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Guide "And deadly as the dawn" - Smoke Living Combos Thread


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Purpose: To consolidate all of Smoke's noteworthy combos into one living resource. This thread has not been updated since February 2013.

Welcome to the official combo resource for the Smoke Forums!

I will be separating combos by starters, for the most part. I'm not doing b14, 13, b3, or any of those (basically) useless moves. If you want to know how to use those moves effectively, contact me directly. I'll be glad to help. If enough people ask, I'll make a feature about them... otherwise don't worry about it. You're not missing out on anything great. If it's listed, it's useful.

In this guide, percent damage on combos is foregone in favor of the notation of "ENDER". Smoke has the ability to end his combos in many different ways, and all of them vary up to 6% or so (usually less) in damage. Midscreen, jk~air throw and uppercut are going to land you the most damage. In the corner, 214 is your only sensible option under most circumstances.

1 = :fp
2 = :bp
3 = :fk
4 = :bk
~ = Special Cancel
> = Dash
>> = Double dash. Do a dash and cancel it halfway with a block, then do a second dash and cancel it into your next move. Easier to do than it sounds.
, = do not dash. Hold still and time strings properly.
(input in parenthesis) = whiff this move on purpose

21~smoke towards - Common ender to most of Smoke's midscreen combos. If the opponent does not tech roll, you will end up behind them.From here, you can try to reset them with a 3d12 (this would occur because they inputted a wakeup attack backwards and you're catching them not holding block), and after you teach them to respect the crossup you can either throw them if they're block heavy, or bait 'n punish a wakeup by blocking yourself. However if they DO tech roll, you're going to end up in front of them, so your best bet here is to just block their wakeup. In high gravity/late hit juggles, you can just do 2~smoke towards for 0-1% less on most juggles. You can also do 214~smoke towards to appear in front of them as a mindgame, but I don't really recommend it. In all honesty, 21 midscreen and 214 in the corner will be used 90% of the time.

21~smoke away - This should be self-evident. Fighting against somebody you do NOT want to be up close against and/or don't want to risk oki and would rather just run away (which smoke excels at)? Use this.

21~telepunch / 214~telepunch - Mix this up with 21~smoke towards. Adds a little damage and will put you in front of your enemy which can be good if they expect you to appear behind them. However you can't use this a lot because it has a big telegraph, and your opponent can react accordingly without much effort at all. This ender, like cookies, is a sometimes food.

21~invis/214~invis - I'm sure you can figure out for yourself why this is good.

Uppercut, (telepunch) - Smoke's most damaging combo ender besides jk~air throw off of midscreen punishes. You do not want to use this on your BnB midscreen combos, but rather off of stuff like antiairs/random bombs. Will net you anywhere from 0-5% more damage than 21~smoke towards. Great for pushing your enemy towards the corner, then crossing them up for the same mindgames as in 21~smoke towards; back throws work great after. Only reason you wouldn't use this is because it's kind of awkward to input, has the potential to whiff if the level of fall is too great, throws enemies out of the corner if done too close to the corner, and if you are late on the telepunch you're going to get blocked and opened up for full combo punish.

jk~air throw, (telepunch) - Generally equal to Uppercut, (telepunch) in damage, however this causes a hard knockdown (opponent can't techroll) and allows you to change directionality twice. Meaning that if you combo towards the corner, you will throw them away from the corner, and then cross them up with their back ending up actually being towards the corner. This setup causes you to lose about 1/2 the ground you gained during your combo, however it sets you up to potentially trick them into getting ghetto reset for a second combo. Great if you're comboing yourself out of the corner and want to put your opponent back in the corner.

jk~air throw, smoke bomb - Used to be great before the wakeup buff; now this is decent every now and then (read: almost never) to keep your opponent honest on committing to holding their block button.

f4~invis, (telepunch) - One of Smoke's greatest parlor tricks. You throw your enemy fullscreen, go invisible, then immediately appear behind them. Be extra careful doing this, because it only clears enemies by a few frames. If you're too late, you're getting blocked and full combo punished!

f4~ :ex Bomb reset - In the corner, if you land a smoke bomb and are ready to end your combo, use this if you have the meter to burn. After landing the bomb, you must backdash and then immediately use this ender; correct timing should have the enemy around Smoke's waist height. You can use this midscreen as well; however it is much harder to land consistently. Midscreen-specific resets are listed below.

b14~smoke towards. In high gravity combos (generally those with a smoke bomb late in the combo), doing b14 smoke towards will land you right on top of your opponent. If you continue blocking, you slide behind them, and if you backdash you end up in front of them. It's a hilarious mixup that really makes it difficult for your opponent to wake up safely.

Smoke Screen Trap - read this thread :)

This is not all of them by any means, but at the time of writing they are likely the most effective.

Meat and Potatoes: Standard Smoke BnB Combos
b23~smoke bomb > 32 > 32, f4~EXSB reset
b23~smoke bomb >> uppercut > 214~teleport punch (uppercut should make opponent fly over smoke's head, allowing smoke to change combo direction)
b23~smoke bomb, (telepunch whiff), 32, f4~EXSB reset

Corner (pushing enemy in):
b23~telepunch, d1~smoke bomb, 3d12, ENDER.
b23~telepunch, d1~sb, f4~EXSB reset.
b23, d1~smoke bomb, 32, 32, ENDER. (VERY difficult timing)

Corner (pushing yourself out/flipping pressure and putting enemy IN corner)
b23~smoke bomb, (telepunch), 32 > ENDER. Swaps direction of juggle.
b23~smoke bomb, njp~(telepunch), 32, ENDER.

3d12, njp > > 3d12, 3d12, d4~smoke bomb, f4~EXSB reset
3d12, njp~(teleport punch), 32, f4~EXSB reset

jip, 3d12, njp, 32, 32, 32, 21~bomb < f4~EXSB reset

njp > 32 > 32, smoke bomb > 3d12 > ENDER.
njp~(telepunch) > 32 > 32, smoke bomb > 3d12 > ENDER.
njp > 32 > 4~sb, f4~EXSB reset

njp > 32, 32, 32, 21~smoke bomb, f4~EXSB reset
njp, njp > 32, 32, 32, 21~smoke bomb, f4~EXSB reset.

21~smoke bomb, NJP >> 32 > 3d12 > 21~special of choice
21~smoke bomb > 32 > 32, f4~EXSB reset.
21~Smoke Bomb, NJP~telepunch > 32 > f4~EXSB reset.

214~smoke bomb > 32, 32, 32, 214~smoke towards/smoke away/invis
214~smoke bomb, f4~EXSB reset.

2 > 2 > 2 > d1~smoke bomb > 3d12 > ENDER. Also used to punish mileena's roll.
2, smoke bomb (don't link them) > 3d12 > 3d12 > ENDER
2(1)4~smoke bomb > 3d12 > 3d12 > ENDER
2 > 3d12 > 4~sb, f4~EXSB reset (recommended combo, easiest reset)

smoke bomb > 32 > 32, f4~ :ex Smoke Bomb (reset) > smoke bomb combo
smoke bomb > 32 > 3d12 > ENDER
smoke bomb, njp >> 32 > 3d12 > 21~smoke towards/away
smoke bomb, njp~(telepunch) > 32 > 3d12 > 21~smoke towards/away


deep jik > d1~smoke bomb > 32, f4~EXSB reset


deep jik > 214~smoke bomb > 3d12 > ENDER.
deep jik > d1~smoke bomb, f4~EXSB reset

AA jk~telepunch, d1~smoke bomb > 3d12, ENDER.

AA jp, smoke bomb > 32 > 3d12 > ENDER.

AA jp > 32, 32, 32, 21~smoke bomb, ENDER.
AA jp, smoke bomb > 32, 32, 32, ENDER.

"d1d1d1d1d1d1d1d1" -16Bit :16Bit
Midscreen antiair:
d1 > d1~smoke bomb > 3d12 > ENDER.

Corner antiair:
d1, d1, d1, d1~smoke bomb > 3d12 > ENDER.
d1 into 214~sb is possible off of a really high d1

Midscreen antiair:
d4 > d1~smoke bomb > 32 > 3d12 > ENDER.

Uppercut, d1~Smoke bomb > 32, 32, ENDER.

Feel free to ask any questions about these combos or offer better ones you may have. I can record videos explaining how to do individual combos if it would help you.

Before anyone asks, here's how to do a njp~(telepunch). Input UDB24 in very quick succession. Negative edge will take care of the rest. It's hard to describe other than that, but doing it off of a smoke bomb is quite easy once you get it down. Doing it off of a 3d12, however, is pretty difficult, at least on pad anyways. Tommy wafflez does it with superb consistency on stick so maybe that medium is just better for this input.



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Sure you can but I kind of figured that by the time people learn these combos they will understand how smoke's juggles work and can just figure out for themselves when midscreen combos can become corner combos and just transfer between the two pretty seamlessly. I'm terrible, and even I figured that out so I'm sure other people can too.

This thread isn't so much about getting fat and listing every possible combo, it's about listing what's ideal off of each launcher. If you want to do something less than ideal that's your perrogative (sp?) to figure it out IMO.

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"This ender, like cookies, is a sometimes food."

lmfao! love it.

Good stuff, Frothy. Gonna go back into the "lab" with Smoke now. Thanks!

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LOL! Thanks to you Frothy, in my first two games tonight with Smoke... I got:

"Don't even... all that teleporting and shit... that's annoying" (I lost)
"You're a bitch!!!!" (I won)


This pleases me.

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Some combos I might consider my BnB's
21~smoke cloud, njp~Teleport > 32 > 3D12 > B23 = 35% (or ender)
3D12, njp ~ Teleport > 32 > 3D12 > B2~Smoke Cloud, jk~Air Throw = 35% (or ender)
i enjoyed doing this, esp. since majority of these nice combos are without meter. i could use more ideas yes, cuz this is obviously my 1st vid. and please hold off on you dropped that, the editing was tight so some mistakes are included, but if you like, thank you. and btw, the vid has high and LOW damage combos, cuz i believe anything is good to try.

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thanks frothy, i was looking for a thread to post this on, i dont like starting my own, aNinj blew me up for that once lol. now this is on tym twice lol, so i hope at least some like it. btw, seen ur name online before alot. smoke your main, or u just good with him?
Main. I don't play anyone else on a serious level. I'd rather deal with his bad matchups than learn the metagame for an entire second character.
Main. I don't play anyone else on a serious level. I'd rather deal with his bad matchups than learn the metagame for an entire second character.
lol WOW thats just like me with skarlet. i get beat wont give up til i learn it! lol cool. but i amlearning more people tho, but i wont counter anyone when im learning a match.


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Damn, best thread ever, a few here I didnt know. Hey Frothy can i add you on XBL so you can show me some shit? Been maining smoke for 2months now.. since i bought the game i suppose.


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3d12 > NJP xx teleport > 3d12 > 4 xx SB > NJP xx teleport > teleport

building meter like a boss plus the end is super weird. Good for mind fuckery


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3d12 > NJP xx teleport > 3d12 > 4 xx SB > NJP xx teleport > teleport

building meter like a boss plus the end is super weird. Good for mind fuckery

You can do AA 2~teleport, smoke bomb as well, just did it while messing around yesterday. It's tight timing and you have to hit them very high in their jump arc (read: useless) but its still possible lol


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You can do AA 2~teleport, smoke bomb as well, just did it while messing around yesterday. It's tight timing and you have to hit them very high in their jump arc (read: useless) but its still possible lol
I like 2 > b3 > sb. Again, gotta hit em pretty high up but it looks cool


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I've developed a new combo off of 3d12. Basically, it is an easier way to swap the direction of a combo than 3d12, njp~(telepunch) which is a hard input for many people (i.e. ME. FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU)

You only lose a little damage but you can gain a lot of consistency doing it IMO

jip, 3d12, (telepunch), d1~sb > 32 > 3d12 > 2~SPECIAL Does 37% which is still good.

You have to delay the d1 ever so slightly, or else your opponent will fall behind you

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Double whiffed teleport Anti-Air set-up:

Standing 2 > D1~Smoke Bomb > 3 D1 2 > After this you have two options:

1. NJP~Teleport > Teleport.

2. NJP > Wait till you land and then Teleport > Teleport.

Option 1 makes you appear on the left of the opponent after the first teleport, and to their right after the second one. Option 2 makes you appear on the right of the opponent after the first teleport, and to their left after the second one. Overall, it does 21%, sacrificing only a potential 7% if you were to do the full Anti-Air combo (assuming you don't use the F4 Reset).

Only Smoke player I've even seen using double whiffed teleport set-ups has been RM Smoke in the corner. It's a nice mind game. Not only because it messes with their wake-ups, but because you can choose not to do a second teleport if they begin to expect it. This allows you to continue pressure. And to completely stuff their wake-up, you can choose to teleport once, and EX Smoke Bomb them in the face. I recommend Smoke players to start playing around with this.

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Faded Dreams V @rm_xsmokex

b14~telepunch combo ender

Are there any good combos you can end using that without decreasing much damage AND being able to pull off two teleports?

Only use I see for the string is for close ranged shake cancel set-ups and pressure. Love how both hits are 0 on block.