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Tom Brady Fundraising for MK11 Living Guide


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After winning his 6th Superbowl, New England Patriots' Quarterback Tom Brady is retiring from football to get into competitive Mortal Kombat. To kick things off, he's creating a gui-hold on. I'm being told this is actually Tom Brady, MK9 veteran and author of the legendary MK9 Living Guide, considered by many to have been the number 1 resource for a newbie looking to learn Mortal Kombat 9's ins and outs.

So the basic concept behind this is that the MK9 Living Guide would be a solely digital game guide, one that can be updated following alongside patches and new tech found. So instead of blowing money on something that becomes a glorified paperweight, you have something that evolves and allows you to stay up-to-date with the game. The MK9 guide, as I mentioned earlier, a lot of people found to be super helpful in learning what was their first fighting game.

On that note, Brady is considering doing the same thing for Mortal Kombat 11. He's set up a GoFundMe to fund the project and gauge interest. Early response has been positive, and when it gets finished, it'll only be a dollar. A dollar to have everything you need to know condensed onto one file for your phone, instead of scattered through Discord channels and Twitter (or our much more easy to navigate forums). Check this out if you are interested. Personally, I think it'll be cool to have this to help get newbies into the game and give us that step up over those nerds in the Street Fighter community.


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I keep seeing this guy's name and I heard NRS take a few shots at him at the reveal. What's the story i'm missing with this dude? Just curious.


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I keep seeing this guy's name and I heard NRS take a few shots at him at the reveal. What's the story i'm missing with this dude? Just curious.
Tom Brady is just an awesome dude. He has been around since the very beginning of fighting games, but he kinda stopped being active during MK X and Injustice 2, I think. There already he was focusing on other things.
I've seen a lot of him during MK 9 and Injustice 1, where I started following the NRS scene. In MK he always mains Sub-Zero, while in Injustice 1 he mained Aquaman, after testing the game behind the scene for months. He was quite dominant with Aquaman at the beginning and the community blamed him for having a competitive advantage over the rest, since he was testing the game for so long. But I think the most "hate" (it's not even hate actually) for him comes from his constant rants about stuff. When he doesn't like something, he will let you know. And if he likes something, he'll try to downplay it, so that he continues benefiting from it. Which is why some players in the community like to pick on him a little bit.

But he sure as hell does know his stuff. He made a long tutorial for MK 9 and provided a ton of amazing information. And I expect nothing less from him for MK 11, which is why I've donated and will be getting the living guide for sure.

In the following video he introduces himself a little bit:

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Tom Brady is just an awesome dude.
tom brady is a raging lunatic. he is highly volatile and unstable. mk9 was a long time ago, a fading vision in the deep sands of time, thus his subzero is currently irrelevant in every way. i suffered thru I2 sub and innovated my way to glory while brady cowered in fear. this post is likely from either bradys new mk11 tym pr alt account, or one of the 7 ppl who pay $24.99 USD to sub to his twitch, don't trust it, trust me instead.


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kinda strange that a donation dose not get you a copy of the app and you still need to buy it from the store... but an extra $1 latter is not a big deal.

The problem with these guides is that they are rarely updated as the game is. All the effort putting in frame data is blown every patch and we are not sure how MK11 is going to handle patches vs letting the game meta develop. He is right in that it is a hell of a job and MK9 Guide was never updated for the very end of that games life, if I remember correctly and none of the MKx apps were.. but he didn't make one I do not think,
Much too big of a project for him to take on solo if that is his intentions. With the abundance tech guys we have now compared to the days of MK9 I personally do not think this is worthwhile.
this of course.
tom brady should just play and enjoy mk like everyone else. thats it


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I gave him a tenner anyway. I personally love pocket guides and the like. I've bought plenty of them that were abandoned before the game was finished. I honestly don't see Bill doing that. He may be a polarizing figure in the fgc but he's a good dude. His intelligence has helped plenty of people. Me being one of them.

I mean if krushing blows never get added to the move list in game, I'd love having a reference on my phone that takes 2 seconds to bring up. I always have pocket guides for fighters if they have pocket guides available.

I highly doubt Bill is going to disappoint. His mk9 guide was fantastic. Mk11s will be too