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Discussion in 'Wonder Woman' started by Yoaks, May 16, 2017.

  1. Yoaks

    Yoaks A spaceman

    Yes. Thanks for reminding me. I need to update this thread.
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  2. Stanlos

    Stanlos Noob

    I have mastered b3 connecting with or without f23.

    What I simply have not been able to do on demand is f3.

    What in the actual bleeeeep is the secret?
  3. TheGabStandard

    TheGabStandard The anticipation is killing me
    Premium Supporter

    You can input F3, the very moment WoWo's shield is placed on her back. Running is still a bit strict but hopefully that visual cue will help.
  4. Stanlos

    Stanlos Noob

    Thanks, Gab! I spent an obscene amount of time in the lab last night determined to find the frame. I can now get it 3/10 And must work on the consistency. The "feel" of it is different from b3 and is brutal. Still no clue on f3 link from f23. It seems to come out randomly bit only in the corner for me.

    The damage though! It seems to give quite a boost and as I am having no luck with getting any of the Mights augments from Brother Eye I need all the help in the damage output department I can get.
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  5. Raider

    Raider Noob

    Why is it so hard to do B3 after F23 with her?? I am struggling SO much with this.
    I was practicing a lot and i can do it few times in practice mode, but in online matches there is no way i can connect it, i always miss that B3 after F23, PLEASE help.
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  6. Dev.K.

    Dev.K. Noob

    Aside from visual cues, such as hitting B3 when her leg comes down or when the blood splatter appears from F23, there's not that much you can do about it but grind it out. I struggled a lot with it as well when I picked her up but now I'm doing B3 combo's without F23 and hit it 9/10 times even online. Just keep at it, it's definitely not as bad as it seems.
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  7. Gooberking

    Gooberking 99.9% free

    I think it's kind of something you are kind of stuck finding your own feel for.

    The timing will shift a little online, and how much depends on how bad the ping is. Whenever you find your timing offline, go in knowing you may have to input a beat/frame or two earlier. Off line will have one timing, 100ish ping may start to be ever so slightly another, and 200+ another. This isn't super scientific, just something to play around with as you try and find your window.

    The input window isn't that bad and other characters have similar links, but I still do drop it from time to time on the rare occasion that I play online (I honestly have a lot of input issues with her online.) I wish the drop point of the combo wasn't so early on, but there is plenty of damage on the other side of the link, so you are kind of stuck figuring it out.

    When it comes to finding the off-line timing, I've tended to recommend not putting too much stock in visual cues other people are using. Between display lag variance and variance in perception between people, specific visual moments may not line up from one person's situation to another (gaming monitor vs slow ass TV). It's hard to call it bad advice, because it's hard to offer anything better as advice. Really all people can do is give you a starting point and hope you find your timing trough experimentation.

    I suggest holding back to give you a basic idea of when she returns to neutral. That's basically the ideal time to input the b3 (or maybe the frame after). Once you have a basic idea of when that is happening, start using 1 inputs to hunt for the line between when she is in neutral and when she isn't. That is, if you hit 1 and nothing happens you are on one side (not neutral), and if your 1 comes out you are on the other side (neutral side). Keep testing the timing until you feel like you know where that line is. This is where display lag may effect the alignment visually with when things have to actually be input, so you have to find where that line is for your display situation.

    In the end though you probably already are homing in on it. The short version of the whole thing ends up being, if she steps back or doesn't move; you were too early. If she wiffs; you were too late. If you error, you want to be closer to the too early side than the too late side. Practice over and over.
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  8. Make sure you are meter burning shield toss as late as possible.
  9. Gooberking

    Gooberking 99.9% free

    Different combo. That sucker is tough.

    (or does that actually give you more time after f23 as well?)
  10. It gives you a couple more frames. What combo are you trying to do?
  11. Gooberking

    Gooberking 99.9% free

    I'm not trying to do anything personally. The person you first quoted was talking about the b3 link after f23 specifically. The delayed shield (I believe) is just for d12, MBST (delayed burn), directly into b3 which wouldn't use f23 at all.

    Meaning you were helping with the wrong combo, unless a late burn does help give you frames after a f23. I wouldn't think that it would, but I would like to know if I am wrong. I have no idea if that makes any sense.
  12. Right... I'm guessing the combo he is trying to do is confirm xx mb.shield toss, f23, mb b3...

    In this case delaying the mb does allow more frames to land the b3.
  13. Parasurama

    Parasurama Dragon

    The pure b3 combo gets how much more damage?
  14. Raider

    Raider Noob

    Thanks but the combo i was trying to learn doesn't include shield toss.
  15. Stanlos

    Stanlos Noob

    Is it the same for the f3? I was being driven quite mad by that. Still don't have it down outside of happy coincidence.
  16. Stanlos

    Stanlos Noob

    Are you trying to connect b3 after an anti-air d2?
  17. Raider

    Raider Noob

    Like i said, i am trying to connect B3 after F23.
    To be more precise i am trying to learn this combo (or something similar to this) :
  18. gongfuren

    gongfuren Arma Virumque Cano

    It's really just a specific timing you have to learn. You'll get used to doing it online eventually.
  19. Stanlos

    Stanlos Noob

    Ah, well I hate to be a broken record but I have to offer the same advice I received from the boards in the game's early days: the b3 link will just take lab/PracticeMode time experimenting to find the 'rhythm' for the input. The good news I can share is that even for a scrub/noob like me the time invested will yield results. I can now do the b3 link without thinking.

    May Zeus, Jesus, and Oprah help you on the f3 link. I have yet to master that one.
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  20. Hey guys I really wanna pick up the goddess here. Is the combos posted the most optimal for her ?
  21. Yoaks

    Yoaks A spaceman

    As far as I know. Yes they are.

    Let me know if you find anything new and I'll update the op.
  22. Ok cool I haven’t Just yet I’m about lab her up right now there isn’t that much on there but I also notice ur move list is pretty short ur meta is mostly with controlling midscreen
  23. Sazbak

    Sazbak Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Is there any high damage combo for her to use when the opponent is close to the corner but not completely there?
    After b3 the opponent bounces off and I can't do a J3 because of that.
    I really hope there is one without mb ST into F3 since I can't do that.
  24. Braindead

    Braindead High-functioning Scrub

    MB ST, F23, shield bash, d12 lasso grab
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  25. Yoaks

    Yoaks A spaceman

    starter xx stmb xx f23 xx j2 xx d12 xx lasso/bash
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