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Guide The Singularity Has Arrived --- THE Cyborg Guide


PTH|RM Relaxedstate
Cyborg has fast hitting normals with great block advantage, is one of the best zoners and meterbuilders in the game, AND has one of the deadliest corner games of the whole cast. His mid-screen damage isn't high, but he more than makes up for this with the other tools of his trade. He has fantastic mobility: between his dashing, very quick recovery, IANB, and grappling hooks, he is very hard to contain. A very execution heavy character that requires quick reflexes. He is Riddled with gimmicks and mind games that will keep you going long haul. Those up to the challenge will be rewarded greatly.... Prepare to be terminated...

(Guide in Progress) --- community based and living ---
(BNBs and Cyborg Video in second post)

Note: This guide will use the denotations 1, 2, 3, 4(Stance), MB, IA.
1=Light=Sqaure=X, 2=Medium=Triangle=Y, 3=Heavy=X=A, and so forth as per default.

I. Normals and Specials Breakdown
II. Zoning Game
III. Corner Game
IV. General Strategies/Technology
V. BNBs and Video Footage

1,1,2 ---> Hits: High, Medium, then Overhead. Has 6 frame start up and it grants an astounding +18 on block or hard-knockdown on hit! This is one of cyborgs best strings to use on a blocking opponent. You get a free f2,2 check, 3, or b1,2,3 which can be hit confirmed into a combo. Does 12% damage on hit. You get a guaranteed Target acquired on knockdown (Push-Block Set-Up)

Weaknesses: The downside of the string is that the first 1 hits high and can be ducked/interrupted (Think of KungLao's standing 1 pressure). The other downside is that there is a large gap between the second 1 and the 2. This can also be interrupted by fast normals, Armored Heavy Attacks, and evaded with back dash.

- The string unfortunately cannot be canceled into special moves, so it remains a good pressure starter, or combo ender, but not a combo starter.
-A nice option from a jump-in attack, as your jump-in 1 or 2 will jail them into stand-blocking the high 1. If it hits, you can confirm into 113xx or 12b2xx, for a combo, or 112 for the knockdown.

Note: If you notice them interrupting the string before the overhead hits, you can MB-cancel into a wall bounce after the 1,1 for a free combo! This applies to the holes in all your strings!

1, 1, 3 ---> Good combo ender. It is easily canceled into grappling hooks or power-fist in the corner. Can be a combo starter (good for meter-less combos in the corner and mid-screen carry combos).
Good starting from a jump attack as this will jail them standing high, and makes it easier to hit confirm. (If they block then finish the string with 112 for advantage and continued pressure or 113xxSD). If it hits near the corner, confirm into 113 which will launch them. Follow up with (up) sonic disruptor (db2) for meter less combos in the corner or SD-cancel combos midscreen.

Note: 113 cannot be interrupted the same way 112 can, so if your opponent interrupts 112 often, then try getting them with 113 during block pressure as it starts the same and can fool them.

1, 2, b2 ---> 6frame starter. Hits: high, low, Mid. Staggers on hit.
Again, best from jump-ins as it jails them stand blocking. Can be hit-confirmed into a combo with PF or made safe with Sonic disruptor on block. Can be interrupted after the low hit (very difficult). If you notice them interrupting the string after the 2 you should start mixing in the MB wall bounce cancel after the 1,2. You get armor and the potential overhead-mixup after the low hit so never bad to throw in every-once in a while to check your opponent.
- My preferred string for punishing and starting combos.
- 12b2xxsdc provides good advantage on hit so you might be able to sneak in a dash and continue pressure

B1, 2, 3 ---> 11 frame startup. Safe Medium starter that is hit-confirmable into MBxxB3, PF, NB, TA, or SD. Can be canceled into Power fist MB at mid-screen for damage. Cancel into Nova Blaster to send them flying. Or cancel into Target acquired and the missiles will land right where they wakeup making it easy to start zoning/presure them all over again! Wallbounce cancel for big damage. Easy combo to keep opponents juggled in corner too. Some times the b1, 2 will wiff as it is not a true mid hitter.

f2, 2 ---> Hit: Mid, Mid. 12 Frame startup and grants +3 on block. Knocks them away on hit. A great tool to keep pressure up because it is relatively quick, hits mid, and still grants block advantage. Sadly cannot perform specials from this string. Probably his best footsie tool as it allows decent spacing options. Guaranteed d1, or standing 2 check on block. Guaranteed TA follow up on hit.

b2, 3, 1 ---> A slow 16 frame low starter that is -7 on block. This string is hit-confirmable to combo in corner or TA mis-screen.
Should always be canceled into a Grapple or sonic disruptor on block to make it safe or Target Acquired on hit to start missle set-up/zoning game. The back 2 can be charged and canceled for mind games or timing a reset.

2 ---> 8 frame mid-hitter. Sadly it is -4 on block, and -2 on hit. It is safe and can even be cancelled into specials like sonic disruptor. Decent hit box makes it a good footsie tool.
- Standing 2 hitting a launched opponent will drop them right at your feet. This creates a good scenario to set up the xxTarget Aquired - B2 reset.
-Warning 2-SD is not a true combo on hit as they can block the SD if they get hit while in a low stance.

D1 ---> 7 frame, hits mid, plus 2 on block and plus 14 on hit. Special cancelable. Great tool for keeping up pressure, reversing pressure, interrupting strings or keeping the opponent in check after you finish a normal. D1 xx DF2 (SD) is a great way to safely interrupt pressure and put some space between you and the opponent.
-Warning- d1-SD does not jail on block and can be interrupted. Be prepared to d1 x2 or many time in a row, d1-grapple, or d1-SDC back-dash, or d1xxMBB3 to avoid characters blowing this up

D2 ---> Pretty quick uppercut at 7 frames. Good for Anti-airs. Can be canceled into specials such as sonic disruptor cancel xx. Punishable at -12 frames.

D3 ---> Not great. 12 Frame start-up. Easy full combo punish at -18 frames... be careful throwing this... Grants a hard knockdown, which can make it a good combo ender.

3 ---> 12 frame start-up. Hits mid. Plus on 7 block and plus 13 on hit which makes this a great normal. Deals a lot of damage and scales well when used in combos. Special cancelable as well. Great to use in block pressure as it is decently fast and grants good advantage.
-3xxSDC gives great block-stun and should be used in pressure occasionally to open them up for damage

Jump 2 ---> His best jumping normal. Overhead. 7 frames. Decent hitbox. Should always be your mid-screen combo start to punish anything more than 7 frames. IAJ2 grants enough hitstun to combo a standing 1 or 2 combos when you land.
-Can combo J2xxB3 or J2xxF3 combos from grapple.
-J1 is faster but has a smaller hit box. J3 is slower and launches on hit.


Sonic Disruptor (SD) (DF2) ---> 18 frame start-up. Is +3 on block and hits the opponent away on hit. Can be charged and cancelled with forward/backward dash. Also can be turned into Up Sonic Disruptor by hitting up,up while charging. One of his best specials because it grants some pushback and advantage on block. Follow up with zoning or grapple hook towards on hit. Not a safe wake-up.

NOTE: You should almost always end block strings in Sonic Disruptor. Once you start training your opponent to block the SD at the end of your strings you can start dash canceling it into more pressure, cross-ups, or a throw.
MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TRAINED THEM TO BLOCK THOUGH as you are vulnerable to full combo punish while you dash cancel it. Good thing Cyborg has quick dash recovery!!!
Also sometime good to delay its release and you might catch them letting go of block and taking unscaled damage.

UP Sonic Disruptor (USD) (DF2) ---> 19 frame start-up also grants +4 advantage on block. Used very situationally. Allows for meter-less juggling using 113. Can be used to anti-air, although doesn't seem as good as d2 or db1 because it has a smallish hitbox.
IE: Will hit doomsday out of his sky-drop on reaction.

Power Fist (PF) (DB1) ---> 13 frame-startup. Hits mid and sends the person flying away. Very unsafe at -14 on block; so full combo punishable. ALWAYS hit-confim this move at the end of your strings or prepare to get blown up. If they block your string than just cancel into Sonic Disruptor instead.
--- Very damaging which makes it great for ending combos in. Use MB to do more damage and send them flying farther away. Grapple towards to fall near them or continue zoning backwards on MB hit. Use MB in the corner to keep combos going with great scaling.

Nova Blaster (NB) (BF1) ---> 11 frame start-up Hits Mid and everyone crouching. Neutral on hit. -21 on block and 161 frames of recovery. Can be charged by holding 1, and canceled by dashing ff, or bb. MB sends a second projectile upwards which might be it's best quality when used on the ground.
- Charge and Use from full screen as a meaty attack on wake-up.
- 2% chip on block, builds good meter
--- Other than that you should use the much better Instant Air Nova Blaster (IANB), which is 9 frame startup and +2 on block. MUCH faster recovery this way to which allows you to shoot very fast. MB IANB makes the second projectile shoot down, which is a great zoning tool and you should spend a lot of meter on. See below for more details on his IANB zoning.

Target Acquired (TA) (DD3) ---> 110 frame startup and 66 frames to recover. Hits over head and launches on hit. Supposedly grants +99 frames on block, (although I think this might be wrong). Regardless, grants a free jump-in on block.
- Since it is so slow, it should only be used from full-screen durring IANB pressure, or at the end of a combo to create a set-up.
- Can be made to launch close by hitting <-- , or far by hitting --> after the dd3.
- Can be canceled by hitting bb, or ff
-Provides all his good set-ups

Techno Tackle (TT) (DBF3) ---> 16 frame start up. Hits high. Very long-reaching 'grab' move. Should be very careful throwing this move out as it is easy to duck on reaction and wiff punish. Best is used at the end combos if you need unbreakable damage (IE Can't Clash).
- Can MB for more damage, knockdown and closer position (only in the corner) which sets up your OKI (anti-wakeup) game.
- Guaranteed as a meaty attack on wake-up after a hard-knock down, unless they wake-up.
-Good footsie tool in certain situations

Grapple (D,Up-Left or D,Up-Right) ---> Perhaps one of the best special moves in the game if not just for its utility alone. 0 Frames on start-up AND has 1-hit of startup armor!!!
--- Fantastic escape mechanism. Cyborg will become godlike at escaping block pressure once all the gaps and frame data is fleshed out. Use at the end of block-strings to make completely safe and escape to continue zoning.
--- Can also be used offensively to position yourself above the opponent for an ambiguous cross-up. Is very important to know your spacing and make your opponent respect the fact that you can go spider-man all over their ass at any given moment.
---Grapple J2 grants more hitstun, allowing you to link B3 or F3 combos!
--- Use as a combo ender, especially in the corner, to get a free ambiguous jump in mix-up. This will often net you another combo reset, from which you can continuously keep looping Grapple at the end of you combos. More below on this.

Repair Circuit (4) ---> Heals about 12-13% in 2 seconds. Quick start up. Can be canceled with back dash, forward dash, Powerfist, Sonic Disruptor, Nova Blast, Techno Tackle, Target Aquired, Grapple, and MB Wall Bounce

Target Lock (Super Move) ---> OK super move that does decent damage and pretty good range. Has armor and Hit Mid. Full combo punishable on block.
-Save your meter for Power-fist MB, Nova Blaster MB and push blocking.


ZONING GAME: His Instant-Air Nova Blaster (IANB) is HIGH-hitting, has 9 frame start-up, quick recovery and +4 on hit and even +2 on block. Can have multiple shots on screen so from full screen it is near impossible for certain characters to get in on him. This is something to be afraid of and mastering it will be a key part of his game play. IN ORDER FOR CYBORGS ZONING SET-UPS TO FUNCTION PROPERLY, YOUR OPPONENT NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO TO RESPECT THE FACT THAT YOU CAN IANB PERFECTLY FOR A LONG DURATION.

- Every 5-6 blocked fireballs will build you a bar of meter! Very good meter building as it builds on start-up and on block.

- All characters can duck walk the fireballs. The trick then becomes getting them to JUMP!

-He has a couple options to go to from here:

1. Target Acquired (dd3): Fires 2 Slow-moving projectiles that hit overhead as well as launch. You should absolutely be putting these guys on screen durring your IANB pressure. It will prevent them from down blocking, and since they are slow (in comparison to IANB) it will screw up their timing as well. Gives great advantage on block (IE free jump in if you are close enough). Can be sent close, medium, or far. - Should be far to be safe from full screen.
-It is possible to throw 2-3 IANB between every Target Acquired. Can throw missiles up, then jump high and do an air nova blaster with MB to have maximum projectiles on screen.
-If they were immobile during full screen missiles, then they MUST block the missles after lainch, including the first IANB, and second Ground NB for minimal damage (6%chip).
Missiles provide full screen frame traps with IANB and regular NBs.

-Also, great for ending certain combos in, as well as setting up mind-games, resets, and traps (Think Sektor missiles, or Shang's up skulls.) They can also lead to potential resets if used at the end of strings; Since it launches overhead, you can time the start of a low hitting combo (IE b2, 31 or 1,2 b2). I will get more into these missile set-ups further below. Lots of potential here.

2. Regular Nova-Blaster: 11 frame startup, but can be dangerous to just throw out as it is easily whiff (jump-in) punished and full punish on block from up close. Becomes much more viable for mind games when used with MB, as the second bullet shoots upwards to catch anyone trying to jump-over the first shot. Can also be charged and canceled by either hitting ff, or bb.
-Cyborg looks as if he has faster than normal recover off of his dashing or cancels. It might be possible to charge a Nova-blaster, get the opponent to jump, then cancel straight into a IANB or anything else for that matter.
Note: Air-NovaBlast Meter-burn causes the second shot to go downward. Which is great for zoning. Be smart and catch people off guard. You can bait them to move out of position with your jump...then nail em!

IANB Shortcut: It is possible to buffer the (up) before the bf1. If you get the buffer timing right than the NB will come out on the first frame possible. Just practice the timing on a large hitbox crouch blocking character. If you can hit-them, then keep them stunned in standblock. You are good to go.

Get stuff on the screen. Don't be brainded or you will die...JK you can be braindead and win if you master his zoning LAWL!

-Eventually, you will find yourself back against a wall.... This however is by no means a bad thing for our cybernetic friend here ;)

Corner Game:Great damage potential! Can do 45-65% with using 1-2 bars. Can get free ambiguous cross-ups after combo using grappling hook. Practically a 50-50/vortex situation if you can master which side to land on. You can keep looping these grappling hook cross-ups in the corner.
-Keep Combos going with power-fist MB

4 Good combo enders:
1. End combos with power-fist for damage.
2. End combos with target acquired for overhead reset potential, or continued block pressure.
3. End combo in grappling hook to get a free ambiguous cross up in the corner
4. End combo in Techno Tackle MB for unbreakable hard knockdown.

Note: End combos with target acquired (close), then start up with 1 2 b2xx, or b2 3 1xx for a reset situation, or 112 for continued block pressure, or throw if you know they are going to hold block. Grapple hook away to keep up zoning game. (Good idea if you have no more meter to spend on corner combos).

There will be times when you will find that you need to rely on your tools outside of zoning and corner pressure. Cyborg doesn't excel in the mid-field, but he can produce some great pressure, and has many options which create space for him to initiate his set-ups. He has a great all around game as well.
--- His wake up game does suck quite a lot however. His best wake-ups are TechnoTackle and Powerfist...both full combo punishable...you need to make some good reads. It is possible to do grappling hook too as it innately has armor..but this is again difficult. Luckily his mobility is so good you shouldn't find yourself on the ground too often.

1. Grappling Hooks: Use to escape high pressure situations and continue your zoning...or offense. Timing this to be effective is difficult, but once you master how and when to use this tool, it will be one of your best options for escaping and creating space control. You are vulnerable on your decent, but you can delay your timing by shooting a fireball, which can mess your opponents timing up and let you land safely. Use to escape mid-string (IE: Green Lanterns b1, 3 which seems to have a 6-7 frame gap.) Use to back up and keep zoning. Use to jump on their head for an ambiguous mix-up (Good wiff-punisher for zoners. USE GRAPPLE J2xxB3 j3 j2 3xxPF for maximum midscreen damage) Use to keep opponent guessing, reset-esque, in the corner at the end of your combos strings (Grapplehook Looping/Votex.)

-Can be very effective to throw out while your opponet makes their approach durring your zoning. Know your spacing and where the grapple hook will land you. When the opponent is in the 'hot zone', they have to respect the fact that you can jump in on them.

BE IMAGINATIVE! USE IT! Throw it out there and you will start to realize when you can use it and when you can't. It will always keep your opponents on their feet.

-DON'T BE AFRAID TO PUSH BLOCK EITHER! It is worth the meter to give your self some space, but first you need to know when you are in a frame trap...

2. Sonic Disruptor Cancel Pressure (SDC): Make your opponent respect the fact that you can and will end your block pressure with Sonic Disruptor for advantage. Once you have trained them to hold block, this allows you to cancel your sonic disruptor (or cancel NovaBlaster, NBC), dash forward and continue offensive pressuring, throw, cross up etc...
Standing 3xxSDC grants the most advantage and guarantees either a d1 or standing 2 depending on the MU.
-You can hit confirm 113SD into Up-SD or SD in the corner for meterless combos

Note: NBC may be faster than SDC and thus give better block dis/advantage. EX: 3xx gives the most block-stun. Only a move 7frame or faster can interrupt 3xxNBC ~ 2xxSD. (This is AI tested however, so may not be accurate)

-Be on the look out for your string hitting because this will obviously give you better frames to work with and make SDC much safer.

- The idea is to train your opponent to block. So you need to let SD rip sometimes, or delay it. Then once they start blocking it opens you up to doing SDC. However there is another option that leads to big DAMAGE: Cancel 3xx into Either DF MB or DB MB. Standing 3 on hit links into this move, and if they block it and try to interrupt your cancel they will get bodied by the MB Wallbounce!!!

- Examples of SDC pressure: J2, 12b2xx SDC xx 3 SDC xx 2SDC xx b231xxSD.
- 3xxNBC ~ 3xxNBC ~ 2xxSDC ~ d1xxSD
- 112 ---> b1 21xxNB-Cancel, dash, 3, 2xxSD
- Standard block pressure example. j2,112 -->f2 2 ---> 2xx sonic disruptor. This block pressure is almost all guaranteed, though your opponent can interrupt this at several points.

3. Target Aquried and Resets: The idea behind this reset is that you attack the opponent with a low attack at the same time your overhead missiles hit. It is somewhat situational and difficult to set-up with consistency, but definitely viable and a good way t catch your opponent off-guard until they wise up.

--- The best way to initiate this reset is perhaps at the end of a corner combo. Replace the grapple hook loop ender with Target Aquried (close) missiles. Charge b2, a low. Or Use the string 1 2 b2, where the second hit is low. Time the low to hit at the exact same time as the overhead and they should get hit by both and relaunch them... allowing you to create the same set-up again and again.

--- It is possible to do mid-screen as well for much less damage. Ending a midscreen combo in standing 2 will drop the opponent right in front of you. Cancel the 2 into Target Acquired(close or regular). Then again charge the low B2, or 12 b2. It should launch them again, creating the opportunity to hit them with the a jump 3 then standing 2 into the reset again.

NOTE: This can be tech-rolled pretty easily mis-screen, and certain characters wake-ups will blow this up both mid-screen and in the corner. If you can read that they will wake up or tech roll, then you can cancel your charging b2 with either a forward or backward dash into more block pressure. A few other options too.

4. Mid-Screen Madness

End any combo/string in Sonic Disruptor (DF2) or Powerfist MB (DB1, MB) and this will launch them away from you. At this point your two most viable options are too stay back and zone, OR grapple hook over their heads for an ambiguos cross-up. If you grapple hook right after a Sonic Disruptor then you will land directly above where they get up. You can control what side of them you land on by either releasing SD right away or letting it charge for just a moment before release (this sends them farther away.) Powerfist MB ending does a lot more damage than sonic disruptor, but you will always land on the near side of them, which makes it predictable.
- I suggest jumping in with J2 112 for block advantage. J2 113xx if you can hit confirm.
My favorite is J2 12b2xx because of the low hit which causes them to stagger giving you lots of control to continue cancel pressure, let SD rip, delay SD, or do damage with PF.
-J2 3, J2 B2 31xx are good for block advantage and mix-up potential respectively.

NOTE: The opponent tech-rolling can escape this set-up or change what side you land on, which will make you whiff. If they do this stay safe by adjusting your landing with A depending nova-blaster (MB).
- The idea is that your opponent is so used to getting zoned out by you that they will not tech-roll away from you ever. Since they wont want to tech-roll, as this will put them farther away from you, it sets you up perfectly to grapple hook right over their head for a free mix-up...one that you can control!

5. Controlling your opponent

PushBlock set-up: Launch missiles up either close or medium after a knockdown. They might dash forward to attack or wake-up attack. If so push block them back into missiles for a free B3 combo.

Cross-up control:

Cyborg is a character that will become better, once people start realizing what exactly he is capable of.

Sweet Midscreen to corner combo Videos:

VIDEO 113 start:
VIDEO Combo Example: 40% and 42% combo mixup.
Credit and Thanks: FiNAL-LiFe-G !!!


PTH|RM Relaxedstate
Corner Combo:
Meterless: 113 xx db2, 11, 11, 113 xx db1 34% 12 hits --- 27% if you cancel in grappling hook j2
Meterless: 113 xx db2, d2, 11, 11, 2 xx db1 31%
1 Bar: B1, 2, 3 xx DB1, MB, J2, B1 2 3 xx DB1 --- 44%
1Bar: B1, 2, 3 xx DB1, MB, J2, 11, 113 xx DB1 --- 44%
1Bar: J2 1 2 B2 xx DB1 MB, J2, 11, 11, 113 DB1 --- 47%
2Bar: B1, 2, 3 xxDB1 MB, B1, 2, 3 xxDB1 MB, 1, 1, 3 xxDB1
2Bar: B2 31 xxDB1 MB, 3xxDB1 MB, 11, 113xx Grapple (Towards) ---46%
3 Bar: j2 1 2 B2xx DB1, MB, IANB, 3xxDB1 MB, 3xxDB1 MB, 113xxDB1 --- 66%
3 Bar: j2 3xxDB1, MB, IANB, 3xxDB1 MB, 3xxDB1 MB, 113xx DBF3 MB ---71%

3xxPF(MB), J2,3xxPF(MB), 11, 113xxGrapple -54%
3xxPF(MB), 3,3xxPF(MB),3,xxPF(MB), 113xxTT(MB) - Big dammy

---- NOTE: Should end in xxPowerfist (DB1) for damage, 112 for knock down, xxGrappling hook for escape or combo looping mix-up, or near missiles for overhead wake up pressure option.

Mid Screen Combos:

GRAPPLE- J2xxB3, J3, J2, 3xxPF MB ---46%
1 2 b2xx DF2 --- 4Hits 18%
1 2 b2xx DB1 --- 4Hits 21% --- 27% with MB
B1 2 3 xx DBF3 --- 19% --- 25% with MB

B3, Jf3, B1 2 3 xx BF1 --- 6hits, 31%
B3, Jf3, 3xxBF1 MB ---5 hits, 37%, 1 Bar of Meter
F3, Jf3, 3xxBF1 MB ---5 hits, 37%, 1 Bar of Meter
B3, Jf3, Jf2, 3xx DD3 --- 29% if you cancel in Target Acquired (reset) setup
B3, Jf3, Jf2, 3xxDB1 MB --- 40% --- 36% without meter

3, DB-MB, JF3, JF2, 3xxPF --- 6 hits --- 44%
3, DF-MB, JF3, 2xxTA (close) --- 33% --- (reset opportunity with low follow up or cross-up)
3, DF-MB, JF3, 3xxPF --- 5hits --- 40%
3, DF-MB, JF3, 3xxSD --- 5hits --- 38%
B1 2, DB-MB, JF3, JF2 3xx PF ---7 hits ---37%
B1 2, DF-MB, (xdash-throughx), B1 2 3xx SD, (Power fist works in corner and a great way to keep opponent juggled in corner from other side)

J2, 3xx DF-MB, (xdash-through), 3xxPF 38%
J2, 3xx DF-MB, (xdash-through), 3xxSD 35%
J2, B1 2 xx DB-MB, J3, J2, 3xxPF MB ---41%
J2, 3 xx DB-MB, J3, J2, 3xxPF MB, 49% --- 3bars of meter

Sonic Disruptor Cancel (SDC) Combos:
113xx SDC d1 xx PF
113xx SDC 2 xx PF (big hitbox only) --- 22%
113xx SDC D2 xx PF --- 19%
113xx SDC D2 xx (DB)MB J3, 3xxPF
J3, 113xx SDC, D2xx (DB)MB, 2xx DB1 MB --- 37% (not very viable, but technically cool!)
Remember: If you are jumping in with j2 1 1... : Confirm 113xx SDC on hit or 112 on block.

Note: End combos in Standing 2xx TA(Close), or Standing 3 xx TA to set-up Jump-in/Low reset starter.

DB1 MB --- 18%
D1, 112 13%
D2, B1, 2 3 xx BF1 --- 17%
D2, f2xx DB1 --- 18%
D2, SDC, 3xx PF
D2, J3, 3xxPF
D2, J3 2xx TA(close) --- reset set-up

J2, 3xx DB1 MB ---31%
J2, b1 2 3xx DBF1 ---24% (MeterBurn TechnoTackle is 29%)
J2, b1 2 3xx BF1 --- 23%
J2, 1 1 2 --- 18% (Knock down)
J2, b1 2 3xx DD3 --- 17% (Missle set-up)


Mid screen combo from missile launch:
DD3, JI3, 3, B3, JI3, 113 xx BF1
Credit and Thanks Ulturas !!!

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Back-dash Adam
I am maining him lol, so broken, use his 113 string,can be quickly canceled into grappling hook, powerfist, or sonic disruptor, which can be dash canceled or used to combo in the corner, i have a 44% bnb with 113 for a bar in the corner, i posted a video on it earlier today, btw a good 2 bar corner combo is b1, 2, 3 powerfist, mb, b1, 2, 3 powerfist, mb, 11 powerfist for 51%, i'll keep playing and searching for more tech and general strategy


PTH|RM Relaxedstate
I am maining him lol, so broken, use his 113 string,can be quickly canceled into grappling hook, powerfist, or sonic disruptor, which can be dash canceled or used to combo in the corner, i have a 44% bnb with 113 for a bar in the corner, i posted a video on it earlier today, btw a good 2 bar corner combo is b1, 2, 3 powerfist, mb, b1, 2, 3 powerfist, mb, 11 powerfist for 51%, i'll keep playing and searching for more tech and general strategy

Yeah, my 2 bar is b1 2 3 xx PF MB, b1 2 3 xx PF MB 113 xx PF for just a bit more.

I much prefer (1 2 b2) as a starter to (1 1 3), becasue it is easier to hit confirm into powerfist (db1) on hit, or sonic disruptor on block (df2).
Both strings are annoying because they start high...but at least the second ht of 1 2 b2 is a low... also 1 2 b2 seems to stagger on hit, and is neutral on block without canceling into sonic disruptor, making it safer is you mess up. Better to canceling into grappling hooks to on block. 113 xx PowerFist or 113 xx Grappling hooks is a great ender to a combo though.

Ending combos with 113 or b1 2 3 into his grappling hooks is going to be a HUGE part of his game. You sacrifice damage from not ending in Powerfist, but you get a free ambiguous jump in from the corner....basically a 50-50 vortex. Especially if you go back into the 1 2 b2 starter.

GH are going to be such a huge part of his game. Especially once people figure out the holes in everyones block strings. It is a fantastic defensive AND offensive item. I am going to try and post some more about it tomorrow


Good stuff with the guide so far. It looks like it's coming along well. This character is going to be a monster! (If we hopefully figure out some midscreen damage/setups.)
Good news to cyborg players such as myself:


Also, this guide is dope, thanks for the new tech knowledge.

Also, another meterless midscreen combo you can add to the list is

dd3, ji3, 3, (bounces) ji3, 113 xx bf1
(if you didn't think cyborg had any great midscreen combos, wrong)

and a good corner 1-meter corner combo (found by me!!!)

ji2, b231 xx db1-MB, b123 xx db1 or dd3b or skygrapple ji2

though the combo is tough to master, it's by far the best mixup you can possibly get against someone blockin the corner like a little punk ass fool

another corner reset that makes for a fun reset that i've been implementing into my style

113 xx db1-MB (wave wiffs), 11, 113 xx skygrapple, ji2 (repeat)

if preformed correctly, this gives the oppenent a very difficult time trying to block against the ji2 at the end as they get up.

A quick last defensive tactive i've been using midscreen.
Everyone knows the easy BnB 113 xx bf1
But when they stand-block, you can just as easily use 1 meter to get them closer to the corner, or to gain a large distance
Try this out, ji2, b2 xx db1-MB
this one hits overhead, low and can be finished off with that power-uppercut meterburn move for too much dmg %

Dandy J

i can see all the amine
dunno if its in the guide or not but he has a pretty sick fuzzy after 112. you can just nj.2 and easily combo a 1 string. you can get a b+2 on bigger characters if you do the fuzzy late but not really necessary. a bit character specific, couldnt get it to work on killer frost.

also midscreen i think its a good idea to use meter to wallbounce cancel off 11 or b12 when you get a clean hit. a good alternative to that double j.3 combo is just j.3, j.2, 3 xx db1. does the same damage and a lot easier.

also his best jump move (and anti-air other than db+2, which is hard to react with) seems to be j.1. after using this move instead of j.2 or 3 i started doing a lot better. in fact right now i think its his best move lmao. its so good. of air to air i im doing 3 xx db+1 and ex for more damage, or b+12 xx wallbounce cancel, j.3, 3 xx db+1 for 2 bars

oh and in corner from air to air j.1 im doing b+123 xx db1~5, b+123 xx db+1 for 1 bar 43% or b+123 xx db+1~5, 113 xx qb1~5, 113 xx db1 for 51% 2 bars


UPR DanableLector
I have really been working to find someone who just feels right. As much as I love Green Arrow he doesn't quite feel right to me. Cyborg feels right. All the Set ups, fast normals, fast recovery from dash.. hes just so quick and smooth. Consider me a cyborg main. Thanks for the goods Relaxedstate all very good info for me as a new cyborg player.


PTH|RM Relaxedstate
I have no idea how to do the proper motion i guess. is it back to up back to forward, or is there something else I am missing?
You can buffer the 'up' before you even land. IE input the up before you land from the previous shot, the back forward 1 and it should come out at the lowest frame.
It just requires timing and practice. As of right now, doing consistent IANB at the lowest level is one of the most execution heavy tricks to learn. It is easy to mess up. But once you get it...you got it!


PTH|RM Relaxedstate
Also, I do IANB on a stick. Square gate. I imagine playing this character on pad might destroy your thumbs : X
I can't even do one IANB! BibleThump. I play on stick w/square gate, but i've never attempted anything like a tiger knee motion in any other game. I will keep trying though, but my practice time is limited to an hour a day if I'm lucky. I'm sure that I'll get it, just having major difficulties right now.
About that 113 string... Is my game different from everyone else? Sure it leaves them standing animation wise, and they can't wake up, but they can still tech roll and then wake up afterwards as well. I tested it with AI settings in practice, and i didn't believe it at first because AI settings had similar shenanigans in MK9 but I went online with him and the first person I played tech rolled out of it.

Also there's an error in your guide:

3 ---> this move has so much potential as it is an 8 frame mid-hitter. Sadly it is -4 on block, and -2 on hit. It is safe and can even be cancelled into specials like sonic disruptor. Right now using d1 just seems like a better option to check your opponents with as it grants +1 on block and has faster start-up. Smaller hitbox though.
-Would be amazing if it could grant +frames on hit, and if it could hit people into a standing reset then we could all play Kabal 2.0.
Should be 2 right?