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UMK3 Tier list discussion

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I moved this into tier list discussion.
Il try to anwser your questions. Kung Lao is definitely a tournament worthy character. Summoning will drive you crazy with his MK2 style keep away and safe dive kick shenanigans.
Kano is high tier also. While we dont see alot of him at tournaments I think its because Kano can be hard to play at really high levels.

Simon showed me how much Cannon Ball punishes and it's almost as useful as HatSpin or Psycho Spin, so w/ the exception of a few hit-priorities and a big difference between a properly played Kano on stick not pad and being one of those top players who can keep a Cannon balll charged while performing linkers and specials. This thin line would be the difference between a top Kano-user and a casual Kano-user. (i can't keep a charged Cannon Ball on paD)

Human Smoke and Ermac do play somewhat similar but they do have some differences and I think Human Smoke is unquestionably better for a few reasons:

1. Human Smoke has an air throw. Its only one move but I think it makes a dramatic difference. The air throw is rape. Once I learned how to abuse it I could totally neutralize Summonings Kung Lao almost with that move alone.
Summoning is a much better player than I am. I could not beat his Kung Lao with any other character but H.Smoke. Thats how good the air throw is.
I'm not sure which part of reality hit me harder, the air throw or the faster walking speed, but you can almost see my cerebral palsy the way I just question those facts I already knew (-_-)

2. Faster walking speed. Again it seems like a small thing but its really not. H.Smokes juggles are much easier than Ermacs because he can walk so much faster. Also its easier to move in and out of range of your opponents pokes to bait out a punishable move because he can move faster,

See above.

3. Combos. I think they are pretty even here. Human Smoke may edge out a little bit because of his versatility. H.Smoke can break 50% anywhere, anytime, whether off his 2 hit popup or a naked spear or a punish.

When i read it made me realize that Ermac has a harder time dishing out his 50%'ers, knocking him down the list. Ermac not having a *Stun-hit-free stun-hit* and the rest of H. Smoke's combo-initiating ability definitel6 hurts the Ermac-player when fighting H. Smoke

In the corner however Ermac is pure rape. Dont stand in the corner and get caught by a naked TKS from Ermac. I learned this the hard way at Road to Evo when I was this close to putting Shock into losers. One naked TKS from his Ermac changed everything. He took my whole life bar and all I could do was watch helplessly. I went in the corner and sobbed like a little girl. lol

I remember the video you posted. It was insane and I asked Shock to do it while he was here ;) You should feel priveldiged - you only got crushed by Shock's Ermac...I got crushed by Shock's AND Simon's one after another :(

Watch at 3:24 to see the rape. And take notice of where my life bar was when Shock started this combo. Im getting weepy again just watching this.

Your job here like everywhere else has been well-spent. Even after only being here 6 months, you have absorbed so much UMK3 info it makes you SEEM like u been playing forever. I thought the sickest part of your post was unwritten in that it made me feel like I was talking to someone who was playing for a decade or that one very gifted BLACK DRAGON-All Star-Player did his muthafuckin homework.

Thanks for the input. Dark Rob for President, Ladies and Gentlemed

P.S. Can someone show me how to create a poll? :D

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fyi everyone can be tourney worthy. if you are just that much better than everyone, you'll beat everyone with anyone.
Not in all games though, only a few are balanced enough for you to be able to accomplish this. UMK3 isn't amazingly balanced, but balanced enough that any character can win. Dunno why I brought that up, lol.

tier lists are determined by the outcomes of head to head matches of those whose skill level is pratically the same.
Exactly, but to dwell a little deeper. Imagine a tier list as if though robots were playing the game perfectly. They are playing the characters to their full potential with no mistakes. So, when two humans play, the results won't always be what the tier lists indicate, since humans aren't perfect and can never play perfect all the time. Even amazing players like Daigo in SF4, make plenty of mistakes.

The UMK3 tier list is kinda unique in the fact that it's not set-up like any other tier list. There's no match-up chart that I am aware of, so I'm not quite sure how they came up with the tier list for UMK3. I also don't think it should be a 1-23 numbered tier list, I believe it should be divided by A, B, C etc, with multiple characters being in either one. This, again, is how it's done in other games, and I think it should be done with UMK3 as well. But, the game is so old I think people already have a very good idea of who is good against who and who is good in general. It would be nice for newcomers though, to have a match-up chart based tier list.

People focus too much time on tier lists though. I'm kinda glad there's no match-up chart in UMK3. I have become quite sick of getting messages in SSF4 saying "I only lost because that is a 6:4 match-up". It's the lamest excuse I get because it's so easy to fall back on and because of that you don't improve. You won't try and figure the match out because when you lose you can just say it's a bad match-up that's why you lost. The only way this is true is when it gets to 8:2+ match-ups, maybe 7:3, but in both cases it's still winnable.


I want to do a match up chart badly and make a redefined tier list broken up into groups. The one we've used for so long has generally be based on frequency of use, tournament success, and simple logic math and science based upon gameplay facts. The problem is no one has the time, and the only real place to do it is at a tournament.

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I want to do a match up chart badly and make a redefined tier list broken up into groups. The one we've used for so long has generally be based on frequency of use, tournament success, and simple logic math and science based upon gameplay facts. The problem is no one has the time, and the only real place to do it is at a tournament.
I would love one for UMK3 too, just to have it. I would attempt to make one, but most of my experience is online based, and the match-up tier lists are based on tournaments. I've only been to one tournament, so I'm not exactly qualified. I do think I could help though, if needed.


The tier list we have is considerably outdated, but not as outdated as the old Chicago tier list. It's been talked about on here for years but it's really time to do it. We can put some players against each other at the next tournament, of equal skill, but perhaps ensuring the characters chosen are being used by players who know what they are doing with them. I don't personally know many players who can use every single character to an effective level in the game but we have enough to cover the board.

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I did not play UMK3 on a competitive level (gonna start now, never too late right?): Why is Shang so bad?


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Yes, but I wanted multiple opinions, not just 1 person. You don't get better at a game listening to just one source
The tier list are actually the characters who have the most useful specials when utilizing the run-jab method. So, if you are playing at competitive-play, this list is relevant. If not, in a run-jab free zone, anything is possible.

And Shock, can you at least give us one substantial change to the tier list?
Kitana should be higher or equal with somebody above her in my recent experience. She can mix it up and keep you locked down very well. Try to pressure her and you could get a kick AND an instant fan in the face.

Not sure why mileena is near the very bottom, I am guessing there is some huge flaw that I don't know or can't remember.

I am not asking that this tier list be changed, just thought I would share my opinion of it.