UMK3 Pass The Crown Please!!! (XBL/P2P/KAILLERA)

Discussion in 'Tournaments, Results and Match Up Info' started by GoldenOreos, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Darkside

    Darkside Noob

    Whoever wants the Kano crown can have it, I don't plan on defending it anytime soon. I think I've finally lost interest in this game as far as taking it serious and trying to be good.

    Besides, I only beat Goblin Bones for it. Dubson had a sick ass Kano back in the day I remember.
  2. Br0ken

    Br0ken Noob

    I hardly see you on aim anymore, just pm me when you want to have the nightwolf matches
  3. I'm not so sure I can play in this or at all until I get my own wired connection. I've been stealing wireless from my neighbor since I moved and my ping is usually 100+ on servers now. I can still try but it won't be pretty. I plan to get internet + cable package later this summer though.
  4. tonshaad1230

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  5. Konqrr

    Konqrr Tournament Edition

    Delete this lame thread.
  6. tonshaad1230

    tonshaad1230 Banned

    Will anyone challenge me for the crown of Kano?
  7. X820

    X820 Noob

    I see plenty of umk3 players everywhere i go, and yet it seems everyone is quitting this, assholes :)

    LOL jk!

    Come guys, keep this shit going.
  8. GoldenOreos

    GoldenOreos Arcade Tech
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    yes, this was badass when it was poppin
  9. wazz

    wazz Noob

    yup same has the mk2 crown

    edit: like dci says
  10. Agreed this is jokes.

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