Question Mortal Kombat 9 Online on Xbox 360 is Dead? (xLive Online)

    Hi! I heard that PS3 servers were shut down but i thought 360 online was ok. Today i found my old X360 and decided to check if online still works. I had no luck and when i tried to join rooms it says Servers are Unavailable. If someone still plays MK9 on xLive please let me know, if you can...
  2. Captain l2ed

    Xbox players looking for sets!

    XBOX PLAYERS UNITE! @Captain l2ed GT: Captain l2ed -Robin,Batman,Darkseid. @Devils Britches GT: Devils britches- Green arrow, captain cold,Swamp THANG. @Jaku2011 GT: Jonluke93- Blue Beetle, Red Hood. @Marlow GT: Marlow0822- Wonder woman, Cyborg. @MEJBelloz GT: PKB Belloz- Black canary...
  3. xxsledgrenxx

    Match Footage - D'Vorah Brood Mother - Online Comp

    Came close to top 16 with brood mother last week in Kombat Cup heres a few clips of gameplay seems like play her different every week
  4. xxsledgrenxx

    Match Footage - Relentless Relentless Jason Online Games (Death Sequence Montage)

    any relentless mains? tag the others please lol #DeathSequence
  5. xxsledgrenxx

    Video/Tutorial - Relentless Relentless Jason - Sledgren Ranked Matches

    Having fun with Ex redscreen setups Any Relentless Mains ?
  6. WhiteOut

    Question - Ermac Need People to play on Xbox

    I'm a Mystic main (rip after balance patch), although I have multiple characters. Xbox One MKX is pretty much dead compared to PSN. I need good players to play against so I can level up my play. I'm pretty decent, although my record doesn't show it since this is my first fighting game and I...