Xbox players looking for sets!

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by Captain l2ed, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Sesal Snow

    Sesal Snow Exorcist, Demonologist and Master of the Dark Arts

    Add me.
    GT: Sesal Snow
    Main: Blue Beetle.
    Sub: Swampthing, Canary, Brainiac, Firestorm, Bane, Joker
  2. II Tundra II

    II Tundra II In Brightest Day....

    I need to man up and start running sets, tired of the same old shit. I'm a scrub with a 52% win rate but I'm down to get bodied....


    Hal "High Ball" Jordan exclusively!! <3
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  3. SonicNinja3532

    SonicNinja3532 The Wannabe Prodigy

    Down to play whoever once the servers are back up. Gt same as my tym. Ideally wired though, im from the uk so ping will likely be a bit higher.
  4. Bender

    Bender Product Manager. xBone tag: I3end3r.

    Can add me to the OP. I'm around #200 player match rank and happy to play against anyone really as long as gear is off.

    GT: Luminary Bender - Red Hood, Sub Zero, Deadshot
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  5. BlackJackSnack

    BlackJackSnack Bags of mostly water

    Gt: blackjacksnack

  6. YoungTeezy 305

    YoungTeezy 305 Work Hard Play Hard

    We randomly played a few days ago. The best Red Hood I've played so far.
  7. Bender

    Bender Product Manager. xBone tag: I3end3r.

    Thanks bro! Trying to get to that sonic fox level lol
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  8. DubiousShenron

    DubiousShenron Beware my power.

    Added. Add me aswell please GT: DubiousShenron, Doctor Fate.
  9. MetalPete

    MetalPete MACHKAAAAA!!!!!

    Not sure if I posted in here.


    I recognize a lot of names from Injustice 1. If you played against a godlike Grundy, it was probably me lol.

    Injustice 2 it's all about Superman for me. I also like to play bane, black canary, Batman and most recently darkseid
  10. smaddy

    smaddy Noob

    definitely put me down.

    smaddy is my XBL gamer tag.

    Characters - Green Lantern and about 12 others lolz
  11. Pleasa

    Pleasa #NerfMisterChief

    Bump for the love :D
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  12. Calmestyeti

    Adam supergirl red hood and most other characters
  13. Zurr Tusko

    Zurr Tusko Twitter: ZurrTusko
    Premium Supporter

    Boar Tusko

    I'm exclusively a Green Lantern player
  14. HiddenSelectCounterPick

    HiddenSelectCounterPick KaiĊkenborg
    Premium Supporter

    I Am Shem
    I Am Shem

    I main Cyborg, I also use Darkseid and GL, would like to learn GA
  15. My GamerTag is: Pure Untamable
    I'm always looking to play sets
  16. Inzzane_79

    Inzzane_79 Must be the lag bro xD

    @Infamous85 Great games man!!! Your cheetah is becoming a real threat. Looking forward to some more sets :)

    I hope I can keep my gameplan of not teleporting at all until you have forgotten that supergirl has one lol
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  17. Pleasa

    Pleasa #NerfMisterChief

    Any really good Scarecrow players want to run sets against Black Canary? Want to get some more matchup exp against that character as I don't seem to run into many online....

    Can get some games in tonight if anyone is interested.
  18. say what

    say what swamp thing's s2

    SAY WHAAAAAAAAT: Cpt. Cold, WoWo, Bane, BB (not great with any of them but happy to set)
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  19. Phr4nk

    Phr4nk Noob

    gt: Phr4nk
    Red Hood and Catwoman
    Occasional Blue Beetle
    Not great but looking for sets
  20. Superman64

    Superman64 Noob

    Any players looking for a set
  21. I'm also down for some sets as well
  22. Superman64

    Superman64 Noob

    Anybody looking for a set
  23. MGTarkus

    MGTarkus Noob

    What character you play?
  24. Pleasa

    Pleasa #NerfMisterChief

    Down to play anyone.. Lets do some sets RIGHT NOW!!!!!! :)
  25. DubiousShenron

    DubiousShenron Beware my power.

    Are you east coast? I can do a set in a couple hours once I'm off from work

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