unpopular opinion? as MK gets more violent, people will take the franchise less seriously.

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by mr_papageorgio__, Mar 13, 2019.

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    Cassie confirmed for MK12!
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    It is an unpopular opinion, because the more violet MK gets, at the same time it will get a higher production: better and longer story, better character models, better animation, better everything. We did take a step back with allowing Ronda Rousey to "voice" a character, but eh. We're on the right track.
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    If the gameplay mechanics are solid then it will be taken seriously. What you do after your opponent has been defeated has nothing to do with that. And if you don't want to do the fatalities, you have the choice not to, it's not required.
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    Mortal Kombat made the mothafucking ERSB! Single-handedly. It's been around for 26+ years. It's banned and soft banned in many countries and nation's. It's taboo in many ways.

    It does not need main game event on Sunday night at EVO.
    It's self promoting it of it's self because it's mothafucking MK
    Sponsors come an go. Mk is backed by Warner Brothers.

    The lists go on.

    Also matter how much esports is pushed in the fgc. Grassroots ways of doing things and organizations are still the main core.
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    It’s called MORTAL KOMBAT they shouldn’t bend over and change their DNA just to be more popular or be acceptable to Evo standards, MK does not need EVO it already has a well known well stablished name “it’ll be great if they have more exposure at EVO” but it is what it is, it’s always been a rated mature game. But that’s just my opinion
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    Listen, all due respect to esports, but I didn't avoid real life sports like the plague just so I'd have to concern myself with electronic sports in my favorite video game series :p

    On the subject of amped up violence potentially weighing MK down, I don't think so. At least from a U.S. perspective, violence (sadly) isn't really taboo here. Showing a nipple, however, would guarantee MK's ruin since we're a bunch of prudes lol

    So, no, increasing violence isn't going to damage MK in the U.S. (that ship sailed back in the early 90's). But if NRS were to overly-sexualize their characters or include nudity, then I think you'd definitely see a higher chance of the general populace taking notice and making a fuss.

    So long as MK steers clear of the dreaded AO esrb rating, I truly believe its future is secure. :)
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    I think the violence has always been comical. MK9 had its bits of gruesome shit, and MKX was even more brutal. But MK11 so far is like watching those comical fatalities from the '90s in HD (Johnny Cage triple punch), with some disturbing shit from recent games, and that's fine.
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    I wouldn't be worried about it. Somehow blood and guts are fine while breasts asses penises and vaginas are not. MK has lots of the former and none of the latter.
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    Gore is what got me into the franchise when I was 11 years old

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    this is the sort of guaranteed tym upvote post that sounds good but is actually just a casual being a casual. sorry bro, idc about graphics (gore included), fatalities are boring to me, i want to compete. there are many more important things than violence in games, for example, sex in games. esports and exposure is the future of competitive gaming, period. the gore in mk11 has become boring and if that is keeping the franchise from getting exposure, how cucked are you that you desperately need to see 1 more fatality rofl

    but casuals will be casuals smh, if gore is the "most iconic feature" of mk to you, hopefully i find you in ranked bro im always down for some free wins lmao
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    I think the opposite if anything, MK 9, MK X were insanely violent yet sold incredibly well. Better than their competition when they came out. I think the photorealistic style with now realistic blood gore tech actually helps MK because it genuinely grosses people out. As for violence, I mean all fighters are violent even Smash you're beating each other up but MK has the blood, gore, breaking bones, Xray vision stuff, fatalities etc, etc so it's more hardcore than anything else.

    As long as the gameplay is solid, the graphics good and the story mode enjoyable people will keep coming back for more.
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    only on tym could someone be so cucked they would write something like this and then somehow convince themselves that it makes sense, plz never change kiddo
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    MK definitely wouldn't be MK without its violence. It simply wouldn't be the same. And MK sells well because of it too, you can deny it all you want, but the sales figures speak for themselves. People are drawn to that stuff for the same reason ppl are drawn to slasher movies and movies like saw. Sure there are a bunch of you that are only interested in the gameplay and esports side of the game, but I'm willing to bet that the majority of people who are going to buy MK11 are buying it because of the violence, outlandish story and everything that MK is as a whole, not just the gameplay. And I don't think ppl should take anything too seriously, just enjoy MK the way it is in all its stupidity and gore.
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    *sigh* congrats you get to be the first dope I put on ignore this year. Kid? HA! Wrong but I'll give you an "E" for effort lmao shows how ignorant you are. You obviously never watched reaction videos or REEL REJECTS MK X video. Think you're on the wrong site, this is TYM not 4chan but by all means keep on trolling with your ridiculous bio Mr."sex land ahahahahaha" yeah.....you sound credible. Gotta love these random 12 year olds that come out of nowhere. I'd ask you how what I said doesn't make sense when the blood, gore is a staple for MK but clearly anyone who uses the term "cucked" isn't worth my time.
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    Sorry, but toning down its core element that's the brutal violence since MK1 (blood gore, fatalities, etc) is like Sony censoring the videogames for the obvious reasons. It's like you remove the game's life that made it famous. If you want to tone down someone, tone down the real life criminals. Video games are there just to entertain us.

    For those who didn't understand. It's like you as someone else put a watermark on someone's art to make it more appeal just for you, but not appealing for the rest who do appreciate the art itself.
  16. It's a bit of a two edged sword.

    You keep the gore and you miss out on some extra promo opp's as you can market it more widely.

    You cut the gore then you lose a huge draw of the game, esp. to casuals, who let's face it only buy it to be grossed out and watch some fatalities... after that it's off to [insert new game of the month].

    Given that MK is still the best selling fighter, it would seem stupid to cut or even minimise the gore and potentially put offside a HUGE audience that makes them money every single release.

    I don't think that it's taken less seriously. If anything the last few releases have bolstered NRS as a studio that knows how to make a damn good solid game that can appeal to a huge market.
  17. Barrogh

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    I don't think it gets more and more violent. It's just that this being early period of MK11, we focus a lot on cosmetics (including fatalities) as we don't have much else to follow. Compared to our latest memories about previous games (that included a lot of tournament and online play, as opposed to watching fatality compilations over and over again), this game feels more violent, but IMO that's just a perception.

    It also doesn't help that some of us got dipped into all this gore after playing nice and clean I2 for a while.
  18. LaidbackOne

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    The point is you're not supposed to take this shit seriously.
  19. THTB

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    Eeeeeehhhhhh...MK11 is doing otherwise...
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    ive never seen someone refer to themselves as a "high level mk player" before in a tym sig lmao, literally never seen that, for ur own good bro i would change that shit asap lol
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    The gore in MK is basically so over the top at this point that it's comical. Furthermore, after a month or so, people won't even be doing the Fatalities anymore because they're sick of seeing them.

    Also, are we supposed to be taking ANY video games seriously? They're supposed to be fun. MK is fun.
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    Op kind made a good point in the last sentence though. The fatalities are becoming so over the top/ unrealistic/ ridiculous that it is in danger of becoming a caricature of itself.

    I’d like more realistic brutal fatalities. Like the leather face hammer brutality.
  23. As long as the gore is optional, I don't see how it's going to be problem. NRS made a great decision by not including gore in story mode (except some minor examples) and during gameplay. Anyone can watch the story and play the game, but only those who wish will see the gore.
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    There's almost nothing realistic about a fatality, tho...
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    Where is this hidden audience that isn't buying the game due to gore? Sales don't reflect this so what where is this assumption coming from? You're removing a huge part of the circus act and this isn't going to entice anybody who isn't playing fighting games already to come. That's the series entire gimmick and NRS are milking it.

    What other hyper violent FG's are on the market? Aside from some niche ass indie games nobodies heard of, you have KI coming the closest and everything else is pg-13 at the worst and that's mostly due to lewd anime cheesecake.

    Elect this man for tym president
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