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I am an NRS Trophy King!

Roy Arkon

I will leave my seal on you!
Just wanna share this with you. Two years ago, I got the all the trophies for MKX, when I got with my main, Noxious Reptile, the Dragon King set along with the No Loyalty AND Platinum trophies all at once while playing the Arcade Mode! You can watch that in this video I did 2 years ago, before I came to TYM.

Now, just about an hour of me making this thread, I got the very last trophy for IJ2, and I purposely saved that one for last because it involves one of my mains in IJ2, that's Sub-Zero's Killer Klones trophy! I got the platinum trophy some time ago, and I could've got this one a lot earlier actually, but I've decided to wait due to my schedule for my YouTube channel among other things, but now I got it. You can watch me getting the trophy in this video:

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