unpopular opinion? as MK gets more violent, people will take the franchise less seriously.

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by mr_papageorgio__, Mar 13, 2019.

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    It's an unpopular opinion for a reason.
    Why are you concerned with Evo status. Mortal Kombat 11 is backed by Warner Bro's entertainment which owns literally everything from movies, radio to TV and now games. WB are the big kids on the block and I don't see one of there supported games tanking or losing noteriety soley because the game focuses on Gore which is what the game has done for 26 years.
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    Man this game looks amazing up close, love the violence in 4K goodness!

    SunsetBlvd: You must be a nooby there's a lot worse things in people's sigs than that lol. Don't believe me? Play me and find out kid.:D For your own good I would stop trolling ASAP and what is "ur"?
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    I remember this was a topic on twitter for a bit and I have to say no...I don’t want my favorite fighting game franchise to sacrifice its core dna mech just to appease a few extra dollar bills that may or may not actually even stick around...

    Mk has always been goofy since the begging..how would I take someone doing a brutality exploding with 4 legs/rib cages Seriously? lol

    The goofy violence of mk has been a series staple...and it’s bummer we have seen games change from some of those core staples in this day and age but I’m glad mk Isn’t buckling under having to do any for that

    It wouldn’t even be Mortal Kombat If so..it would just be..kombat..or something
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