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Who is the Grodd God Lord now? (Father why have you forsaken us)

Who is the Grodd God Lord now?

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Recently, father of all Apes, the glorious OmegaK has passed the Ape Lord mantle down. Of all his children, he has chosen the CAPS GOD LORD Goonie as his successor.

However it enraged another male Ape - the Oakiess himself, infamous Leap God Lord also known as Stampedeless Ape. Despite this terrible handicap he has proven himslef to be a power to be reckoned with.
The two monkeys engaged in a series of mutual offencive rituals
In the end, Goonies trolling powers proven to be superb, but can the same be said about his Grodd?

Tell us what you think. Gorilla City needs your voice!

Both players footage can be found here



But isn't Grizz the best after he beat GOONIE in the mirror match? Do mirror matches mean anything? Are stampede cancels very good anyways? Does Oakies even eat bananas? Is it true Omega K legally changed his name to Ape King? Does GOONIE have human hands or is he a cybernetic man? I VOTE GOONIE FOR THAT CRISPY AF EXECUTION. ALL THE REST OF US SCRUBS NEED TO DROP HIM ASAP. NRS GOING TO PUT A REGION LOCK ON GRODD SO ONLY GOONIE CAN USE HIM. SORRY BUT THE TRUTH CAN HURT.

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Wait Tyrant still plays and he plays Grodd?! Whaaaat that boy needs to travel, everyone misses the hype he always brought.

That being said Goonie is the best TYM poster, free, so he gets the best Grodd vote too by default.


Yeah Tyrant plays kinda regulary. I doesnt seem very serious though, he does some custom combos and stuff.


Nobody's doing shit with the character tbh so it's like participation award city. I think Omegak got 9th at a 40 man premiere and Oakies got 9th at a 50 man LCQ? I don't know if Goonie has even competed in an online tournament with Grodd.

Goonie definitely has the better execution out of the NA Grodd's, I've played them all a lot. Oakies and Griz probably have been decision making in general.

Griz is maining Darkseid now, he might be better than Goonie and Oakies with Grodd, but that's kind of irrelevant now. I'd probably end up going with Goonie just because Oakies is playing more Supergirl than Grodd I think and Goonie has the best execution I've seen, granted I haven't played Omegak outside of like month 1 ft1 ranked.


Yeah Oakies is good. But withouth the cancels I doubt you can get Grodd to its fullest potential. I believe Goonie has more potential to be the best


K has the cancels down. In terms of execution, the only thing that creates a gap is that K can miss 1 cancel on 10 while Goonie misses none.
On the other hand K has better fundamentals from what I seen and his spacing was better.

OBV I am not saying Goonie is sheet but for example I think Oakiess footsies are better.
Goonie is a monster and believe me when I say that I love the player that he is since MKX (and he knows) so I want him to perform.
OmegaK has the techs, execution, footsies and really good adaptation. Only man I can think that COULD dethrone him is Belial but I have not seen this Rhesus ape playing that much, only been talking with about Grodd.