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Brainiac's Ship Mid-Stage Intractable Unique Properties

Roy Arkon

I will leave my seal on you!
I don't know if this has been discovered or talked before, but I wanna make this vid to show something. I noticed that when you knock an opponent into the Mid-Stage Intractable in the Brainiac's Ship stage, unless if it's from maximum range, your opponent is gonna stay there for a second and then land behind you after the opponent gets launched from there, unlike in the other stages where you knock an opponent into the Mid-Stage Intractable there and they get launched immediately after hitting the Intractable and they land in front of you.

This can lead to some combos that are exclusive to the Brainiac's Ship stage that would be impossible in any other stage. As you can see at the end of the vid, I tried to hit Mr. Freeze with an Uppercut after a Jump Kick 3 in the Arkham Asylum stage and no matter which Jump Kick 3 I go for (NJK, backward or forward), I can't catch Mr. Freeze with an Uppercut and I drop the combo, but when I do it the Brainiac's Ship stage, I can catch him with an Uppercut and continue the combo.

Enjoy :)