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  1. ultimatemk

    ultimatemk Administrator

    Discuss the Combo Videos made by Shock and DreemerNJ, featuring combos by many players such as ded_, Selpex, Konqrr, Lex, Ninja Grinder, The Prophet etc.

    Ded_ and co. have completed a UMK3 infinite video, which covers all the various infinites in UMK3 Arcade, regardless of their usefulness. Editing assitance from Juggernaut, RobotHero, DreemerNJ, and Battousai.

    Check it out here:

    Youtube link -


    ded_ and Ninja Grinder have made a new combo video for N64 MKT displaying all the known infinites and variations in this particular version of the game! Enjoy!


    Ninja Grinder's Original N64 MKT Combo Video: Cephalic Kombat Trilogy has been remastered for infinitely better quality, re-edited, and slightly upgraded in some parts by effort of Ninja Grinder and ded_ via better methods of recording. The original was done using clips spliced onto VHS, the new video is done via emulation straight to the editing board. The link is still the same, as I have replaced the existing video on the server with the new one. The original download was 21 megs, the Redux is 57 megs.


    MK More! -
    PSX MKT glitches and combos by Dave101 and editing by Krsx.

    RZP's UMK3 Devastation 2 -
    RZP's UMK3 Devastation with editing by Ninja Grinder -
    Insane UMK3 combos, lots of Shang Morphs, presented by MKKompetitive, combos by RZP, editing by Ninja Grinder. Thanks guys!

    Selpex and ded_ present MKT Broken 3 - The most absolutely ridiculous N64 MKT combo video ever.
    Selpex and ded_ N64 MKT Broken 2 -
    Selpex and ded_ N64 MKT Broken -
    Selpex's UMK3 - Last Flame

    There are 10 total official Darktemplarz UMK3/PSX MKT combo videos:

    UMK3: It's Official, this Game is Broken -
    SP1 -
    SP2 -
    SP3 -
    SP4 -
    Kompletions -
    Mortal Personality Disorder -
    Maximum Damage -
    Shattered -
    Stupid Noob by Shock, ded_ and DreemerNJ -

    And 3 N64 MKT videos by Ninja Grinder and Hanzo:

    Cephalic Kombat Trilogy -
    Morbid Kombat Trilogy -
    Distorted Kombat Trilogy -

    There are other combo videos for MK scattered about on the page, check them out, talk about them here.
  2. ded

    ded Elder God

    Great stuff. The last UMK3/MKT combo is comming
  3. MKR

    MKR Noob

    well i have all this Stuff
  4. l3oxel2

    l3oxel2 Noob

    It's really good.... :shock:
  5. DAVE101

    DAVE101 Noob

    Let me know if you guys are interested in Trilogy exclusive combos. You guys are better at everything else so that's pretty much all I've done for the past weeks. Hey, I might have some pretty good stuff...
  6. TakerMK

    TakerMK Noob

    I just watched them again, and I still am going to say...

    holy crap.
  7. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    Dave, anything you want to submit, just PM it to me and I'll pass it along to ded_ and Selpex. We're working on a "leftovers" video, it's not something that we would fully release as a video, but Selpex enjoys making vids and comes up with great stuff, so we'll put together a bunch of stuff we had lingering around and see how it turns out. I'll host it on here if necessary.
  8. DAVE101

    DAVE101 Noob

    Done, and if anyone else wants to check it out: (web based)

    downloadable (right click, save link as...)

    Again, I have alot more, but this is the good stuff,. This is NOT a combo vid, just a compilation of some ideas. I wanted to make one but it would have been released much later, I barely got started. This is my last chance (to atleast be involved in one) since I came in so late into the game. :?
    Don't expect these to be hosted forever. I might delete them in a couple days or years..
  9. ded

    ded Elder God

    There is some good stuff but anything is already showed. Goro infinite is in SP4 listed that it works on Buggy MKT PSX only but it works on normall and PC version too, same for Shao Kahn infinite.

    I see you easy do Noob 3xPunch-Teleport infinite, and a lots of Baraka's combos, Shock caped one aka MK2 Style for Selpex's vid.

    The Sektor combo is good, but its obvious you can replace with double missile. Some good Scorpion's setups, one can be upgraded.

    I think only 3 combos (eventually 4 if we dont get borred) will be in the leftovers video + some for n64 mkt.
  10. Selpex

    Selpex Noob

    Good combos, some already seen or similar, we only need one more combo for the vid or another which might not be possible, little is left to do so the vid will be out soon
  11. ded

    ded Elder God

    the combo is possible but i got new inf, so it will replace it ^_^
  12. DAVE101

    DAVE101 Noob

    When I was 'planning' on making a real combo vid I wanted to show those things that were believed to only be in buggy versions which we found out were not. I use to believe that noob inf was only in buggy, until you helped me out. Same with goro infnite...... because I tried it on normal, non-boss characters. That was my reason but of course I know they are nothing knew. :wink:

    Thanks for the support and feed back!

    What about that scorpion combo? How can it be improved?

    Something to say about the links to combovids in the original post: If you are using firefox and have a mouse with a clickable scrolly button, you can just roller click one of them and it will automaticly start to download. (this is known as the 'open in new tab' feature but it will not work if you manualy right-click and select 'open in new tab').

  13. ded

    ded Elder God

    Scorp vs Jax: aaJK, RH, Forward Teleport Punch, RH, Spear, RH, HK

    vs Sektor i think its possible Forward Teleport Punch After Uppercut but i'm not sure.
  14. DAVE101

    DAVE101 Noob

    I actualy tested something like that before and couldn't get it. Now after trying against many people (including sektor) The only time I could forward teleport after an uppercut was against sheeva (and it was blockable). And that was just normaly walking forward and uppercuting without the rest of the combo. :?

    You know, in most of the scorpion moves, you can just ignore the telepot and the damage will still be higher because of Damage protection. (this is what I thought you meant at first ded_, upgrade it by taking out the TP). More moves, less damage... you think it would be the other way around. Combo's are for style anyway right?

    RH, JK, RH, spear, RH, HK... 87%

    RH, JK, RH, Forward TP, spear, RH, HK ... 77%

    ^I should have put this one in that compilation. See I'm doing more every day. :roll:
  15. ded

    ded Elder God

    RH, JK, RH with male ninjas is always blockable
  16. DAVE101

    DAVE101 Noob


    Thank you.

    Can't wait for the leftovers
  17. Selpex

    Selpex Noob

    should be done tomorrow, if im not dieing from a hangover
  18. Konqrr

    Konqrr You will learn respect!

    Nice, can't wait!
  19. ded

    ded Elder God

    There are not only leftovers - 5 new infinites from UMK3 and MKT :p
  20. DAVE101

    DAVE101 Noob

    Wait a second
    SP4 3:52-3:57

    Is that blockable then? That's the only RH, JK, RH with a male ninja i've seen so far. It might just be the flawless properties of the tele-slam, not sure. There was one with johny cage earlier during the Greatest hits MKT section, but that looks unblockable so I get the idea.

    Compare that little segment in SP4 with this: (web-based)
    or (449 KB)

    If my RH, JK, RH is blockable, so is that one in SP4. It can't be the tele-slam. Here are screens comparing what I have versus darktemplarz. The situations looks identical.

    1)[​IMG] 2)[​IMG]
  21. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    Yes it was blockable, by 1 frame, yes. I didn't realize until another vid later that the blockable frame was there after watching it again.
  22. DAVE101

    DAVE101 Noob

    So the second pic up there would be the "first frame they are considered on the ground, generally a slightly more flat, laying out animation, but not the complete, laying on the ground frame"

    edit: LOL, the images are funny. It's red(ermac) on yellow(cyrax) on top and then yellow(scorpion) on red(sektor) at bottom. I actualy didn't do that on purpose.
  23. ded

    ded Elder God

    There are few stuff that are always blockable, we though that with sonya bike kick - lk is always blockable too but its not, same with mileena teleport kick - auto combo/roll

    EDIT: I just watched Ninja Grinder's old vids, because i remember he said RH, JK, RH is unblockable for n64 but seems its blockable there too
  24. DAVE101

    DAVE101 Noob

    Re: UMK3-MKT Combo Videos Update-Selpex UMK3 Video - Last Fl

    I need an automatic emailer for this stuff.

    DLing it now...

    edit: haHA! YES, Now I have an excuse to delete that rain video from my PSP.

    I have a couple questions/comments:

    0. Awesome video
    1. Is there any combos that can only be done on one character, similar to unmasked sub's corner on sheeva? Maybe the Kung Lao JK, dive or MK2 kung JP, dive? Or the reptile relaunch?
    2. I have been waiting for the GC to teleport punch, but instead of using HP can't you use JK to GC? There was some other crazy GC like with ermac: launcher, tks, launcher, JK, TKS.. but I saw that frame on cyrax like in picture a couple posts up 8)
    4. Unbelievable baraka combo. I don't know what else to say.
    5. I'm glad to see continuos work being done on the classics like MKII Jax (100%) and MK1 kano.
    6. I remember first seeing that jax semi-relaunch.. RH... jp otg whatever you call it a month or so ago at MKO, it looks like the concept is being adapted many other places. Are those all sheeva only too?
  25. ded

    ded Elder God

    kung lao infinite (jk, d+hk) works on many characters such as robots, lao and etc. i was unable to get rh, unblockable otg early jps on anyone except sheeva but i think it should works on robots too

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