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Top 5 things you LIKE about MK11!

  1. Skarlet & Robocop
  2. Awesome training mode and all the frame data/extra move properties displayed in-game
  3. Good netcode (despite being held down by the fact that NRS refuses to implement a WiFi filter)
  4. Great graphics, sound design and voice acting
  5. Customization is good (even if it was designed to fit the awful economic practices of the game)


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1. I love on hit situations, not just hit confirming which is just great in this game but how stray hits and grounded combos can lead into interesting mixups. Raiden's F3 into 50/50s, Soul Stealing people after Crashing Flames, combos that leave the opponent standing, converting stray hits into more offense.. it's fun stuff

2. Flawless Blocking projectiles to allow for high execution to be rewarded in defense in the zoning game.

3. There's strike, and throw. But on defense, if I know exactly what's coming, I can blow it up almost 100% of the time unless I used up my resources. You can punish people for being predictable. Oh you're gonna D1 me after my slightly minus string? Next time I'll block and pressure you after. Okay then, you're just gonna counter with a D1 every time there? Get Flawless Block U2'd son! Waiting for a throw against a maniac Sindel player who likes D1-Throw, they hit me with 2 D1's only to get U2'd son on the third

4. The cohesion of the system mechanics tends to aid the balance, rather than hindering it(Which was more often the case in past games.) There is significant variation in wakeup attacks and fatal blows across the cast but nothing that isn't balanced in the context of their character. A character won't have access to more special moves or wakeup attacks just because they have a meter building advantage.

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1. Graphical marvel. The game is drop dead gorgeous

2. My favorite roster of any MK game ever

3. Customization allows for a lot of cool aesthetics on characters traditionally locked to a couple colors and costumes

4. Sound design / foley is top notch for fights (weapons, hits, blocks, specials, bones crushing, organs splatting, etc.)

5. The most alive the cast has ever been. Facial mocap, animations, styling, costumes, voice acting, voice lines, intros / outros, between-round taunts -- the whole roster has been thoroughly characterized and I love it


1. Great netcode.

2. Best realistic graphics for a fighting game on the market. Seriously, the faces for Liu, Sub, Skarlet, Kitana, etc. are incredible and I hope they remain for future sequels.

3. Great in depth practice mode tools.

4. Incredible voice acting across the cast.

5. Pretty decent cosmetic customs. While not fleshed out as I was hoping for it to be, it's a good start that I also hope returns in future sequels.


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1. The decrease in the amount of 50/50’s compared to previous NRS games. There’s still a lot of course, but nowhere near as much as there were in the past 3 NRS games imo.

2. More of an emphasis on footsies than most NRS games. Obviously it isn’t perfect, but I think they did a decent job.

3. Geras is probably my favorite “new” MK character out of any NRS game. I’m a big fan of Gaara from Naruto. So any character that uses sand as their powers is really cool to me. Also, I have repeatedly said that time manipulation is and will always be objectively the best “super power” anyone can have. He’s just a well designed character that I hope is here to stay, as in becomes a staple of future MK games.

4. Once again they did a great job with one of my favorite MK characters, Scorpion. Even though he will always be the most complained about because he’s overused and has a teleport, therefore is always very likely to be nerfed even if he doesn’t deserve to be, I still love that they always find a way to make him a good character but more importantly a fun character to use.

5. Last but not least, I love custom variations. I think custom variations are by far the best addition to MK games. I think they could have been handled way better, and should have been allowed from the beginning. But the idea itself is probably my most favorite aspect of MK11.
1) From a purely casual perspective having a ton of variations and skins is enjoyable and adds replayability. If I like a character I can try several different versions of them. Especially appreciate classic MK versions of characters. They even have the classic MK ninja victory pose lol

2) They gave us a story mode and then added more content to it. That was really cool. I like the characters of MK so i'd gladly grab story dlc alongside character dlc if it were a thing.

3) I find the gameplay just plain fun. It's an enjoyable fighter and that's ultimately what matters.

4) The new timeline could be a lot worse. It's not fantastic or as good as the original imo, but it could be a lot worse.

5) Fighting styles are nice to look at, seamless mix of weapon attacks and hand to hand moves. Good way to incorporate the multiple styles gimmick of the 3D games.

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In no real order:

  1. All-around presentation
  2. Good roster (minus guests)
  3. Fan service costumes like MK95
  4. Great netcode
  5. Apart from the unlocking requirements, I like being able to change certain pieces of gear like masks and weapons

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  1. Graphics ( i think the game has pushed the graphics to the limit, it was such a technological push as when digitized sprites used to have that visual impact, i think they achieved that with mk11 graphics again)
  2. Tutorial mode
  3. Training mode
  4. Krypt side game
  5. Some of the music
  6. Ability to disable assists such as negative edge, buffer window etc


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1. The decrease in the amount of 50/50’s compared to previous NRS games. There’s still a lot of course, but nowhere near as much as there were in the past 3 NRS games imo.
THIS. I had to put my top 5 but this would have definitely made my list. And yes there are 50/50s but at least you have to pay for safety by spending meter in most situations. The safe 50/50s were one of the TOP reasons I stopped playing MKX


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  1. Excellent training mode
  2. Took some interesting risks with the story mode
  3. Krypt was almost the greatest in the franchise (but then they made chests random lmaooooo)
  4. Fantastic netcode
  5. I really hate the art direction in the game but there is no denying how gorgeous it looks

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-I love the option of giving the variations custom names and seeing others.
-I love how they reference the movies/previous games/mkx comics (although I wish at times they would have full on went there. IE> the Sindel/Kitana intro of "Mother you're Back!". They should have straight up taken that dialogue from Annihilation.
-I love how we got the actors from the movies and their likeness. It was kinda neat to see that and how they would interact with characters they never interacted with in the series.
-I enjoyed how the new characters were limited but at least had more depth.
-I really enjoyed the Retrocade and Tournament stages and really like how they would do the the fancy stuff to the Tournament stage when it was going on. It would definitely be cool if they could do more of that.
-I enjoy the rush down aspects of the game and it feel it is a travesty that some cool characters are left with nearly no chance it seems against some.


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With everything that's been going on lately the recent announcement of no support and backlash etc. I decided to show some love and say at least the 5 things I do like about mk11:

1. Graphics, the main reason I'm disappointed the game is done because it looks great it has a cool/dark tone to it and I can see characters like havik Reiko and sareena blending in easily.

2. Stages, I really like the retrocade idea, Deadpool and all the new stages look very nicely done and cool. Stages go well with the graphics

3. Raiden, I love the way he looks probably the best he looked and he has some cool moves I love using in a fight. Everything about Raiden besides his custom moves is just perfect his voice, skins intros win pose is absolutely PERFECT.

4. Friendships, it really lightens up the game and are fun to do at times.

5. Kombat league, I like it better than the traditional rank matches it really pushes me and give me a reason to play. I just really like the Kombat league introduction and seeing how high I can go in ranks. It is toxic but I like the idea.
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1: The character designs were pretty cool. I’m all about aesthetic. I just wish Skarlet looked more like her MK9 counterpart and not some fully draped, blood thirsty Ewok from Starwars.

2: Game is so dumbed down and simple, that it is fun sometimes in that right. As dull as I think the combo system is in this game, it SOMETIMES allows for more footsies and more mental play which we usually don’t find in NRS games. Well, at least not as much like we would in other fighters.

3: Character variety: both a lot of characters to choose from with variations expanding that variety even further.

4: The modes. Story, Krypt, Towers and online. Plenty to do in the game.

5: The game’s art. I think it is a beautifully designed game as far as visuals go. The game is super pretty and nice to look at in my honest opinion and that goes hand in hand with the smooth animations of the characters as well. For example, Jade is a visual work of art in that game from graphic design to how smooth her animations are. The graphics and animations mesh super duper well together. I like to be visually pleased, and the game was very visually pleasing to me.


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I gave it some extra thought, I have 5 more I’d like to add:

  1. It’s over
  2. It’s dead.
  3. It’s no more.
  4. It’ll soon be long gone.
  5. If it was a person it’ll soon be pushing up dasies

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#1 Skarlet's end round outro where she walks away from a geyser of tentacles

#2 Sindel's Bosom

#3 Nice looking stages such as the Tarkatan War Camp

#4 The rise of Avirk. Most enjoyable tourney player to watch.

#5 Spending $200 for an Mk game and I'll got was this lousy hotfix. But seriously, its simplicity can be seen as a PLUS for those who wish to play it uber casually. Glad I didnt have to piss away much time grinding out a game that fizzled so quickly. Pretty much a plug n play.


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I gave it some extra thought, I have 5 more I’d like to add:

  1. It’s over
  2. It’s dead.
  3. It’s no more.
  4. It’ll soon be long gone.
  5. If it was a person it’ll soon be pushing up dasies
I like points 1 thru 5.


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Your guy's twisted glee has plenty of other posts to skip around and smile into the sun in.

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I love the amount of these that are non gameplay related
To be fair if I was to list my favourite things about any MK game, most of my favourite things would be mostly about non-gameplay related things. I love MK for way more than just a game about two people fighting (I’m not even a beat em up fan other than MK), so regardless of whether we were talking about MK2 or MK9 or whatever, my lists would be quite similar in documenting things like lore, mood, music, characterisation, fatalities, story etc.

I’m fact the MK games I dislike the most are the ‘MK3 Trilogy’, which many love for its gameplay, but the reasons I dislike MK3, UMK3 and MKT the most are mostly all non-gameplay related things as well.