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General/Other - Smoke XL Robo Smoke Discussion Thread


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I think that I found the culprit here. I tested this one for you.

The following characters get hit by Smoke's B21's second attack as it's a middle one, when blocked:


The following characters get hit by Smoke's B21's both attacks as it's a middle one, when blocked:


The following characters don't get hit by Smoke's B21, when blocked:

Sub Zero
Kung Lao
Predator (even though he's huge)

Either Smoke has some hitboxes issues, or those characters do have hurtboxes issues against him. Usually, all of these characters when blocking should have to block the middle attacks, too. I don't see this happening to Sub Zero and such characters, thus there's a gap to them.
Thanks for checking out my video. I will answer a few of the questions you posed.

Why do i end the combos with f21?

2,1 and F2,1 end up doing roughly the same damage, they both are plus and give mix-up potential. The biggest benefit with F2,1 is the fact that it gives you an "invisible" mixup. The smoke coverage that F2,1 gives you allows you to pick your mix undercover. Also, F21 is juuuuuuuuuuuust plus enough to lure the opponent into a false sense of pressing buttons.

B21 hitbox issues?

Yes, definitely. The hitbox on b21 can be neutral ducked and punished by the majority of the cast and the whiff of the b21 will also prevent our beloved Tekunin from phasing away and remaining safe. b213 I have even been poked out of before between the 1 and the 3.

If you have any other questions let me know. Feel free to send me a msg on my vid or hit me up on twitter @israfel1214 I am far more active on those medias then I have been on TYM as of late.


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Lulz. That annoyed me so much.
Haha, dude I thought you were going to grab me out the smoke bomb so I was like fuck it, ducked and hoped for the best. :DOGE

You could of poked me out of 21, hit advantage on it is only 11 I think. Would of beat my B3 :p

Was fun playing....rare to find competent PC players in random search -.-

Most just leave after few games then cry about you spamming the same.move.over lol

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so whats the best way to play smoke in the neutral, u just come to them and wait for them to make a mistake in footsie range, and once you get in, just pressure, mix, throw? feels like i completely forgot how to smoke.


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Does anyone know how +on block Smokes 114xxfade, and 114xx ex fade is?

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iirc you can poke out after 114 before the last hit, but not duck it
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Also I play a gimmick smoke and patient as well. I never use the vortex unless it's the corner and I go for pressure staggers instead of fiddy fiddys mostly.