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Tom Brady Fundraising for MK11 Living Guide

villainous monk

Terrible times breed terrible things, my lord.
Tom responds:

Well we'll see where this goes. If his supporters (I used to be one) thinks he can do this and complete the guide and try to be... More positive!? Then I'm all for buying the guide.

Also try to make an effort to stop shitting on the site. Your work from MKD till now is still here.

Wish you luck Tom. Wouldn't mind being a supporter again but not like the way you were.

I'm also too old for that shit.


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Oh my gosh, he was that old then? I literally thought when people made fun of his age it was because of how "mature" he was back in the day, not because he was actually already old. So he's the second oldest in this community next to Pig of the Hut!
You don't think a lot of people playing MK today started with playing MK1 in the arcades?