A.B.I.torial 13: Mortal Kombat X's Animation SUCKS

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  1. What's you guy's opinion on this? Felt it was most relevant on this board since he compares multiple fighting games.
  2. Rathalos

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    Hes not wrong.

    I appreciate the effort even if it will fall on deaf ears.

    NRS are probably too set in their ways to change at this point, even though it makes their games so goofy looking.

    Anyway, anyone about click the link, you may want to do it in a incognito window, otherwise you might be put on some kind of list.
  3. EdFig81

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    Saw this over on kappa yesterday and downloaded it and forgot lol. Watching is now!!
  4. B. Shazzy

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    always asking whats wrong with nrs animations i figure youre blind or somehing so heres the an audio explaination lul
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  5. Rathalos

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    For the record, I think it's something they can get away with for Mortal Kombat, as that series is designed to be as ugly and goofy as possible, it is 90's incarnate.

    But it looks awkward as hell for Injustice and super heroes.
  6. RM Truth

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    He has a good point on a lot of the stuff he said, but I don't really agree on the fatality issue. His issues there just seem a bit nitpicky.
  7. masherofbuttons

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    God damnit, I didn't notice how bad some of these animations were and now it's going to haunt me whenever I play the game
  8. Lycanthos

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    While I agree that the way NRS does some things with their games needs improvement, I mostly disagree with this guy's analysis; especially regarding the purpose of the stance-switch button and the fatalities. My biggest problem with NRS animations are capes. Why can't they get capes to billow realistically? Anyway, the purpose of the stance-switch button isn't to reset the character's foot to restarting position, because the game is designed with a semi-3D style in mind, which I love, but to allow you to view the character from multiple angles. It's purely aesthetic, and it's one of the things I wish every other 2-D fighting game had. Also, his argument that less frames for moves is a good design philosophy are null in an age when all games are designed around 60 frames per second.

    About the only other thing I agree with him about is the poses for the characters. They do seem unnatural; however, Mortal Kombat in general has always been severely stylized and was never meant to be a model for realism.
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  9. neveradestroyer

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    I Love the stance switch button. Best taunt button ever. I could agree with every thing else but the stance switch button, That is sacred. Burn the unbeliever.
    Edit: they be Jelly of the swag

    Edit: stance switch troll possibilities are amazing

    Edit: moar stance switch swag

    Edit: stance switch creates the most swaggiest brutalities

    Edit: most important part of Sub Zero Cryomancer reset

    Edit: Jelly people go away, stance switch button is op

    The only way to punish unpunishable things stance switch
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  10. EdFig81

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    Ok just watched it. Fully agree with everything he said outside of fatalities which he even stated wasn't a big issue.
    Also I will add the face animations for females which has gotten better but still at times I be like wtf!!
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  11. ImperatrixSindel

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    Yeah, I like that MK still looks like MK. They're replicating that slightly clunky digitized sprite feeling on purpose. It's why MK9 finally felt like MK again after all the 3D messes.

    But for Injustice I agree a little more fluidity wouldn't hurt.
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  12. Error

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    Thank you good friend, I'll be sure to give it a like and a sub.
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  13. Shaka

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    Sadly you are 100% spot on.

    NRs never learns, but they sell well so why should they care?
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  14. Scott The Scot

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    Other than this video I've never seen anybody complain, perhaps NRS didn't know people were unhappy with it?

    Personally doesn't bother me, I like NRS games lol.
  15. Shaka

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    I hated it since MK9. why can't chars stand straight like normal human beings?
  16. Skullcalibur

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    He forgot to mention hair. In mk9 they tried long untied hair with Kitana which would helicopter around so if you've noticed, they've put her hair up in mkx and everyone else has a ponytail or something. Other than that, I've always found the moves look more distinguished when you aren't limited to any guidelines such as realistic body movement.
  17. Jhonnykiller45

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    I can see exactly what he means and the way he's explaining it makes perfect sense, but it doesn't matter to me and it doesn't matter to the other 5 million+ who bought MKX.
  18. PapaRegadetho

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    So many valid points. MK is losing its martial arts identity and NRS just animates moves that come to mind without any thought, sometimes there are moves that you would genuinly relate to a fighting style, but then the same character would have something thats just random. Lets take Liu Kang as an example,he is an shaolin monk that spent his entire life studying martial arts, in particural Jeet Kune doo, which is a fast, flashy,cocky kind of style. Have you seen his jumping animation? Does a shaolin monk have a jumping animation that would resemble a a heavy Zangief-type of character? Kang's stance is still hurting my eyes, Kitanas stance looks like her head is facing to the other side all the time, its really awkward. And Johhny Cage, I was looking forward to play him, but his animations are one of the worst in the game, everything he does looks so derpy, including his stance.
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  19. Slymind

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    To me for the most part it looks fine, some parts really iffy, some others very good.

    Kano imo is perfect, best character in terms of animation for me.
  20. trufenix

    trufenix www.youtube.com/thetrufenix

    Is this supposed to be educational or are they just salty that people are so ravenously supportive of games they think look shitty?
  21. MisguidedAngel

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    This would have been a much better video without the personal bias.

    Yes NRS animations are p bad generally, but it kinda takes away from what you're trying to get across when you make stupid blanket statements like "no MK character has any personality".
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  22. Slymind

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    Also, the idea that NRS ignores the issue isn't true, because, while they still have ways to go, they made great strides since MK 2011, not to say that this video cherry picked the worse parts of it to prove a point.

    Never learns? they have been ever improving in EVERY single aspect they had the most critics for, it's a work in progress.
  23. I think MKX has the best animation of any fighting game on the market right now. When you watch a fight in MKX it looks like the two characters know what they're doing. Combos look beautiful. I thought his nitpicking of the idle animations and disagreeing with fatalities was just a bunch of complaining. NRS isn't perfect but the animation in MKX doesn't SUCK in all caps and I honestly believe that, if anything, MKX's animation was one of the key reasons why it became so popular.
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  24. I actually noticed this when I was was playing injustice then went to play tekken tag 2. When you take a jab, your suppose to step in to add momentum behind your punch. So when playing as steve fox, he would do as such, step in lean with his core and snap the punch, then pop back to recover.

    Now compare that to injustice's batman. He's completely flat footed, and practically remains in place. There's no weight involved behind the blow either. It actually blew my mind at the time considering Batman is a martial arts master.

    So yeah, I hope they work on this in MK11. Tekken has spoiled the hell out of me, as my favorite characters are Hwoarang and Steve primarily due to the Tae Kwon Do and boxing fighting styles.

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