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by G4S Claude VonStroke at 1:47 PM
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@pherleece and I have always thought of the possibility of bringing back the show for the next Mortal Kombat game. With the announcement of MKX and all the amazing gameplay footage, how could we resist!

For the newer members who weren't around during the MK9 era, we have a live format show where we interview usually 1 to 2 players and then later bring on more people to discuss topics related to usually Mortal Kombat. We also delve into comedy, life, and just about anything else. We will be discussing this week, MK at EVO and obviously MKX.

For our First returning we are running a special event. Click to read more! [...]
by EGP Wonder_Chef at 5:10 AM
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There isn't much information out there yet, but thanks to @SimSim we got it confirmed that Injustice WILL be at West Coast Warzone 4.

West Coast Warzone was a pretty big major back in the day, but it's been on hiatus for a while.

This is usually in Orange County (near where SCR was) and the date is set for September 5 - 7 2014, but hopefully more info will be released soon: Click to read more! [...]
by STORMS at 3:21 PM
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Before anyone gets too excited, to my knowledge this is for PC/Steam users only! Coming from the Steam Community website, it appears that NetherRealm Studios have updated the PC version of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition with numerous updates. The updates seem to focus primarily on online improvements and do not seem to cover gameplay. Click to read more! [...]
by ETC Mcfly at 9:19 AM
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Uppercut Recovery Tutorial + Combos @livefactor & @Etcchile

Sup Guys!

This is a tutorial for making combos using the reversal uppercut with fast recovery. The end of the video there are some advanced combos with this technique. Hope you like the work we are doing with Livefactor. To MKX I will use this platform to make videos.

A big hug.

NOTE: that here show unpublished combos. Including 3 Click to read more! [...]
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by Digit at 3:05 PM
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Tonight, let's take some time to flash back to some pleasant memories from MLG Anaheim 2014 that the participants experienced. @Digit, a Shazam player who has proven himself commendably well in the Injustice scene, has captured unforgettable memories of MLG via his cell phone. These include a recollection of pools, hotel casuals, and even a glance at the player cam which captures a pop-off by @EMPEROR_THEO. If you missed out, well, this look at behind the scenes of MLG ought to entice you. Enjoy! Click to watch videos! [...]
by G4S Claude VonStroke at 2:36 PM
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As most of you know we held a MK9 side tournament at EVO last minute because EVO felt like it wasn't worth a fourth year. @AK Pig Of The Hut of the hut and myself quickly did our best, put together a side tournament with a 2800$ pot and 80 entrants. The entire event was streamed and seemed to go well. We also did our best to make the community happy by running 3/5 with 4/7 GF and streaming every pool. This was in a way, us giving back to the game and community which really brought us all together and brought us so many great moments and hype.
And the people who donated to the pot bonus seemed to feel the same way. (Thank you so much, again!)

Looking at the IGN Evo grand finals here are the numbers of viewers..

1. Mortal Kombat 9 250k
2. Street Fighter 150k
3. Smash bros 110k
4. Injustice 100k
5. Marvel 90k
6. Killer instinct 90k
7. KOF 80k
8. BlazBlue 55k
9. Tekken 70k
10. Skull girls 50k

We already know that Mortal Kombat out sells every other fighting game and it...
by STORMS at 12:30 PM
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In defining the three variations to the new Mortal Kombat character, D'Vorah the Mortal Kombat facebook page has updated on how her three variations differ. Whether you're a zoner, close kombat competitor or just straight-up offensive... may these new images help you. The variations in Mortal Kombat X is one of the most anticipated features in the upcoming 2015 game, so may these variation descriptions help you in Click to read more! [...]
by Indecisive at 12:49 PM
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This week the Break had 11 people Enter the injustice Tournament. There was also No Stream this week due to the fact that Jaxel did not make it home in time from DA BEECH

Notable Mentions:
Buupiter Jupiter Makes his return after being in a long Meditation state.
Lance makes his return after using his brothers mind control powers to get out of work early
Mind Games Makes an appearance trying to make people guess on the vortex
Stevo Supremo finally returns to yell at Grr for not doing Joker Combos
Revolver hitches a Ride with King Jamez and Grr with a newly repaired Suit
Chongo makes his second appearance at the Break to try and prove he is not a fraud

Click to read more... [...]
by MK Trickylizard at 8:26 PM
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Our FGC friend, Aris from Avoiding the Puddle has put together yet another great video covering Raiden's recent Mortal Kombat X reveal. The primary focus of this video is in two parts: He loves the idea of the three variations, while he also has concerns of each character feeling like a 'complete' character.

Aris played Raiden in Mortal Kombat 9 and loves his new design. He expresses very legitimate concerns Click to read more! [...]
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by Decay II at 1:45 AM
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Famous gamer/Youtuber Maximillian gives us a very in-depth analysis of the MK:X reveal trailer Raiden got during EVO 2014. At some points in the video, Max puts it in slow motion to see exactly what's happening during some of Raiden's combos performed in his Displacer variation, and he makes note of the graphical upgrade from Mortal Kombat 9, the previous entry in the MK series, to the new one coming next year. Video below! Click to watch video! [...]