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After expressing interest in MLG Anaheim I decided to get in a few words with Floe regarding his thoughts on Injustice and Killer Instinct. We also discuss his tournament history, what he's been up to lately, and his future as a professional fighting game player. Check it out! Click to read more.. [...]
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Although this isn't the first song dedicated to NetherRealm Studios work (S1LENT1's MK9 raps!), but just like the rest... HipHopGamer has heart, love and is very passionate about the heroes and villains in Injustice: Gods Among Us. It's things like these that show the love and support back and forth to both the developers and the fans.

"Yo, I'm gonna tell you one thing... in this game, Flash runs around the whole world... just to punch you in the face Click to read more! [...]
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One of seattles lesser known tournament series, Gamebreakerz has managed to have an IGAU resurgence after being off the roster for a while late 2013/early 2014. It returns with a good showing and the batman himself steals the momentum heading into NWM this weekend. Results as Follows:

1. The BatMuchacho(Batman)
2. SRKUW|STB TrevarthePastor (Superman,MMH)
3. Jesus Wayne (Batman)
4. The 253 Bandit (Aquaman)
5. Hey Zeus (Batman)
5. Busta Clown (Zatanna)
7. Serpent (Ares)
7. Illusions (Green Arrow,Batman)
9. The Big Palooka (Batgirl)
9. Grifkitten (Raven, hawkgirl)


-2 upsets happen early as Hey Zeus sends Trevar to Losers, and Busta Clown sends Serpent to losers first round.

- Trevar steals my character and uses him against HeyZeus , letting superman take the trek home to metropolis early.

- The Bat Muchacho Doesnt lose a set winning the tournament never even seeing the losers side despite being eliminated early at slugfest 2 weeks prior.

- The 253 Bandit goes on a tear in...
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Following a story that unfolded in another thread, players who continue to support Mortal Kombat 9 became worried when they discovered that Gamespy would be permanently disabling its servers on May 31st. Since MK9 is among the games supported online by Gamespy, fans have reached out to NRS for a response regarding the fate of their favorite game. Tonight, Ed Boon responded to one such inquiry via Twitter, and while his post is somewhat vague, it paves the way for much speculation among the fanbase. Click to read more! [...]
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For those who have been following the introduction of Injustice: Gods Among us to Major League Gaming's Pro Circuit, there's been a bit of uncertainty as to what the final ruleset and format for the game will be. Today however, with much of the community having moved to the 3/5 format, MLG's Adam Apicella has announced that they will be following suit and bringing back the familiar format of best of 5 that worked so well for Mortal Kombat 9 during its run. Click to read more.. [...]
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A story that has kind of gone viral in the last 12 hours is about a Mortal Kombat II hacker who goes by Abystus. While Mortal Kombat II is just one of the many Mortal Kombat games to have secrets in them... when they're found it's kind of a big deal (remember the Toasty Boost in Mortal Kombat 9?). With that being said, there are probably even more that we don't know about.

Well, in Mortal Kombat II there are three characters: Jade, Noob Saibot and Smoke that were rumored to be playable or even just played against after going through Click to read more! [...]
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This Week at The Break Weekly we had a total of 17 Players that Entered the Tournament. And in this tournament we had some killers and some new comers.

Notable Mentions:
Darth Arma Returns from his Secret Training to try and defend the Break From Bane
Jupiter and Lance Return
Frantastic Stops by but does not enter the tournament
Shoutouts to New comers PolyBeeus and Rigormortis for entering. Hopefully they will return
Shoutouts to Lord Decay for Bringing a Lobo to the Break.
7L finally comes back to try and defend this arcade
Mindgames comes back in an attempt to confuse people with the unseeable Vortex trick(Batgirl)
Click to read more.. [...]
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The beautiful and talented Karen Strassman, who voiced both Kitana and Mileena in Mortal Kombat 2011 may be working on next Mortal Kombat. A tip was recently sent in to us by @Zmoke informing us of something very interesting on her online resume.

By viewing her resume section on her website and clicking on "Voice Over Resume PDF", she's done a ton of roles for commercials, feature films and of course video games. Here is the interesting part... Mortal Kombat is listed twice Click to read more! [...]
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You Mortal Kombat fanatics are all too familiar with one part of the history...the man behind it all, Ed Boon, provided the awesome voice-acting for Scorpion's symbolic quote, "Get over here!" What some of you may not have realized is that Mr. Boon provided the voice for phenoms outside of his favorite Mortal Kombat character. Intrigued? Perhaps this episode from Pop Facts will be better able to explain than I. Check out this short clip and impart your thoughts! Click to read more! [...]
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The PNW scene isnt as popular as some of the other scenes. A big part is that we are tucked away from the rest of humanity and only a select few of us travel. But that doesnt mean we dont have talented players here. I wanted to give you guys the chance to get to know some of our most consistant placers going into NWM, and get you familiar with them so you can place your bets on who will be our NWMVI champion! These stats have been pulled from the results of the last 10 slugfests, since Injustice has come out.

Lintality aka Duncan T

Most know him through Killer Instinct, getting Top 8 on a few occasions, as well as KOF being the NWM champion in the past but Duncan showed up the first Injustice tournament that had 30+ people and won the tournament with Killer Frost and Soloman Grundy. He was never seen in the scene again until last years NWM where he finished just outside the top 8. Some have called him "The poor mans Chris G" hes always a threat and you never know when...