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    Who the fuck cares about tier lists?

    Just play
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    To be fair, he loses like 4 MUs (only one really bad one though). I see him being the 5th-8th best character. Somewhere along those lines, but not a definite S-tier.
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  4. I never stipulated that guard pressure was her only strength - merely that that particular strength (coupled with a decent throw game) means that her lack of decent lows isn't such a big deal. Obviously good guard pressure doesn't instantly make a character good (see: Leixia), but it helps.

    And yes, 1AA and 11A are definitely lacklustre lows ('lacklustre' is a perfectly acceptable spelling of the word BTW), because they're very slow and easy to react against. 1K is usable at least, but it lacks range and tracking, plus it's -2 on hit. DNS B is indeed an excellent move, but the reason it's excellent is because it's a very powerful punishment tool, and it certainly isn't 'completely safe on block'.

    I note you still haven't said why you think Viola isn't top 5.
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    At the end of the day, we're all going to post stuff that says "character x should move to this tier and character y should move to this tier" with no end. These tier lists are subjective to the person making them.
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    Pig wins the thread.

    If I had a dollar for every tier-related thread I've seen in the last chunk of time, I'd be going to EVO.
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    I think you'd have enough leftover for me to attend as well.
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    People aren't going to get better and explore a character they like and want to play if everyone's tier lists keeps telling them to play someone else. It's like nerd peer pressure.
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    The more I see these threads, the more annoying and uninteresting this game becomes. fucking...GAME!

    All these buffs/nerfs/tier listings threads....dumb!
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    It seriously take a lot of the joy out of the experience when you only want to play a person or three, but you know there are only a handful of characters who can legitimately compete, and the odds of you becoming good enough with one of the ones who can't are slim to next-to-nothing.
    Just like succeeding with a background of fighting online: CAN it be done? Yes. But it's not easy at all, and oftentimes it's enough of a headache to make a person wonder why they bother.
  11. Cyrax is S+ or higher ...
    kinshi is lower than S
    Scorpion is B
    shang is lower than A+ 100% !
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    Out of this website though, what percentage would you say competes or even stands a chance to win actual decent money? 2% maybe have won serious cash. Those people should worry about that. But most of us should worry more about enjoying the game. It sucks they don't have it more balanced so each character excels at something at least, If everyone excelled at something that would be a different story. Some would be obviously better at footsies, some would be better at rushdown some would be better at zoning, but instead we have a game where some characters are good at everything and others are good at nothing. That's the unfortunate truth, but even in that respect if you play those ass characters a little differently you can do ok. Win a tournament probably not, but at least make the game more interesting and play it how you want to play it.
  13. Yeah, you're right, DNS B is only -14 with a ton of pushback. That means a very small portion of the cast can punish it if they're extremely quick. Damn, that's a crying shame. God help you if you come up against an Alpha Pat who can consistently JF twister, or another Pyrrha. I guess you'll have to play legitimately to beat them. The entire point of DNS B is that it DOESN'T have to be a "punishment tool", you can pretty much just throw it out at no real risk against the overwhelming majority of the cast. I'd love to see you react to 11A consistently, though.

    Oh no, -2 on hit! Whatever will you do? Play footsies? Nightmare's 1K is -2 on hit, incase you haven't noticed. That doesn't stop it from being at the core of Keev's poke game, which he's obviously had great success with. -2 on hit for a quick low is far from the end of the world.

    Why isn't Viola top five? Uh, for the same reason Ivy isn't top five, the same reason Natsu isn't top five, the same reason Pat isn't top five: She's just. Not. That. Good. Oh no, she has 50/50s and good BEs, run for the fucking hills! I will seriously never understand the SC community. I suppose you think Nightmare is OP too, right?
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    You people still opting to take the easy way out with these tier threads, eh? :REO
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