Which 3D MK at NEC XIII: December 2, 2012

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Which 3D MK should be represented at NEC XIII?

  1. MK vs. DC

    12 vote(s)
  2. MK Deadly Alliance

    18 vote(s)
  3. MK Deception

    17 vote(s)
  4. MK Armageddon

    22 vote(s)
  1. 9.95

    9.95 Noob
    Lead Moderator

    We need to know which 3D MK game everyone wants. MKDC has been the favorite in recent times...
  2. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator
    Forum General

    MK4. LBSH nothing else is really worthy.
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  3. 9.95

    9.95 Noob
    Lead Moderator

    It still only counts as a 2.5d game... LOL...

    Anyway, we really need some votes here and if I am forced to choose, I am leaning toward Deception as that seems to be everyone's favorite.
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  4. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator
    Forum General

    MKA on the Wii lol :)
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  5. cedenike

    cedenike lethargic member

    deception! fingers crossed for shujinko aciton!
  6. HGTV DrFlash44

    HGTV DrFlash44 Quan Cheese!!!

    I would actually practice mkdc if it's their
  7. REO

    REO Undead
    Premium Supporter

    How could you not choose MK:A? It has everyone's favorite character in it. Literally.
  8. MKK hanzo

    MKK hanzo Moderator
    Premium Supporter

    How come that the BEST 3D MK has 0 votes?


    Check Tom Brady
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  9. InFlames

    InFlames dead

    Out of all MKDA is the most balanced, and in my opinion the best. Would love to see a rematch between Tom Brady and Check.
  10. AREZ God of War

    AREZ God of War The Crazy BeastMaster

    False. Scorpion is broken tier, Bo , Sonya and Drahmin are almost equally broken iirc. MKA and MKDC are more balanced, but still broken.

    9.95 I am indifferent to it since all I need is MK9 and UMK3, but I'm guessing majority will prefer MKDCU since they are likely more fresh on it than other MK games, but I don't play it personally....like at ALL. If it's a tie, I'll throw my vote to MKA i suppose, but im not voting until the people make it an issue. If it doesn't become an issue then my vote won't matter.

    Also, considering bans needs to be discussed, MKDCU has the least "made-up" rules basically just ban Flash and Superman infinites.....MKA would need traditional Kommunity rules, MKD and MKDA would literally need characters banned for it to be tournament playable.
  11. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid MK Mythologies: Injustice 2
    Premium Supporter Moderator

    I accidentally voted for MK vs DC.

    MK: DA pls
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  12. InFlames

    InFlames dead

    Bo Rai Cho and Frost are broken. Drahmin and Scorpion aren't broken unless used right(which I doubt anybody does.)
    The game in general is harder to play/master than the rest, and a lot more fun to watch.
  13. AREZ God of War

    AREZ God of War The Crazy BeastMaster

    Frost is about #12-15 on the tier list....LOL Nothing broken about Frost. I'm not gonna argue about it but there's a reason Scorpion is #1 on the tier list followed by Bo, Sonya, Drahmin. You can discuss it with the other high-level MKDA players that had offline competition when it was big Tom Brady Check REO Dtoxz, Perfect Legend (and myself) but they won't tell you anything different than i did. If Brady is playing, I'm sure you will see him take 1st using Scorpion cuz if someone knows how to abuse MKDA-Scorpion, it's Brady.....or at least finals will be Scorpion mirrors.

    Fun and entertaining?, Yes....tournament viable? Not a snowball's chance in hell submerged in a glass of ice-water.
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  14. InFlames

    InFlames dead

    I said that because of her easy-mode infinite.
  15. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    Primal Rage.... the answer is, "Primal Rage"
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  16. AREZ God of War

    AREZ God of War The Crazy BeastMaster

    Which is basically the same as saying UMK3 Shang Tsung is broken cuz of his infinite. She'll never have a chance to land it on any of the top 4 i mentioned. lol GGS
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  17. InFlames

    InFlames dead

    Whatever, this game has been my favorite since it came out. MKDA deserves a lot more than the community gives it.
  18. AREZ God of War

    AREZ God of War The Crazy BeastMaster


    Fine, but when i eliminate you using nothing but Pi Gua 3 i doubt you will still feel the same way :) Btw, Have you ever actually played this game competitively with anyone who knows the game in and out like these guys do? i used to say MKD was a good game until i played ChaosTheory Booya and some others. Then I realized.....MKD is fucking BROKEN.

    I respect the fact that you enjoy it and it's fun, and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't, but i can't support it being a game that should be played competitively, much less at a Major tournament.
  19. REO

    REO Undead
    Premium Supporter

    If you're looking to win in MKDA, there's no reason to not play Scorpion. MKDA is similar to UMK3 with Kabal, in that Scorpion is definite number one. MKD at least has Dairou and Bo Rai' Cho, but with the latter being atrociously easy-mode. The reason I prefer MKA over the others is at the highest level it gives players the most characters to choose from. In MKA, you have Sareena, Drahmin, and Dairou which are all ridiculous if played right.

    Three characters played at the highest level > one or two characters played at the highest level.

    I'd personally rank the games MKDA > MKA > MKD (system wise), but MKA > MKD > MKDA (balance wise).
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  20. InFlames

    InFlames dead

    I understand, and no I never played the game competitively. Wasn't that into MK back then I admit. I guess my fanboyism got the best of me.

    My votes still on MKDA. :)
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  21. AREZ God of War

    AREZ God of War The Crazy BeastMaster

    Are you even GOING to NECXIII, man?
  22. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid MK Mythologies: Injustice 2
    Premium Supporter Moderator

    Another reason why I think MKDA should be played because Nov 16th is its 10 year anniversary.
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  23. InFlames

    InFlames dead

    No, though I grant the best of luck to you.
  24. AREZ God of War

    AREZ God of War The Crazy BeastMaster

    *SMDH* Then why did you even vote if you're not going? *facepalm*

    ....and thanx
  25. Tokiwartoothxdk

    Tokiwartoothxdk 『T R I G G E R E D』

    MK vs DC i wanna see dat tom brady green lantern swag

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