What type of “ality” would you like to come back for MK 11?

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by phantomthief99, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Of course Fatality’s are a shoe in. In the previous installments they’ve brought back several types of finishers. Babalities in MK 9 and Brutalites in X. Personally I’d love for animalities to return.

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  2. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    classic Brutalities, and babalities, seriously the new babalities are fucking awesome, kinda sad they didn't came back in MKX
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  3. K7L33THA

    K7L33THA Grapple > Footsies
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    Friendships, Hara Kiris, and Animalities complete with Mercy requirements.
  4. AZ MotherBrain

    AZ MotherBrain Premium Supporter
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    Mercy for sure, definitely the most disrespectful thing in MK
  5. It would be neat if nether realm made a new sort of finisher type...

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  6. Skedar70

    Skedar70 Premium Supporter
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    Brutality that were in mkx, friendships and babality a la mk9. Mercy also
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  7. ismael4790

    ismael4790 Stay focused or get Caged

    Brutalities and friendships.
  8. Johnny Based Cage

    Johnny Based Cage Day -10,000 Phenomenal Cody Masher
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    They have to bring back MKX brutalities. The hype those brought was unparalleled.
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  9. Jhonnykiller45

    Jhonnykiller45 Shirai Ryu

    I'd like the MK11 finisher list to be:
    2 Fatalities
    1 Klassic Fatality
    1 Stage Fatality
    5 Brutalities
    1 Friendship
    1 Hara-Kiri
    Stage Brutalities​

    New characters, guests, and characters who've never had a Fatality before of course wouldn't have a Klassic one and Stage Brutalities would depend on the number of stages and their terrain.

    Fatalities are a no-brainer; Klassic would be any Fatality a character previously had (MKX characters could have one for instance); Stage Fatalities are another no-brainer, I wonder why they were left out of MKX in the first place?; Brutalities in general were great and I really don't think anyone would object to their return; Friendships and Hara-Kiri I wanna see return because we haven't seen them in a while, and I really want to see what NRS would come up with for them, I think there's a lot of creative potential for them.
  10. The_Tile

    The_Tile Just a sip, and an overhead, and a low, yeah.

  11. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    Better not be any ez pz trash grab brutalities or any of that shit.
  12. Jimmypotato

    Jimmypotato Mid Tier

    All of them
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  13. EntropicByDesign

    EntropicByDesign Confused and afraid.

    I want to see Real-Life-alities..

    Where we see the loser quit the fighting world and get a normal job, wife, kids, mortgage and bills, and we see him come home from work every day, sit down and pay his bills and deal with his resentful, obnoxious children, then retreat to his bedroom, alone, and quietly, gently, cry over a glass of whiskey, before going to bed so tomorrow he can repeat today, for the next 30yrs.

    Now THAT is brutal imo.
  14. The_Tile

    The_Tile Just a sip, and an overhead, and a low, yeah.

    Okay I've changed my mind, this. So much this
  15. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    Never did I know I needed something so much until I had it until this moment
  16. Sultani

    Sultani Noob

    Babalities. Nothing was better than watching someone get babied in a tournament.

    Interactabality. Just kidding. Delete interactables.
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  17. xKhaoTik

    xKhaoTik Black StarPoison

    Brutalities are a most.

    I hope bababilities return too. Those were so disrespectful lol

    I really want animalities also.

    MK9 brought back babalities, MKX brought back brutalities so I’m pretty sure MK11 will bring back some type of -ality.
  18. Braindead

    Braindead High-functioning Scrub

  19. Ragnarök Tyr

    Ragnarök Tyr Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Classic Brutalities & Animalities
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  20. honeybooboo

    honeybooboo I speak truth, no lie

    "Ugh bitch... Those shoes are so last season"
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  21. Blade4693

    Blade4693 ....

    Friendships. I want to see some random silliness lol
  22. Sultani

    Sultani Noob

    "FINISH HIM!" .... "Pff.. white pants after labor day?"

    Hmm. Homo-Roastality
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  23. Linkuei82

    Linkuei82 Live by the sword, Die by the sword
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    Brutalites from MKX and Babalities.
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  24. CassieCageIsMyPunchBag

    CassieCageIsMyPunchBag TYM Cry Baby

    Hara Kiri. SO both you and opponent are racing to type in finish moves. Or like MK2, turn a Fatality into a Babylity.
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  25. Bring all of them back if it's Boon's last game. It needs to be more of a mess than MK:A. Bring back every character too. Plus about 30 new ones. All with their own team of designers.
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