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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HellblazerHawkman, Feb 9, 2019.

By HellblazerHawkman on Feb 9, 2019 at 9:16 PM
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    After winning his 6th Superbowl, New England Patriots' Quarterback Tom Brady is retiring from football to get into competitive Mortal Kombat. To kick things off, he's creating a gui-hold on. I'm being told this is actually Tom Brady, MK9 veteran and author of the legendary MK9 Living Guide, considered by many to have been the number 1 resource for a newbie looking to learn Mortal Kombat 9's ins and outs.


    So the basic concept behind this is that the MK9 Living Guide would be a solely digital game guide, one that can be updated following alongside patches and new tech found. So instead of blowing money on something that becomes a glorified paperweight, you have something that evolves and allows you to stay up-to-date with the game. The MK9 guide, as I mentioned earlier, a lot of people found to be super helpful in learning what was their first fighting game.

    On that note, Brady is considering doing the same thing for Mortal Kombat 11. He's set up a GoFundMe to fund the project and gauge interest. Early response has been positive, and when it gets finished, it'll only be a dollar. A dollar to have everything you need to know condensed onto one file for your phone, instead of scattered through Discord channels and Twitter (or our much more easy to navigate forums). Check this out if you are interested. Personally, I think it'll be cool to have this to help get newbies into the game and give us that step up over those nerds in the Street Fighter community.
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HellblazerHawkman, Feb 9, 2019.

    1. The Bearded Dan
      The Bearded Dan
      No thanks. Instead the tym kommunity should be trying to make this type of thing on their site instead .A kommunity guide is going to be much more valuable than a guide from one person.
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    2. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      Honestly, I wouldn't give money to Brady because he seems really inconsistent. He has these up swings where he is pumping out content, then he gets beat like 40-0 by foxy on stream, someone trolls him, he deletes the game and all of his YT content. It's just repetitive and exhausting.

      I also somewhat feel like "Tom Brady" is kinda of a memey character created by the guy in real life. I don't know him personally, so I won't act like I know if he is or isn't like that. What I do know is that he is a 40 year old man that has screaming fits and destroys monitors on stream. He is a good player though and makes good and informative tech videos, provided he doesn't throw a fit and delete them.
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    3. Tom Brady
      Tom Brady
      The horseshit going on here is the main reason why I didn't want to do another guide. I was asked by many ppl to do another living guide like i did for MK9. I'll be more then glad to cancel this project if ppl feel there isn't a need. You guys must think doing a living guide for something like this is easy.. it isn't. If ppl don't want it then I'll cancel and take the page down. You guys act like I came up with this on my own and not asked by 999999 ppl.
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    4. igotAhalo
      I mean do you have history of not following through with projects/actions supported by donations? That seems to be the problem here
    5. Krankk
      Do the living guide for the people, who asked and not for the TYM people, who don't support you.

      Your MK9 DVD guide with CrossCounterTV offered a lot of insight in MK9 and fighting games / NRS fighting games in general. I watched it multiple times. And I would like to see you cover MK 11 as well. And we both know that even many of the people, who don't seem to support you right now, will end up checking your MK 11 guide out to learn from it.
    6. Immortal
      Lets break it down to parts so nobody here reading what you wrote would be confused by your typical BS.

      You're a grown man, nobody is forcing you to do anything. Whatever the reasons you decide, so stop blaming others and don't whine. Act like an adult which by age anybody would think you're.

      Again make your own conclusion if people want it or not then make a decision either way and maybe for once stand by it for longer then 5 minutes.

      Nobody said it's easy. Stop shielding yourself with "people said, people want". Make up your own mind like adults usually do.

      I'm sorry but i dont believe even 999 people ask you do it. Hell i doubt even 99 people asked you to do it but feel free to prove it and before you write something dumb like i don't have to prove anything to you... - you kinda do, the whole thing here is about your credibility or rather lack of it. And no, doing a guide for MK9 in light of the shady shit you did later on is not enough now.

      You missed on the most important thing - we here know your history about taking people money and not delivering on promises made and thats the whole issue with you and your project. Until you clear that shit up and prove it there is really nothing to talk about.

      FFS grow up and act like an adult not like spoiled 13 years old girl throwing tantrums when anybody write something which you dont like.
      Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
    7. SubZeroIce
      This man is 41 years old crying about this.

      @Tom Brady You have a history of being shifty and shady so no one’s gonna donate to your whack ass gofundme for a guide that they probably won’t get.

      Instead of donating $20 to this crook who has proven time and time again he’s shifty, anyone considering donating should instead donate to the thousands of gofundme’s for people who have medical expenses/bills/financial issues.
    8. Eddy Wang
    9. Marlow
      Nice idea, but I don't think it'll be that usefull. There's usually enough free guides on TYM and YouTube.
    10. greedface
      Don't bully Brady you weird rat human
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    11. Skylight1
      Wait.... he's 41?!?!
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    12. Tony at Home
      Tony at Home
      Doesn't GoFundMe always grant the money even if the funding goal isn't reached? Because if it's only testing the waters for a guide that may or may not happen based on funds, than this isn't the platform to do it on.

      Kickstarters model fits this better I think
    13. villainous monk
      villainous monk
      I still want to know if he ever addressed combo breaker and I think another tourny he got donations from and didn't go. It's his money at the end of the day but it just doesn't sit right with me. I even deleted my previous post because I'm not sure if it would stir a shit storm. All I want is clarity.

      Alleged rumors and insinuations in the past makes me put this into question.
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    14. karaokelove
      That's fine, but if there have been issues in the past, why not use a platform like Kickstarter, where A) you don't get the funds if you don't hit your goal, and B) you're required to follow through or your donors get their money back? You would also be able to offer the guide as an incentive for people who donate. That would certainly make people feel better about donating, especially anyone who has donated in the past and felt let down.
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    15. SubZeroIce
      He was 33 when MK9 came out so I would assume he's either 40 or 41.
    16. MadPropz101
      Nobody needs this fucking guide in 2019 lmao
    17. NothingPersonal
      Why are people donating 60$ for an app that'll cost 1$? lol. Anyway, good luck, never used one of these.
    18. liljay273
      I want the guide. Screw the haters
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    19. GLoRToR
      If you want to spend money on information that should be and probably will be free, be my guest.
      I love Tom when he's not having a meltdown, but I don't see a logical reason why I should give him money for this.
    20. Badboy Takuma
      Badboy Takuma
      @Tom Brady
      dont let you bother by some trash talkers here who never had contribute anything of value to the community. just ignore them man. jesus
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    21. igotAhalo
      Yes, people here are"trash talkers" when most of them have legitimate reasons as to why they don't want to donate or why they don't see tom in the best light. Tom has every right to explain his side if he wants to, as does everyone else. Being skeptical of where ones money is going, especially when it's going to someone who doesn't have the best reputation regarding these things, is not a bad thing, and blanketing all of these people as "not having given back to the community" because of this decision is very ignorant and childish
    22. Badboy Takuma
      Badboy Takuma
      nah only a few trash talkers here. didnt mean everyone
    23. Saltea Moonspell
      Saltea Moonspell
      Off topic:
      Did it help? Are you feeling normal mate?
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    24. Alec
      It's legitimate to not wanting to donate or even being skeptical. However, that does not justify the attacks on the character and the mob mentality that go around this forum about everyday now.
      The saddest part is that the majority is not like that, but gets "overshadowed" by all the ones who make all the drama, which keeps pushing people away.
    25. DuskyDile
      Can we get a Diablo: Immortal Living Guide instead?
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