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Are we one step closer to getting custom variations for competitive play?


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NRS is clearly listening. We can now see the variations moves on the loading screen. This was one of the suggestions given by the community, and now it’s here in today’s patch.

So... What do you guys think? Any chance we’ll be seeing variation-building via the character select screen, any time soon? It’s just a quick selection of moves.

Post-beta, pre-release, it seemed the overwhelming majority was in favor of customs. Now it seems like everyone gave up and just settled for tournament variations.

But not me! I won’t give in so easily :cool:

This game was built for custom variations. I hope they don’t wuss out like they did with Injustice 2.
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I doubt we will see custom variations in ranked modes or tournaments anytime soon. The pro series has already started, I do not see them completely changing a fundamental rule in the middle of it. Maybe after the first season ends.


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I doubt they'll ever do it but if they did, the most reasonable way to would be exactly what @Juggs said and wait until the first pro series is over and when the majority of people are done playing :(

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They said that menu/UI stuff is easy to implement. It's all the coding behind making it work that's the problem. I wouldn't read too much into this.


Kind of a stretch IMO. I thought it was pretty cut and dry that it's just a UI quality of life update for some people who maybe don't know the difference in moves between both variations. All we had before was a visual representation and if someone picked a variation that was unfamiliar, all we get are those generic names. It just facilitates those who maybe aren't used to some characters or studied them.

I've always been an advocate for anti-kustom variations for tournament play especially under FT2 rules. Right now counter picking is the meta for especially FT3 scenarios and that's only w/ two variations per character. I think people are really underestimating how that environment will become and "just let us figure it out for ourselves" is not the way to go just because you can't play ranked w/ your OP 2 round gimmick kustom variation. I mean we barely got people learning Flawless Block counters and it took some of us months to deal w/ Geras and Sonya on their 1 main variation.. imagine kustoms. Will just be unhealthy for the kompetitive integrity of the game.


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I don't recall how long the pro-series season lasts, but I'd bet on a balance patch after Evo. A game balance improvement may require some new or altered variations, so there will be some disruption no matter what. Still, I agree that custom variations will be after the pro-season and after the first real balance patch has time to sink in.


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Good luck surviving that long. Evo is prime time new fighting games and content. Go ahead and get complacent.
I couldn't agree more. But they're so hesitant to try that it wouldn't be shocking to see it drag out until next year. And once they're ready, it'll probably leak before they announce it.

NRS knows how to build an amazing house and burn it down at the same time.


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How? the balance is already a joke and NRS can’t make multiple viable variations for everyone. That’s not my opinion it’s a fact they’ve proven they can’t get it right so let us do it ourselves
So because the balance of the first version of the game isn't perfect you want to completely abandon any sence of standardization


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That would be a pog-fucking-champ, Tho i doubt we'll see that anytime soon. My speculation would be that they' do it a year from now, After ppl already chewed up the game and ready to spit it out, only then they will open the flood gates to shake up the meta and give ppl what would feel like a new game by then.

People are already complaining about the games balance. Opening up the flood gates with customs will only make things worse
People will always complain no matter how perfect the game becomes and they will never stop, That was never a reason to halt the train of progress.


I just wish all characters had good base moves...
Oh you want combos huh? Too bad. Your only combo extender is this 1 special you may or may not have in 1 of your tournament variations. Here , though ,have these buff that have 150 frames of start up.
I hated kustom in mkx and i stil think that NRS should just put everything inside characters. I don't care, just give me 30 moveset frost.