninLoganX
      I hope it's something like this, though I think it would be Scorpion who we would play as, judging by the body spearing achievement.
    24. Lord Snotty
      Lord Snotty
      I'd like to see extra stories available for download. Smaller than the main story, of course. Expansion packs. But it would be good to keep the game going that way.
    25. NoobKillua
      Looks like someone is trying to tug at the mileena fans heart strings lol

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