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Top 5 things you LIKE about MK11!


I tried to throw a yo-yo away. It was impossible.
  1. I love Krushing Blows. I like the idea that if I do something enough, or in certain situations that I can really make you pay for it. This is something I hope they keep and can expand on and make even better.
  2. I love that this game wasn't as aggressive, I can't think of the word I'm looking for atm, as MKX. I like that the pace is a bit slower.
  3. Even though I never really practiced these, mainly because I didn't really have to (Maybe if I competed I would've), I loved Flawless Block. Another thing I wouldn't mind if they brough back.
  4. I loved the idea of the universal wake-ups, maybe it as a whole wasn't implemented that well in this game, but I think they could make it better and wouldn't mind it in the next game.
  5. Loved that there wasn't a ton of combo paths or strings/normals. For the most part, everyone's buttons felt like they had a purpose instead of just being there. Ya, there were still some characters that had poopy buttons, but a lot of the buttons didn't feel like wasted space.. I always felt like the combo paths thing was a kinda dumb complaint. Like, you're going to, more often than not, use your characters BnB in every fighting game. I feel like I see the exact same normals and strings from Tremor or whomever you, person reading that played X, use even with the number of normals that everyone in that game has.
Overall I think the game is fine and my favorite of the Reboot Trilogy. I just kinda wish they would shake up MK. Maybe change some of the core gameplay things that have been around forever. Like, do we need a button to block? What if we didn't have dial a combos and try something a little more traditional? Maybe we get rid of the breathable hitboxes or other remnants of the 3d era? These some things I would like NRS to take a look at and think about. I'm not saying necassarily change them, but take a hard look at them.
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