1. SithLaird

    Question - Kuatan Warrior Tick Throws and Tremor setups

    Hi, can someone list me Goro's tick throws please? I can't find any :/ And what is the best combo enders to set up Tremor (dd4MB) Thanks in advance.
  2. D

    Guide - Crystalline Tremor's Pressure Stone Punch Cancel+Rock Cancels Post Patch 1.14

    Hi guys seems like even patch 1.14 bodied stamina for all with the perfect timing you can do another rock cancel after sprc! This is amazing cause allow you to continue your previous blockstring pressure and if they respect you can gain 30% of block damage with 3 bars I am a wannabe Tremor if...
  3. D

    Question - Crystalline Tremor's Crystalline Glitch

    As Usually I was messing around with Tremor and I found this...I don't know if is already knowed but make tremor and reptile cooler than they already are.When you activing Summon Krystal into Reptile Nimble Basilisk he came out half of its entire.Seems like the slow motion doesn't allow crystal...
  4. A

    General/Other - Tremor Tremor dialogue mid-game

    So yeah, Tremor is pretty badass, & I wanted to know if anybody has his in game dialogues, like when he uses his 'Rock Drop' or when he wins a round. Anybody? Thnks :)
  5. D

    Guide - Reptile Reptile Flash Parry

    I didn't know Reptile has run cancels before last day...I was messing around in lab and I discovered something similar to Tremor's Flash parry,you can combo into and works as armor for projectilies but cost three bars so it is not viable in a match.Just for fun!Enjoy
  6. ShArp

    General/Other - Tremor TREMOR KOMMUNITY MOVIE 2016

    Just wanna say that my internet sucks ass when it comes to download/upload speeds so I couldn't do it as long / HD'ish as possible due to slow internet. Video quality isn't top-notch as most of the footage was taken from YouTube/Twitch and then once again re-rendered/uploaded. So here it is...
  7. ShArp

    General/Other - Tremor Tremor Community Movie - asking for permission to use videos

    So I had this idea for quite some time in my head - I want to make a huge fast-paced video featuring some of the most dope moments from different Tremor players across the globe. Just want to be sure that I have permission of those players/video owners - I'll give a full credit and link to their...
  8. I

    Tech - Tremor Utilizing Tremor Post-patch 10-4-16

    Here's some Tremor tech by bxkeyz614.
  9. ShArp

    Guide - Metallic Metallic 6x rolling stones unbreakable combos (Patch 1.14)

    So from labbing Metallic I realized you can actually do 6 lava rolling stones in a row (instead of just 5) for unbreakable damage from full screen and at the end it's all up to you what to do next - throw, do a restand or knockdown - it's all up there for you after those sweet 6x rolling...
  10. Luke KB

    Discussion Tremor, Mileena, and the Dreamrealm

    Hey guys, I thought we'd take a break from discussing the new patch/update to talk about something a little less technical... a bit of mysterious lore in the mortal kombat world. Let's discuss the dreamrealm and it's effects on tremor and mileena. The Dreamrealm was first introduced when Freddy...
  11. 1man3letters

    General/Other - Metallic Metallic Variation Discussion Thread

    discussion for all things metallic...