1. Jhonnykiller45

    Brainiac's Taunt Move

    Did you know? The boss version of Brainiac from the Story Mode and the arcade Multiverse has a taunt special move, not unlike MK's Shao Kahn - Decided to share the video since I've never seen anyone else talk of it..
  2. Marinjuana

    Brainiac S1 whiffing issues

    Braniac's S1 is a 7 frame high and his D1 grants 12 hit advantage. Despite that, Brainiac can only get his S1 to jail from D1 on big body characters. For every other character in the game it will completely whiff, which prevents him from getting pressure using his S1 strings like most other...
  3. Marinjuana

    Using trait to get plus frames off near anything and enforce 50/50s (But only on 1/3 of the cast.)

    Wat up? I'm not sure if this is common knowledge, completely unknown or if people are somewhat aware of it but just don't understand what exactly is happening or how to apply it, like I was before I wrapped my head around it. I think this is game changing for Brainiac, in the relevant matchups...
  4. MasonBc

    Sick interactable combos from Impulse #bonehawks

    Don't know if anybody will see this but Patient-Impulse/ babyseal-pan has a list of insane interactable combos. All credit goes to him for finding these. #bonehawks Definitely check out his channel. red hood: cheetah: firestorm: superman: Brainiac: Scarecrow: Flash: Robin: Catwoman:
  5. legion666

    Hard-to-blockable Oki set up midscreen

    So I have spend another day in the lab and got this. A non cross up /cross up that have to be blocked pretty fast one after the other. The idea is taken from a well known set up in the corner where after a hard knockdown you go for dash, neutral j2xxdivekick, where j2 doesn't cross up but...
  6. legion666

    Some Brainiac combos and tech

    Ok, so I have been away from Brainiac for a while now, came back to post some finds. I usually post in general discussion thread but nobody sees it and then posts the same stuff again a page or two later)lol So first of all theses I have posted before but I haven't seen anyone do such set ups...
  7. HatecraftsWife

    Atlantis interaction glitch set ups

    Back with more wild stuff, this time with Brainiac. Tag the main Brainiac players because I have no idea who plays him besides Gunshow.
  8. HapHaxion

    Brainiac Matchup Discussion

    I noticed that we didn't actually have a dedicated MU discussion thread after ~3 months of IJ2 being out. Let's change that.
  9. Roy Arkon

    Brainiac's Ship Mid-Stage Intractable Unique Properties

    I don't know if this has been discovered or talked before, but I wanna make this vid to show something. I noticed that when you knock an opponent into the Mid-Stage Intractable in the Brainiac's Ship stage, unless if it's from maximum range, your opponent is gonna stay there for a second and...
  10. RevonKnight

    Braniac Trait, Chip damage issue

    I am pretty sure I am not the only person to believe that the charge one holds during brainiac trait should not go away by taking Chip Damage. The trait itself has huge recovery frames which make it a bad choice during neutral or even between projectiles against certain characters. I feel the...
  11. Marinjuana

    Brainiac Interactable Tech (May be applicable to other characters)

    Edit: Non of these work any more due to an early change that prevents you from releasing drone during the relevant interactable animations. Keeping them all up for the swag factor. Brainiac's trait allows him to delay a projectile for about 7 seconds as long as he doesn't get hit or take chip...
  12. Blitzace10

    Will Brainiac be unlocked from the start?

    I put MKX in yesterday and it got me to thinking. You know how Shinnok had to be unlocked by completing the story mode? Does anyone know if Brainiac will be treated the same way?