1. KutlessMyth

    Backwards Wavedash Speeds comparison? [Community Help]

    For starting reference, there's a couple informative videos like these: However, I have yet to see people really list out character's backwards wavedashes, which are arguably just as important for whiff punishment and neutral. I was wondering if I could start a community thread where some...
  2. Kiss the Missile

    Training Mode Tip: Reaction Training

    I was practicing how to react to Kotal's f2 and figured I could share my method to hopefully help out others who might be struggling against fast, far reaching moves. So what I did was use all 4 recording slots, then replayed them randomly with hidden playback icons Random walking, then the...
  3. KutlessMyth

    im a time traveler, please help me

    Treat me as if I was in cryosleep since August 20th 2019, what are some things I should know about the game, that have happened since then? Updates? Fake stuff new characters do? Meta changes? Anything, lmk, I'm tryna get back into it. So obviously the title is a joke, but in late august I went...
  4. R

    HELP! In getting Skins & Gear

    Trying to collect all Gear and Skins but can't seem to get the last few for each character. Any help would be appreciative as I have grinded all towers and the krypt to death! Now don't seem to get anything but augments!
  5. Jhin

    Problems regarding server connections

    Has anyone been experiencing server disconnections from out of nowhere? I swear to god, since last patch my game tends to present me this error saying that the MK11 servers are unavailable, and it pulls me straight to the main menu (where you have to play start), making me lose my progress...
  6. Tanya-Fan-28

    How do I improve my reaction time?

    I am getting real frustrated with my self because I always can sense a specific move my opponent is about to use but that part of my brain doesn't connect to the reaction part of it. I can tell when they are going to throw but I can't tech because the reaction is always afrer the rest of the...
  7. bl0cka

    6 Button Pad help

    I use a 6 button pad (Hori FC). How do you configure your buttons? I have mine setup like this: top row: 1 - 2 - interact bottom row: 3 - 4 - throw shoulders: block - stance I'm wondering if this is the common control scheme for a 6 button pad, or if there are any changes you'd recommend?
  8. leoj89

    PS4 Pro / TCL Technical Issues

    I recently purchased a new console and tv a few months ago. Long story short is that even in game mode I'm randomly dropping combos during gameplay and noticing weird lag spikes in game menus with different controllers. I have the TV in game mode and I followed this guide...
  9. Tanya-Fan-28

    Question Controller Configuration Recommendations

    I just downloaded the psn subscription on ps4 and startle playing 9, immiedietky went to controller figuration settings because that's what I did for mkx and injustice 2 except this time it looks dofferent. It gives me optooms, 1, 2, 3 and 4 and I'm not sure what each number does or how it...
  10. Tanya-Fan-28

    Question - Piercing Double Impale

    I am trying to input the Double Impale combo in training mode andI only manage to get to ->1, 2+4, when I press 4+3 the last animation doesn't come out. I managed to get the full string once or twice but it required rigorous timing for the last input. I guess you need to find th a 'sweet spot'...
  11. Tanya-Fan-28

    Guide - Kobu Jutsu Tonfa Swipe

    I am trying to perform Tonfa Swipe which the third and meter burn after Tonfa slash. It's pretty tricky though. First I think you have to press df2, df1, df2 then meter burn but when I try to input the second combination it registers as Tonfa throw instead. Are there any Tanya experts that can...
  12. D

    Need Raphael Turtle Cancel help

    So I decided to try learning how to play Raphael today and I need help with his turtle cancels. I get that you can use it to combo after b12 hits, and I was able to do that. I aslo know that he can use it to be plus when restanding the opponent after b123. But people keep saying he can use it...
  13. SpecOps2013

    Tips on connecting b3 after f4?

    Can somebody give me any tips on how to connect b3 after a f4 during blood puddle with dex starr active? I can do it but it's just that i cant get it to be consistent.
  14. SpecOps2013

    Some questions about Deadshot

    Recently just got inj 2 and played against a really good catwoman player. Of course I got rekted playing my Day 1 Deadshot. Some questions I hope people help me with...... 1) Deadshot's d2 as an anti air suck. Is there any viable anti air options for deadshot? 2) Are Deadshot's f2 and b1 mixups...
  15. Shady1692

    This should be a topic, how to lab properly

    Hey everyone, so im labbing a lot more than i used to in MKX and i wanted to create this for anyone who is confused on how to do it. Im asking for anyone to comment and help people in all ranges of skill to become better. I know a lot of what to do but just want to make sure im using my time...
  16. SithLaird

    Question regarding Joker's d1

    Um I've no idea what to do after Joker's d1, help would be very much appreciated. For example Harley can d1 into db3 (tantrum stance), what can I do with Joker if anything? df1 whiffs of d1, db1 is too slow, db2 is useless if they poke low. Do I just use the advantage and go for 11 pressure...
  17. SaSSolino

    Dealing with throws

    This is my first Injustice game and throws are killing me. They seem to beat every normal and I can't low profile them either. Is a tech the only option I get? What if I read them? Is there something I can do to actually punish them? Thanks!
  18. B

    The Cleveland Ohio Area

    Hello all! Before I begin, I apologize if there is a thread already on this or if there is another area of the website where it belongs. I am new to the fighting game scene, and I reside near Cleveland Ohio. I was just curious as to if there are events and activities that occur in and around...
  19. SithLaird

    Question - Kuatan Warrior Tick Throws and Tremor setups

    Hi, can someone list me Goro's tick throws please? I can't find any :/ And what is the best combo enders to set up Tremor (dd4MB) Thanks in advance.
  20. VerminatorX

    Question - Ronin Any 4/10 patch Ronin combos/guides/tech?

    Hi, I was going to drop this game for good but I really liked the changes in latest patch and decided to give this game another shot. I`m PC player and I dropped this game in January, so I basically need to relearn. Soo, can anyone share some resources for Ronin?