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The Cleveland Ohio Area


Hello all! Before I begin, I apologize if there is a thread already on this or if there is another area of the website where it belongs.

I am new to the fighting game scene, and I reside near Cleveland Ohio. I was just curious as to if there are events and activities that occur in and around the area, specifically for Injustice 2. I have looked online all over the place and I cannot seem to find anything that fits the bill. I figured I would just explicitly ask the community and see what I got. I greatly appreciate any information that anyone can share. Thanks!


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Did anything ever come of this? I stay in Cleveland and would really enjoy participating in a local weekly or tournament.


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Why are we being secretive about this? Is the ne ohio fgc scene not hard enough to find?
The scene has been sporadic since Console Combat was shut down years ago. Playing To Win and I invite players and host games on most Friday nights. A small group of players who have played together since Mortal Kombat 9 usually shows up. Anyone who is interested can send me a private message and I will reply.