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Discussion Tremor, Mileena, and the Dreamrealm

Luke KB

Hey guys, I thought we'd take a break from discussing the new patch/update to talk about something a little less technical... a bit of mysterious lore in the mortal kombat world.
Let's discuss the dreamrealm and it's effects on tremor and mileena.
The Dreamrealm was first introduced when Freddy entered the MK roster in MK9, and many of us thought that we wouldn't see the return of this odd realm... but low and behold, tremors lore dips into this mysterious realm.
From Freddy's lore in MK9, we discover that the souls that enter the dreamrealm (either living or after death) are "reborn" and can be granted new powers and even immortality. And upon completion of tremors ladder mode we learn a little bit of tremors mysterious past and his history with the Dreamrealm. Here's what we learn from his ending:
>>>"Standing over Shinnok, Tremor reveled in his power. Much had changed since the Black Dragon's excursion to the Dream Realm. Kano had sent Tremor's team there to retrieve a "psych-bomb," to be used in Kano's theft of Shinnok's Amulet. Exposure to that realm had increased Tremor's power --and expanded his mind. He would evolve into an Earth elemental: a demi-god whose power would rival that of Raiden and Fujin."<<<
What does this tell us about tremor? Was he just another ordinary person before, or did his excursion into the dreamrealm just enhance his current powers? All that we can assume is that tremor is now extremely powerful, and has the dreamrealm to thank. What do you guys think about Tremor and his relationship to the dreamrealm? I know I'd certainly like to learn more.
Next, Mileena, her dialogue with tremor, and her possible future relationship with the Dreamrealm . Now most of us have completed the story mode, but for the few that haven't... I'll encase the rest of this in a spoiler:
Now I think this next bit will really be exciting for all you Mileena fans out there who are upset with her death in the story line and are concerned with what this could mean for her inclusion in future MK titles. First, let me remind you about Mileena's precombat dialogue with tremor:
Tremor- in the Dreamrealm you are reborn
Mileena- you spout nonsense.
Tremor- here, you are dead.
While many of us may look at this as just a threat, there may be something deeper behind this. We know from Tremor's precombat dialogue and his ladder ending that he is extremely intelligent and wise, despite what most of the cast may think. This is how he has knowledge of things that he realistically shouldn't know, such as Erron Blacks true age, how he knows Predators true purpose (trying to find the best hunt in the universe), etc. So, when Tremor has this dialogue with Mileena, it may be another example of Tremor's intelligence and knowledge. Tremor may be referring to the fact that in this current time line, Mileena is doomed to die, but she will have the fortune of being reborn in the dreamrealm.
What does being reborn in the dreamrealm mean for Mileena? So in MK9 we learn from Freddy's lore that he excepts death, because it sends him back into the dreamrealm where he gains new powers and regains his immortality. It is also teased that Tremor was supposed to die in the dreamrealm from his dialogue with Kano when Tremor says "My last mission was suicide!", however we know that Tremor was reborn with all new powers and an increased mental capacity. So IF Mileena is indeed reborn in the dreamrealm, she will likely be coming back with some kick-ass powers... maybe she will be strong enough to overthrow Kotal and gain control of outworld.

TL/DR (with spoiler)
1) Tremor and Freddy both died and were reborn in the Dreamrealm with new powers
2) Mileena died and Tremor tells us she will be reborn in the Dreamrealm
3) it is likely that Mileena will return, but with stronger powers... IE: Super Mileena

Mileena fans, get pumped For MK11

So guys, let me know your theories on the dreamrealm, it's relation to Tremor, and it's possible relation to Mileena.
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