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General/Other - Smoke Where there is ROBOT SMOKE, There is Fire! - PRE-RELEASE Thread

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Kenshi Srubtastic,Cyrax, Special Forces Mains
what i found so far is: gathered from all youtube videos, some they just flash through the moves list and i slowed it down and looked at each one.

D3 is wrongly listed in the data.. it cant be correct says startup=1 and all others 0

Smokes frame data

Trident ( BF1)
Startup= 20
block adv= -19
hit adv= 68

Tri-Cution (EX BF1)
Startup= 15
Block adv= -4
Hit advantage= 74

Smoke cloud (DB1)
Startup= 31
Block adv= -4
Hit adv= 66

Smoke Bomb (EX DB1)
Startup= 24
Block adv= 10
Hit adv= 80

Fade port (DB4)
Startup= 25
Block adv= ?
Hit adv= ?

Phase Away (EX DB3)
Startup= 1
Recover= 29
Block adv= -29

Phase forward (EX DB3)
Startup= 1
Recover= 27
Block advantage= -27

Dissipate (DD3)
Startup= 1
Recover= 61
Block adv= -61

Evaporate (EX DD3)
Startup= 1
Block adv= -41
Recover= 41

D1 (piston punch)
Startup= 7
Block adv= -11
Hit adv= 9

D3= ?

D4 (fast rotation)
startup= 13
recovery= 18
Block adv= -2
hit adv= 13

Dust to dust String only in Smoke var (F214)
Startup= 21
recovery= 30
Block adv= 2
Hit adv= 37

Universal string (Collision Sensors F43)
Startup= 22
recover= 23
Block adv= 2
Hit advantage= 49

B1 (OH)
startup= 18
Block adv= -1
Hit adv= 12
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