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Who do you main, and how do you feel about them currently?


Human Thumb
Bro... Lmao. Do you play on PS4? I’d love to run a set with you, because Cetrion is dumb. She is one of the many characters I’ve played extensively. F234 is godlike. Stagger f2 alone, f23 wall, f23 amp wall, f2 beam, f2 grab, f2 f2, keep the opponent guessing and you’re golden. Also, B3 is great. Is it 10 or 11f? A zoner with a fast enough mid. She can not be cornered. She has full screen block strings. Boulder into geyser. She dictates matchups. Her 11 string is fantastic for literally everything. 21 is also great. Her throws are great. Literally only her uppercut and damage are even excusably criticized. I see you downplay her pretty often, and let me tell ya, you gotta be on some crazy stuff to not see her in the top ten in this game. Maybe Shang gives her a run for her money as best zoner, but to me, her teleport and pushback on blocked boulders makes her uncontested best Zoner.

I’m maiming Liu now, and he’s fantastic. I hope he stays the exact same for this games life.
O I know all of that, and I agree with you that she is top 10. I just don't think she is Geras, Sonya, Erron levels of bullshit.


Hanzo Main
Scorpion is obviously in good shape. I don't play Reborn, but I know it needs fixes. Searing Rage feels good and fair, but he needs a few minor universal changes like having to commit a little harder to his TP on block. But otherwise, MK11 Scorpion (in Searing Rage and in Kustom variations) is my all-time favorite version of the character, and he's always been my main (splitting main duty in MKX after Sektor came out)
Im one of those mythical and rare kollector mains.
Honestly im no pro but i think his main problem is the bola. It combos off only a few strings and depending on the range it can fail even then.

I guarantee you the moment he receives a variation with the disc he will rise up the tier lists, the other abilities don't even mater as much ( but a teleport as well would be best case scenario).
Max range 44 combo? You got it
10f startup in the b23 string that can lead into full combo? Yeah boy.
Unbreakable combos are underrated and the kollector is great at those.

The chakram + vial of sorrow KB though is useless, too conditional and predictable, the vials area is too small and even if you get it you will likely not be close enough to beneft from the launcher.


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Maining mean streak kabal

He does really well against most of the cast, though he isn‘t a good pick against the current top tiers. Beside that he‘s fun and probably has the „hardest“ execution in the game which makes him really satisfying to play


Beers, grabs & dropped combos
I play Kano, and as I said many times I love his playstyle and aesthetics in MK11. He clicks with me more than any other character in any NRS game, including previous Kanos. I'll stick with him even if he were not buffed, even if he were nerfed, I don't f****g care. He needs some help, that's for sure, but I love the struggle and the feeling of playing differently than any other character. For me, his moveset is perfect, except for some framedata that needs some adjustements, and the gameplan, while risky, is hella fun.

I play Cassie too, and she's awesome. She's cool and she's super strong but not braindead, you are likely using all her tools in order to win a fight. However, still, if I had to chose between she and Kano, I'd keep Kano, regardless the difference in terms of tier placement.


Jade Worshipper
I main Jade and as mentioned her damage is too low. It's also kind of annoying that her main counterpick is probably the most popular character in the game.

Kitana is my favorite MK character but she feels so...bland. She's not unviable but she is definitely missing something. Not a fan of how they gutted her fan toss.