Why nobody hates Kung Lao

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  1. Liu Kang is the most arrogant character in MK9.
  2. Lun

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    It's a shame NetherRealms Software just couldn't keep Liu Kang as a generic good guy. I liked zombie Liu Kang in Deadly Alliance, but Revenant Liu Kang and and Emperor Liu Kang are meh.
  3. You mean Deception and I hate both. Like, what the fuck? Those two idiots wouldn’t be able to kill him in DA and Raiden wouldn’t be able to put a scratch at Liu in MK9. He fucking destroyed Shao Kahn. NRS fucked up a lot of characters in terms of their behaviour and character. I’m not even touching Johnny’s anscestors bullshit they made up in MKX.
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    Hard disagree, Liu Kang as a generic good guy is forgettable and boring. He has nowhere to go as a character. On the other hand, Liu Kang as an arrogant champion who's bitter at the universe for screwing him out of the life he should have had, is dynamic. He has room to grow in all sorts of exciting directions.
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  5. He wasn’t boring at all. Every character is boring if Cage is in the game.
  6. Nephrite

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    Love Kung Lao, he oozes with style. <3
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  7. He's actually much cooler than Lui Kang. Much more original design and moveset. He was kind of scary when first introduced in MK2. He's become more a comedic sidekick lately. But I have no quarrel with him.
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  8. It's a weird narrative development. How did Liu end up in charge of The Netherrealm? It's bizarre. But let's go with it.
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    Not really, Shinnok is out of the picture and Quan is dead, so that just leaves the revenants and it makes sense for Liu Kang to be the alpha out of them
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  10. STB Sgt Reed

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    I don't like Kung Lao.

    His hat is cool, but that's about it.
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    totally agreed, dude ! ;)
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    If Kung Lao isn't top tier in this game, I won't hate him.
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    Really fucking hated Kung Lao for the first half of MKX to be frank. He's always been a character that I've tolerated but one that I don't like. I can see why people like him, but he was that character that ruined my day and he's kind of a dweeb. I remember back in MK9 I would root against Perfect Legend because he played Lao.
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