1. Belial

    Who is the Grodd God Lord now? (Father why have you forsaken us)

    Recently, father of all Apes, the glorious OmegaK has passed the Ape Lord mantle down. Of all his children, he has chosen the CAPS GOD LORD Goonie as his successor. https://twitter.com/PNDOmegaK/status/939209025195003904 However it enraged another male Ape - the Oakiess himself, infamous Leap...
  2. DDutchguy

    Raiden Speculation Thread

    Please move this thread to the Raiden subforum once it has been made I am super hype for Raiden so a speculation thread is in order. Things that are basically confirmed - Electric Fly - Shocker (potentially meter burnable for a combo) - Lightning bolt projectile Things that are not confirmed...
  3. SaSSolino

    Match Footage Best NRS Set of All Time: Tyrant vs CDJr (MK9)

    Let's not forget about this pearl. I miss MK9.
  4. Nuovo_Cabjoy

    Video MKXL Patch Hints (Day 1)! What does this mean for the future of MKXL?

    Hellooooo beautiful people of the internet! With the hype around NRS's recent announcement of an MKXL patch and even more recent Twitter postings of hints to changes, I wanted to break down some of the important questions we should be asking about where the MKXL meta could be going. This was...
  5. cR Xarakamaka

    Match Footage - Liu Kang cR Xarakamaka vs Irishmantis Top 8 Vsfighting. HYPE match

    A much requested game from many cR Xarakamaka vs Irishmantis. Top 8 at vsfighting last weekend. proper hype moments and great games! deffo worth a watch. check it out bros