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Are you happy with how NRS patched the game?

Are you happy with how NRS decided to patch the game?

  • Yes, I'm happy with how NRS patched the game.

    Votes: 119 50.0%
  • No, they could've done better.

    Votes: 75 31.5%
  • What were they thinking?! They ignored many problems with the game.

    Votes: 44 18.5%

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A Hitbox Pirate - YARRR -
They didn't fix crouch blocking hitbox inconsistency, so the best they could get is a B from me.

That said, the changes look interesting and I'm excited to try new characters when the patch rolls out to PC. So B it is.
Sure, it’s fine. It doesn’t matter what they did though, can’t please everyone. And everyone’s favorite hobby these days is to needlessly complain.
In your opinion, do you think it's fair that Johnny's force balls still aren't able hit most of the cast after all this time? Never mind the crushing blows. I've been doing fine without them. Do you think it was intentional that NRS overlooked this obvious problem? Was it a mistake? If so, how much longer until it gets fixed?
Happy that NRS finally patched the game but if they simple had communicated more about when the patch was coming out (coming soon is too vague) then i think people wouldn't have complained as much knowing when patch would drop. Not hastily patching the game makes it easier to identify the problems, rather than quickly patching the game and causing more problems but leaving the community in the dark didn't help matters much either
I'm going to assume to next balance patch will drop spring 2020.


I dunno when pc will get the patch and my ps4 is in the mail. So i can only read the patch notes. My thought just from reading the notes are:
Damn Shao Kahn came out nice
Kitana didn't get much love
Don't really understand how the changes will affect kotal
EB took it in the butt.
Geras Johnny says Hi about ur new KB requirement.
Lao looking llike he came out too good. Orbital hat is gonna be new geras (maybe)
They made Liu's reflect put u in a stun state for full combo punish???? wtf? The way they made that move was always weird to me as once u buff up no one is throwing fireballs out of fear of ur teleport.
Johnny....well....can't say I was surprised.


No. The patch didn't adjust the wild difference in mids across the board . It didn't balance out KBs. Moves still whiff on crouch block . Geras and Jacqui are still going to be mashing 1 string all day long.

And what's up with straight up removing Sonyas extender? And the diffrent health ? Wack.


Are you not entertained!?
Time will tell. Hopefully it'll last for another 3-4 months beforr the next one. But there are some busted thinhs already so I feel a hotfix to correct "unintended guds" will come out shortly.


AKA Uncle Kano
Nope! They lower Jacqueline damage and health. Why? She have no long range game, she needs to stay up close.
Because she killed you in two touches. Nerf was justified now stop the downplay lul. Be happy she still has her pressure because Thats what people complained about the most. Scorp has no long range game either and he got demolished
Has they fix the low-profilied issue and hitbox issues? My problems with balance was a more universal changes, like throws, KB and FB, and they didn`t even look at this, so this mechanics will still be OP.
Some characters still have ridiculous KB and FB combos high dmg.


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did you confirm I can't I am on pc.
• Jacqui Briggs - Now has 950 health points (down from 1000)

• Jacqui Briggs - Grease Kick damage decreased by 10

• Jacqui Briggs - Grease Kick Amplified damage decreased by 10

• Jacqui Briggs - Lethal Clinch - Spear Elbow Drop does 10 less damage

• Jacqui Briggs - Lethal Clinch - Double Spear Knee hit advantage is now 13 (down from was 50)

• Jacqui Briggs - Mix Up (Away + Back Kick) second hit blockstun increased by 5 frames

• Jacqui Briggs - Mix Up first hit can now be cancelled on miss if "Cybernetic Override" is equipped

• Jacqui Briggs - All For One (Towards + Front Kick, Front Punch, Back Kick) now has airborne frames that match the animation

• Jacqui Briggs - Bionic Dash has 1 more active frame and recovers 3 frames faster on miss

• Jacqui Briggs - Up Prototype Rocket and Amplified Up Prototype Rocket had their hit regions adjusted

• Jacqui Briggs - Up Grenade Launcher Amplified had its hit region adjusted, starts 1 frame faster, recovers 1 frame faster, has increased combo damage scaling and when hitting an opponent out of the air will cause a lower gravity reaction

• Jacqui Briggs - Tech-Dome now lasts 7 seconds (down from 10), activates 1 frame faster and recovers 4 frames faster

• Jacqui Briggs - Fixed bug that causes Tech-Dome to not provide the benefit to Jacqui for the full duration of the dome if she never leaves it

• Jacqui Briggs - "Arm Break" and "Leg Break" damage is lowered to 100 (down from 140)

• Jacqui Briggs - Fixed a bug allowing Snake Eater (Back Punch, Back Punch, Back Kick) to be cancelled out of at a late recovery frame

Sutter Pain

Your mothers main.
But who's going to play Next Gen just for the DOT?
She is a sleeper just wait been playing her since day 6. Don’t think she had any horrible match ups pre patch. Who knows this patch though but she seems in a even better place this patch but only time will tell.

I do know it’s strange hearing someone say their main is good :)