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by Mr Aquaman at 12:17 PM
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Hello everyone I am Mr Aquaman, some of you may know me from my many adventures in this wonderful game of injustice. Well for awhile now it has been hanging on by a thread here in my scene. We recently got in with a local game shop that gave us a shot. Well we have already held tons of weekly events and seen an interest in competing again. New faces, new talent, and some of the same old guys youv'e seen before. I introduce to you with the help from That Game Store. Click to read more.. [...]
by Johnny2d at 11:36 AM
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I've got some cool stories that I wanted to share with everyone here :)

*My Weekend in MK*

Friday 7/18/14: MK Fundraiser!!!
$108 Raised By Playing Mk9!!!

I teach Media Arts and Animation in Minneapolis and every year we have an animation festival at a local theater. This year we’re raising funds to try to make our film festival bigger and better. As a fundraising activity I hosted a FIGHT THE TEACHER video game day, where I basically money matched my students at $10-1 for 8 hours straight. Students paid $1 for each fight, and if they could beat me, I would donate $10 of my own money. I ended up fighting 108 matches, winning every match! This means we raised $108 just by playing Mk9 all day. Good stuff! Click to read more.. [...]
by STORMS at 11:59 AM
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The weekend of July 11-13 marked yet another completed year for Injustice: Gods Among Us at the Evolution Championship Series 2014. With new competitors surfacing in the Top 8, it assured us a brand new champion and different, exciting match-ups. Maximilian has put together a video in which showcases many of the most exciting moments during our EVO weekend. If you missed, this'll give you Click to read more! [...]
by STB Shujinkydink at 10:53 PM
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After a week long tournament here are your results for the STB Online World Championships! Featured titles are Mortal Kombat 9 and Injustice. Turn-outs for both events were quite healthy, indeed, and we courteously invite you guys to come and take part in the next tournament for our series! Click to see results! [...]
by SonicFox5000 at 3:47 PM
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Tails (pun) of Traits in Training is pretty much a stream I have been thinking about starting ever since I won EVO.
Here's the basic rundown:
1. This stream is for players who are looking to level up with their character or mechanics. This means novice newbies or even "OK/Advanced" players are allowed to play as well.
2. I will play every single person that signs up and will go to online practice with them. So say we did a FTx, I'll look at everything you are doing and explain in online training. Players who are brand new to the game, I will take you straight Click to read more! [...]
by deg222 at 5:02 AM
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Here it is guys. If you're looking to upgrade your Zatanna setups to the next level, learn everything you can from this video and create your own setup variations. Click to view! [...]
by Cal-EL at 5:01 PM
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Fresh off his victory on the grandest stage of them all, Sonic Fox has decided to share all of his knowledge with the community!

Tune in at www.Twitch.TV/ZSonicFox to catch all the tech, online matches, and miscellaneous shenanigans.

Click to read more... [...]
by AK Pig Of The Hut at 3:00 AM
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Below is the entire MK9 EVO 2014 Side Tournament up until top 4.

For the MK9 EVO 2014 Finals, please visit Arturo Sanchez's Youtube and follow him also tag him here @Sabin and thank him for his help!

I'll be back with a post this weekend discussing EVO and a few events - Enjoy! Click to view! [...]
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by AK RM Blake at 8:16 PM
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If you've been around on Test Your Might since the days of Mortal Kombat 9, chances are that you're familiar with the man who styled himself as "The Voice of MK." What you may not have realized is that game tutorial videos are not the only thing he has added his vocal touch to - in fact, he leads a band named after one of Kenshi's special moves in MK9, known as "Spirit Charge," and he recently released a sixteen-track album named "The Plastic Key." In acknowledgement of his passionate work on behalf of the community, we're excited to share his work with you right now! Click to read more! [...]