1. TeknoOdin

    Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Kustoms Guide

    So i have been working on a sort of aid to those trying to improve their kustom variations. ive been doing thing in sort of chronological order so mk1 cast and now mk2 cast..i'm working on trilogy but thought if this could help here i'd put it out there let me know if it helps and if theres...
  2. mrapchem

    Rising Ice Korner Optimal Damage

    One thing I neglected to mention is that this series of combos is far more likely to connect on male characters after B32-Slide. Perhaps females are launched slightly lower than male characters or their hitboxes cause Sub-Zero and others to whiff combos more. In any case, these combos require...
  3. NickandAutumn

    How To Get "Frost Bite" Sub-Zeros Brutality to work

    Use Ground Ice not Creeping Ice
  4. NickandAutumn

    New Secret Sub-Zero Brutality Ending *Video*

    Here's a new secret Sub-Zero brutality ending for 'Falling to Pieces',
  5. Vastly

    Does Anyone Else Find The Kitana VS Sub-Zero Match-Up Very Strange?

    I main Johnny and since he has some issues I am learning a new main and keeping Johnny as a secondary. So far I have been using Kitana for about 6 days now and I really really like her. I am finally getting around to trying out some different match ups and my Friend Dillon R has a wicked Sub...
  6. Roy Arkon

    I am an NRS Trophy King!

    Just wanna share this with you. Two years ago, I got the all the trophies for MKX, when I got with my main, Noxious Reptile, the Dragon King set along with the No Loyalty AND Platinum trophies all at once while playing the Arcade Mode! You can watch that in this video I did 2 years ago, before I...
  7. Roy Arkon

    Amazing Set! Only Real Master Trophy Earned with Sub-Zero!

    I was in Ranked last night, and I ran into in this guy named Oneofus who used Batman and Hellboy (first time I ever ran into Hellboy, BTW) and I had no idea how good this is was gonna turn out to be, but OMG it was a big one! And the biggest thing out all of that, is that I got at the very end...
  8. Roy Arkon

    Alternative Versions of Raptor's Corner 50/50 for Sub-Zero

    2 weeks ago, Raptor made a video of a Left/Right Corner 50/50 for Sub-Zero as you can see here: I've checked it in the lab and I've found some alternative versions to this 50/50. In addition to jump backwards before jumping forwards for a FJ2, you can also go for NJ2, before you go for the...
  9. Roy Arkon

    Pocket Character for Sub-Zero bad MU's?

    I already asked this question in another thread, but I will ask this again because I really wanna know this: Which character is the best pocket character for Sub-Zero bad MU's if you wanna pick Sub-Zero as your go to main? I know how to play Poison Ivy as she is my original main, and Green Arrow...
  10. Roy Arkon

    Brainiac's Ship Mid-Stage Intractable Unique Properties

    I don't know if this has been discovered or talked before, but I wanna make this vid to show something. I noticed that when you knock an opponent into the Mid-Stage Intractable in the Brainiac's Ship stage, unless if it's from maximum range, your opponent is gonna stay there for a second and...
  11. Roy Arkon

    Sub-Zero's Animality and Friendship versions of Ice Klone

    I've found this video from a YouTuber named SinX6, who managed to find all of the versions of the Ice Klone that are clear easter eggs to the Animalities and Friendships in MK3, UMK3 and MKT. Those unique versions are of a penguin (Scorpion's Animality), a polar bear (Sub-Zero's Animality) and a...
  12. Wrenchfarm

    Punishing Sub-Zero's ice clone cancels

    Hey all. I made a quick video looking at different characters options when dealing with Sub-Zero's ice clone pressure. I'm sure these options are A) already known, and B) there are probably even better ways to deal with it out there. Hopefully this is still somewhat helpful.
  13. Roy Arkon

    Sub-Zero Can Slide Under Deadshot's Deadly Assault Projectile

    After the vid that @Tom Brady did about Sub-Zero and how he can deal with Zoning using his MB Ice Burst, I have discovered that Sub-Zero can actually Slide under Deadshot's Deadly Assault projectile, basically avoiding the Zoning even more with Sub-Zero. So let's just Slide our way to victory...
  14. bcfighting

    E3 2017 - Injustice 2 Red Hood & Sub-Zero Interview with Ed Boon & Tyler Lansdown

    Hey All, Just wanted to share this VOD from yesterday's E3 Day 2 Injustice 2 stream. "Ed Boon and Tyler Lansdown from NetherRealm Studios talk Injustice 2 DLC characters Red Hood and Sub-Zero on the WB Games stage at E3 2017, Day 2." Hope you enjoy!
  15. FallenAngel


    MKXL (UNBREAKABLE )SUB-ZERO ESSENTIALS IMPROVEMENTS ⦁ Ice aura should have armor ⦁ Ice aura should stack to increase damage on the first , and on the second moves you to level 2(which is Ex ice aura ) ⦁ Ex ice aura can be...