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Are you happy with how NRS patched the game?

Are you happy with how NRS decided to patch the game?

  • Yes, I'm happy with how NRS patched the game.

    Votes: 119 50.0%
  • No, they could've done better.

    Votes: 75 31.5%
  • What were they thinking?! They ignored many problems with the game.

    Votes: 44 18.5%

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In Zoning We Trust
Considering it's the first patch, and they addressed a laundry list of issues, I am overall happy with it. I'll be on this game for a long time so I can hope for even more updates and improvements in the future, but again for a first patch a few months out, this is one of the best outcomes we could have hoped for.


Raiden enthusiast
No idea. I have not labbed any of the changes such as whether Johnny Cage’s whiffing issues have been solved, or whether the Raijin changes for Raiden make a big difference. Same goes for some of the other changes. On paper, some changes seem really good while the lack of certain buffs to characters like Kano and Johnny’s KB requirements are puzzling.

Basically, gotta lab it first, as I reccommend all of you do.
As a Geras main that had somewhat recently switched to Lao (Geras became secondary, picked up Liu as a tertiary), I'm very satisfied. It's all pretty reasonable looking to me. There's still a lot we need to see in action, like the supposed myriad hitbox changes--the effects of which would be impossible to qualify--before we can really get a grasp on the scope of what this means for the meta, but yeah. Ecstatic over what I'm seeing so far. It may feel as though they missed the mark on certain things but the big takeaway is, Erron aside, they didn't just knee-jerk butcher anyone. Your mains are intact, no matter who they were.

...unless it was Erron. Sorry not sorry. Scorpion can rot too.
This is posted way too early but LOOKS good at a glance. It's a good first stee step. Nothing major unless it was overboard for the most part and Kano airbag looks a but better, Jade and Cassie basically untouched...yeah it looks decent at a glance but to quote Shakespeare, "the play's the thing."